Monday, December 17, 2012

carey's humor from the last month

With the closing of Hostess over 18,000 jobs will be lost and that's not counting the huge number of dentists and heart doctors that will be affected.

Obama said we bailed out the car industry and we should do the same for Hostess. Starting in January every GM car sold will come with a Twinkie in the glove-box.

There's a good chance that Hostess will continue to be made by a Chinese company. As if the snacks weren't unhealthy enough already.

Too bad Hostess didn't hang on a little bit longer though because help is on its way, with all the states making marijuana legal there's going to be a whole lot more people with the munchies.

The first gay mosque will open soon. Instead of praying towards the east they will pray facing San Francisco.

Mitt Romney was seen pumping his own gas. One day the Secret Service the next self service.

They asked Mitt what was he going to do now. He said first we are going to strap the dog to the car's roof and take a family vacation.

The good - Mitt went back to work in the private sector. The bad – Factory workers all across America were worried they could be bought out and shut down.

When Obama was asked what about falling off the fiscal cliff, he said simple we will buy a Chinese made net to catch us.

Carey Masci

Friday, December 14, 2012

Closing the Book

Before closing the book on Romney lets take one last look at how he grabbed the GOP nomination and take a peak at Charles Crist of Florida who is making the news again and hopefully the book will be closed on him also.

Let's jump into it.

While governor, Mitt Romney was appointed chairman of the Republican Governors Association because of his excellent fund raising abilities. As chairman he pushed more money to Iowa, Michigan, and Florida's governors races then other states that needed it.

Back when Mitt allocated these funds they couldn't figure out why were those 3 states getting more money for their governor races because they were already a shoe in to win.

The reason why came to light during Mitt's second presidential run. McCain got in Mitt's way in his first bid but in his second run and all the pieces came together. So why did those three states get the most money?

Iowa is the first primary and Florida and Michigan were instrumental in getting the nomination.

Lets break this down further:
In Iowa, if you remember, it was reported Mitt Romney won the primary where in reality, as we all suspected, Santorum did. Santorum's victory was announced two weeks later. By falsely proclaiming Mitt won this knocked the momentum away from Santorum going into New Hampshire and made Mitt look like the front runner.

Next was the hanky-panky of pushing Florida's primary up from March 6th to January 31st. Florida was leaning heavily towards Mitt. By letting Florida go early in the primary a Mitt victory would help in ensuring him a big early lead.

Then there was Michigan. Another state that was vital in winning the nomination. This should of raised red flags immediately. If Mitt needed an upper hand in gaining a primary victory in his own home state how could he ever beat Obama?

Lastly I brought this up before and it was said locally on air. Mitt Romney was told in 2008 if he backed out of the race and let McCain take it next election was his.

So it comes down to this; if you follow the money trail and the promise made to Mitt it all makes sense how he won the nomination. It didn't matter if Mitt was the most liberal of all the candidates, all the pieces were already in play for him represent the Republican Party. Unfortunately though the GOP put all their eggs in one basket not caring who they stepped on thinking they could win with Mitt. It was a mistake as the party is now in disarray.

Lets hope this is the end of the Mitt Romney chapter of the Republican Party.

One more intersting tidbit about Florida and Mitt Romney.
Mitt Romney in 2006 gave 1 million dollars to the Florida Republican Party to get Charles Crist elected governor which Crist did win. But in the long run how did that money spent work out? Republican governor Crist stabbed the GOP in the back. How? Crist jumped ship and not only stumped for Obama but will also seek reelection as Florida's governor but this time running as a... Democrat.

And there you have it.  Now lets close the book, hopefully for good.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Carey's Christmas Commentary

Hey Gang,
Season's Greetings and an early Merry Christmas to you.

Christmas for the longest time has been about selling but the difference with years ago they would hide the products or wrap the products around Christmas. Now it doesn't really matter. It's sales and buy buy buy. Black Friday now Black Thursday right on top of Thanksgiving. No shame in doing this either. Soon there has to be a backlash where people say enough and the whole Christmas season will come crashing down. If you remove Christ and love the season is empty, buying can only fulfill so much and the way the economy is, do we really need to buy gifts for no reason?.

This year friends and I drove down to Akron to check out the Christmas lighting ceremony. I boycotted Cleveland's because the last few times I went I heard the term Winter Fest, which was a joke because it wasn't winter yet, but we never saw or heard anything in the way of Christmas. Holiday, Seasons Greetings all of that but no Christmas. Even the communist party was there handing out flyer's.

