Thursday, November 17, 2016

Top 10 Things to Look for Post-election

10. Trump is given a list of all known illegal alien felons and finds Obama’s name on the list

9. A catfight between Michelle Obama and Chelsea over who will run for president in 2020

8. Mike Pence having to explain to Donald Trump why he can’t nuke North Korea, Syria and Mexico

7. Now that the Clintons are no longer in office or running for office Bill finally pays for sex

6. Obama decides to retire to Kenya instead of Chicago

5. Hillary decides to Cryogenically Freeze herself she so can thaw out and run for president in 2060

4. Obama’s presidential library is planned to be built in a mosque

3. All of the protesters suddenly stop protesting when they realize being paid to protest is like having a job

2. Joe Biden being asked what will Obama’s legacy be with Joe asking in return “What is a legacy?”

And the Number One thing to look for post-election is:

President Elect Trump requesting the national anthem being changed to New York New York                                 

Carey On.....

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Carey brings you - Top 10 things to look for during the last days of the 2016 election

It has been some time since I have written a Top 10 list so here is the
Top 10 things to look for during the last days of the 2016 election

10. A conversation between someone and Hillary asking did you receive my email and Hillary responding sorry I must have deleted it.

9. Illegal Mexicans applying early for the work of building Trumps wall.

8. Gary Johnson getting caught smoking weed with Willy Nelson

7. A large crowd of 36 people mostly family members showing up for a Tim Kaine speech

6. EGore (Al Gore) giving a lecture on global warming and forgetting he was there to talk about Hillary for president.

5. Bill Clinton yelling at Hillary NO you cannot have Monica as an intern, she is mine

4. Transsexuals voting for Hillary twice, once as a man and once as a woman

3. John Kasich giving a press conference thinking he is the next president

2. Hillary having make up applied then sprayed liberally with Raid so she can have a fly free rally

And the number 1. thing to look for is…

Donald Trump saying Read my lips no new Muslims

Carey Masci

Monday, October 24, 2016

Its not a rally its an EVENT!

I have attended many political rally's before and they were just that - a rally.
Flag waving, patriotic and the candidate usually reading from a script. The W. Bush rally in '04 at Lake Farm Parks in Kirtland was memorable but W. was already president.

The rally held Saturday night in Cleveland for Trump was something else. What an experience, it was an event. Remember Trump is still only the nominee of a political party so to generate this much enthusiasm and energy is no small feat.

I just wish more people would see for themselves this movement that Trump is riding. The IX was filled to capacity. Everyone was well behaved with zero interruptions and no protestors. It was so patriotic it gave one such a sense of American pride.

The sad part of this commentary is this, beyond all the cheers and flag waving are masses of people who worried about the direction of America. The crowd in attendance at the IX seemed more than informed and not just there to witness this Trump spectacle but wanting to change the course America is on or save this nation. Other candidates have been hated but nothing like the disdain towards Hillary and it was very much on display Saturday night.

Yes it was an event but an event with a meaning and purpose. Elect Trump, prison for Hillary and save America was the theme. Lets hope all three come true and by the size of the crowd it may well happen.

Carey Masci

I had the book The Art of the Deal before Trump announced his run. I have so many books to read I donated it with others to charity. When Trump made it official his candidacy and the media started on him about bad deals I was upset that I got rid of his book, I wanted to read it for myself.
This past June I cleared out a garage and in there was a box of books. Inside the box was a first edition of The Art of the Deal. What's better than that? Having Trump sign it.
PS If you can get the book read it, you will feel even better about voting for Trump.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Carey brings you this news brief: Trump angers athletes

. Trump has angered athletes with his remarks that his foul conversation about women was just locker room talk and nothing else.

Making a joint statement was Kobe Bryant, Derrick Rose, Ben Roethlisberger, Johnny Manziel, Ray Rice and OJ saying We are appalled at what Trump said, we have far greater respect for woman than that.

This has been a Carey On News Brief.

Friday, October 07, 2016

And now the news for Oct. 7th

And now the news

Rumors continue to circulate that Hillary has a body double and during the VP debate Tim Kaine was actually EGore (Al Gore) in disguise.
Many people are worried that Hillary has been absent from rallies and interviews. Well Al Gore issued a statement saying Hillary Clinton is fine. I have Hillary in a lock box.
Recently Bill Clinton misspoke at a rally for Hillary, he said next to my wife Obamacare is the craziest thing in this world.
Nabisco had to change plans due to the pressure put on by Trump, they have decided to make Oreos in Mexico but have them assembled in the US.
Staying on the topic of food – Kellogg’s just introduced a new cereal in honor of Hillary Clinton. It is called Snap Cackle and Plop.
They just found out what made Hillary faint at the 911 Memorial. It was a controlled demolition, Trump got to her
So many voters are worried that Hillary can't stand up to terrorists. I'm more worried if she can even stand
Obama thinks he is god and he may get his chance to prove it if he can raise Hillary and her campaign from the dead
Hillary and Obama continue to preach that the greatest threat to humanity is global warming and not the heat generated by nuclear missiles Russia is building.
Hillary has promised that if she is elected to the Whitehouse no one will work under the table or desk.
Hillary has seizures, Johnson says pot cures seizures and Trump hopes to be Caesar.
Times sure have changed. Years ago jungle movies always showed natives that shrunk heads. No more. Today there is a mosquito that does that.
In sporting news - Colin Kaepernick does not want to stand for the National Anthem because he feels black are oppressed, I say he should be traded to the Cleveland Browns and let him feel real oppression.
Josh Gordon had to undergo a paternity test well this just in – the paternity test shows Josh Gordon is.... the father of Johnny Manziel.

