Friday, December 14, 2012

Closing the Book

Before closing the book on Romney lets take one last look at how he grabbed the GOP nomination and take a peak at Charles Crist of Florida who is making the news again and hopefully the book will be closed on him also.

Let's jump into it.

While governor, Mitt Romney was appointed chairman of the Republican Governors Association because of his excellent fund raising abilities. As chairman he pushed more money to Iowa, Michigan, and Florida's governors races then other states that needed it.

Back when Mitt allocated these funds they couldn't figure out why were those 3 states getting more money for their governor races because they were already a shoe in to win.

The reason why came to light during Mitt's second presidential run. McCain got in Mitt's way in his first bid but in his second run and all the pieces came together. So why did those three states get the most money?

Iowa is the first primary and Florida and Michigan were instrumental in getting the nomination.

Lets break this down further:
In Iowa, if you remember, it was reported Mitt Romney won the primary where in reality, as we all suspected, Santorum did. Santorum's victory was announced two weeks later. By falsely proclaiming Mitt won this knocked the momentum away from Santorum going into New Hampshire and made Mitt look like the front runner.

Next was the hanky-panky of pushing Florida's primary up from March 6th to January 31st. Florida was leaning heavily towards Mitt. By letting Florida go early in the primary a Mitt victory would help in ensuring him a big early lead.

Then there was Michigan. Another state that was vital in winning the nomination. This should of raised red flags immediately. If Mitt needed an upper hand in gaining a primary victory in his own home state how could he ever beat Obama?

Lastly I brought this up before and it was said locally on air. Mitt Romney was told in 2008 if he backed out of the race and let McCain take it next election was his.

So it comes down to this; if you follow the money trail and the promise made to Mitt it all makes sense how he won the nomination. It didn't matter if Mitt was the most liberal of all the candidates, all the pieces were already in play for him represent the Republican Party. Unfortunately though the GOP put all their eggs in one basket not caring who they stepped on thinking they could win with Mitt. It was a mistake as the party is now in disarray.

Lets hope this is the end of the Mitt Romney chapter of the Republican Party.

One more intersting tidbit about Florida and Mitt Romney.
Mitt Romney in 2006 gave 1 million dollars to the Florida Republican Party to get Charles Crist elected governor which Crist did win. But in the long run how did that money spent work out? Republican governor Crist stabbed the GOP in the back. How? Crist jumped ship and not only stumped for Obama but will also seek reelection as Florida's governor but this time running as a... Democrat.

And there you have it.  Now lets close the book, hopefully for good.

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David Macko said...

Also, the vile treatment of Ron Paul, including the theft of his delegates in states which he won, contributed to Romney's defeat. Obama did not defeat Romney. Romney defeated Romney.