Monday, December 10, 2012

Carey's Christmas Commentary

Hey Gang,
Season's Greetings and an early Merry Christmas to you.

Christmas for the longest time has been about selling but the difference with years ago they would hide the products or wrap the products around Christmas. Now it doesn't really matter. It's sales and buy buy buy. Black Friday now Black Thursday right on top of Thanksgiving. No shame in doing this either. Soon there has to be a backlash where people say enough and the whole Christmas season will come crashing down. If you remove Christ and love the season is empty, buying can only fulfill so much and the way the economy is, do we really need to buy gifts for no reason?.

This year friends and I drove down to Akron to check out the Christmas lighting ceremony. I boycotted Cleveland's because the last few times I went I heard the term Winter Fest, which was a joke because it wasn't winter yet, but we never saw or heard anything in the way of Christmas. Holiday, Seasons Greetings all of that but no Christmas. Even the communist party was there handing out flyer's.

So I went to Akron, how was it? Terrible. It was living on its past days. Remember Oneal's Department store? Well you can see their window displays.... Remember this store.... that store..... And the lighting ceremony was terrible. One large tree and it wasn't called a Christmas ceremony but a Holidayfest.

Why America has let the communist win by removing the word Christmas is beyond me. One year all Christians should not buy one gift and then see how the world prays for us to come back to their stores. After all we are not a holiday-ian nation but a Christian nation or are we?

Carey Masci

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