Monday, December 17, 2012

carey's humor from the last month

With the closing of Hostess over 18,000 jobs will be lost and that's not counting the huge number of dentists and heart doctors that will be affected.

Obama said we bailed out the car industry and we should do the same for Hostess. Starting in January every GM car sold will come with a Twinkie in the glove-box.

There's a good chance that Hostess will continue to be made by a Chinese company. As if the snacks weren't unhealthy enough already.

Too bad Hostess didn't hang on a little bit longer though because help is on its way, with all the states making marijuana legal there's going to be a whole lot more people with the munchies.

The first gay mosque will open soon. Instead of praying towards the east they will pray facing San Francisco.

Mitt Romney was seen pumping his own gas. One day the Secret Service the next self service.

They asked Mitt what was he going to do now. He said first we are going to strap the dog to the car's roof and take a family vacation.

The good - Mitt went back to work in the private sector. The bad – Factory workers all across America were worried they could be bought out and shut down.

When Obama was asked what about falling off the fiscal cliff, he said simple we will buy a Chinese made net to catch us.

Carey Masci

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