So I went to Akron, how was it? Terrible. It was living on its past days. Remember Oneal's Department store? Well you can see their window displays.... Remember this store.... that store..... And the lighting ceremony was terrible. One large tree and it wasn't called a Christmas ceremony but a Holidayfest.

Why America has let the communist win by removing the word Christmas is beyond me. One year all Christians should not buy one gift and then see how the world prays for us to come back to their stores. After all we are not a holiday-ian nation but a Christian nation or are we?

Carey Masci

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Why the Republicans lost

 Some are still questioning why and how did Romney lose? I understand their frustration because how could anyone lose to Obama one of the most if not thee most divisive and controversial of all the presidents who is taking away our rights daily. Sure some are correct when they point out that the Republicans need to woo African American and Latino's. They are also correct saying we need to attract younger voters. But lack of support from these groups is only part of the reason why the Republicans lost the presidential race. The real reasons are never talked about. All of what I have heard so far is on the surface with no one touching the real in depth reasons why Romney lost.

 It seems to me the GOP is more worried about how to sell a bad product rather than improving the product. When you listen to the analysis its all about how to sell or improve the ads to get more people to vote for THEIR candidate. After all how many MILLIONS were spent on advertising? A lot of us have had enough of the mind games and want true leadership not prepackaged Madison Avenue creations, let the process work and let the people choose. If the establishment would bow out a leader would arise, one that has the people and America's best interest at heart.

Here is my list why the Republicans lost.

1. Coke or Pepsi
The biggest reason why the Republicans lost was the lack of contrast between Romney and Obama. Its pretty similar to Coke or Pepsi. One may be sweeter but both are still colas. And so it was with the two main candidates. The Republicans did not pick a candidate that differentiated enough. There may of been subtle differences but in the end it was a color option, do you want the white or black Obama. This is why Mitt never hit back hard enough against Obama, how could he, he was to similar. Many voters sat or voted third party for this reason.

2. Alienating fellow Republicans.
What was the GOP thinking for blackballing Ron Paul supporters? If there was ever a case where all hands on deck were needed this was it. You can not play games with 178 delegates and the people they represented then expect everyone to fall in line and vote for your candidate. The Republicans cut their own throat.

3. Lies.
People are tired of lies. A large percentage of voters are far to educated to be lied to. Putting Mitts face on the Christian voters guide was way over the top. It would have been better to tell the truth that Mitt is not a Christian and far more liberal on most issues than what Conservatives expect but he is better than Obama. If Mitt was portrayed in this light just maybe more Christians would of jumped on board. Forcing a prepackaged lie on people you will always get resistance.

4. Not staying true to its base.
The Republican have one true base, the Christian Conservatives, that's it. This group was largely ignored this election. Also most Republicans are independent thinking, self reliant, strong willed individuals who would rather rely on guns and the bible then vote for a liberal or a RINO that even hints at taking over their rights. The Democrats are different. They have many smaller targeted groups and somehow they all manage to fit in one tent, they are unified. The Dems know how to be faithful to their constituents. Dems promise something for everyone. Gays rights, unions, environmentalists they are all taken care of.

5. Piling on
How much more bad news about Obama does one need? Daily it was piling on to the point even when Obama was right he was wrong, this turned off a lot of voters. Others questioned if Obama is as bad as they say why would the Republicans come up with someone such as Mitt?

6. Buying
Mitt tried to buy the election and Obama bought votes. Romney had excelled at fund raising and tried to use it and his previous position as head of the Republicans Governors Association to buy the election. That's why so many governors backed him. Obama on the other hand bought individual votes by promising more government help. Obama was even credited with the Obama phone which Conservatives hated but lower income loved. The truth is Obama had nothing to do with the phone program but who ever started the rumor that gave him credit for it was brilliant. Vote buying won out over election buying.

7. Fear
A term I coined is “Fear Voters” which at one time I was one also. Both Obama and Mitts campaign were based almost exclusively on FEAR and negative rhetoric. A few of the things Conservatives were worried about were Obama's take over of everything and the collapse of our monetary system. For the Democrats some of their worries were no more government help, return to past days where woman were second class citizens, rich people would kill the middle class. A huge fear that gripped people on both sides was the loss of jobs and not finding work. Mitts record of mergers and buy outs and being a multimillionaire who couldn’t relate to the working class only fed this type of fear. In the end the fear voters in the Democratic party out numbered the ones in the Republican party. I myself like many others had enough of fear voting so voted third party anxiously awaiting 2016 for a true Republican to run.

In another article I will write about the damage this election has done to the GOP. It has divided the party and it could be facing real challenges to regain itself.

                                                         Carey Masci