And that's the new brought to you by Carey,

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Another Carey Parody - Sing a song of Mike Pence patterned after Sing a Song of Sixpence

Another Carey Parody
Sing a song of Mike Pence patterned after Sing a Song of Sixpence

Sing a song of Mike Pence Hillary’s full of lies
When her emails opened they were full of crimes

Wasn't that a splendid way to go before the court
Wiping out her server ‘n Benghazi no support

Tim Kaine was in his common wealth counting on some money
Hillary was in recovery eating pills and honey

The media was in the garbage hanging out the clothes
When down came a Donald and pecked off her nose!

Carey Masci

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Assessment of the First Debate

OK maybe my assessment of the debate is a bit biased but this is my review after all.

Even before the debate like years before my mind has been made up, never another Clinton. The Clinton’s are elected criminals and one is also a sexual predator. So the sole reason of watching was to gauge how Trump would handle himself. Would he do enough to secure my vote or would he have such a lackluster ill-informed debate he would lose my vote. That was my reason for watching.

 I am no fool and realize these debates are rehearsed but I look at the full picture leaving nothing behind, after all the participants are still human. Mannerisms, expressions, hand gestures, even how one dresses plays a part in my assessment. The minute Hillary walked out she lost even more of my respect. The so un-presidential outfit she wore was in extreme bad taste. For those who love red sorry but when I saw Hillary in that all red whatever it was my immediate thought was the devil and I shouted it out. Who dressed her? Trump looked presidential. Please don’t call me shallow, Trump had a presence Hillary did not.

  Watching their facial expressions was another factor I zoned in on. Hillary had that plastic smile and at times it was ill placed. She looked very politician like and fake. Trump looked intense and all business. His facial expressions bore witness to his mood. No games, this is serious. Appearance and facial expressions, Trump won hands down. Come on, be honest, who would you want confronting and negotiating other world leaders just judging by these factors?

 Moving on from appearance to substance Trump held his own and did quite well. He didn’t stumble, his remarks were quick, and he sounded more than knowledgeable. Clinton was Clinton the politician. No surprises, vague in some areas making excuses in others and turning the tables when she could. I like the quip by Hillary saying Donald didn’t pay income taxes which he quickly replied “Smart”.

  My monthly bookkeeping record book says It is legal to avoid but illegal to evade in regards to paying taxes. Another old statement is a smart business man never shows a profit. Trump was right why pay taxes just so our government can squander more money. Biden says paying taxes is patriotic but Trump gets it.

 The statements from Trump I did not like and I shook my head were the few times he said he agreed with Hillary. I don’t know if I ever agreed with Hillary or Obama. They are that far left.

 Other areas I found irrelevant and where Trump slipped a notch was about the Iraq war and Obama being legal. Who cares what Trump thought as a civilian concerning Iraq? We all had an opinion based on limited knowledge. So if he was right or wrong what does it matter? The birther issue is something he should have stayed away from. I will continue to beat the drum Obama is not eligible because of his place of birth. Why Trump waffled on this is beyond me.

  Near the end Hillary dumped on Trump about his remarks concerning women. I sort of understand why Trump responded the way he did but come on. He could have answered in a far better way and still have taken the high road while maintaining composure. My answer would have been as such – I may have used inappropriate language but my behavior was never inappropriate as your husband’s while in the White House that caused him to be impeached. Short and sweet.

 In conclusion 
 I don’t understand anyone saying Hillary won after she lied more than once, was vague, plastic and had zero answers for things such as 33,000 emails. I honestly feel Trump won. He came across business like and sincere. All the way to the end I thought Trump was fine and he gained more respect from me. All the way until that dreaded last question came, then it all came unraveled, one lousy question.

That question was whether Trump would support a Hillary Clinton presidency.
Donald replied The answer is, if she wins, I will absolutely support her."

If Trump can support her what is he doing running for president? What is all this talk about crooked Hillary? Once more, if Trump can support her what is this all about? Is this just a game? Or was it Trumps way of trying to sound patriotic by saying he would support the president of the United States? I just don’t know.

In case you may have forgot. What was Hillary’s response when asked if she would support a Trump victory?

"I support our democracy and sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but I certainly will support the outcome of this election,"

Typical politician. Typical snake answer. Nothing in what she said even hinted at supporting Trump but the outcome which means if she wins or loses she is OK with the results.

God help us.


3 other quick points
Whether I agree or disagree with Johnson is not the case. What is he should have been on that stage. As much as we like to think Trump is an outsider he is still playing to the rules of the two party system.

I am not sure what I am saddened more that a crook such as Hillary is allowed to run or that a large percentage of people will still vote for her.

Lastly what are some of the reasons that I have heard people wanting to vote for Hillary? She is a woman, she is a democrat. These people are shallow and refuse to research. Equally as disturbing are the people who have short term memory and forget all the scandals of the 90’s including having her husband impeached. And yet they want to return her and Bill to the Whitehouse.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Who do I support for president?

I took a long break from posting anything political. This has been sitting in my draft folder since spring. Keeping that in mind...

I have almost from the very beginning of this election supported Trump. But I will not mislead you, I do not want you to think I voted for Trump in the primary. I could not do it. I did not want to register as a Republican and have the R labeled by my name. I do not want to be affiliated with the elephant worshipers those who put the party way before God or country. I did however stand at my polling location with a Trump sign. I've also handed out numerous signs and bumper stickers to whomever I could.

I also need to clarify that just because I support Trump and encourage others to do so I am in no way a blind Trump supporter. So please let’s not give reasons why I shouldn’t. I can see his inconsistencies and wrote about them earlier here on my blog. The question though I keep asking myself and others and I have been asking this from the beginning is - Could God be using this man? Has Trump realized what is happening to this country and worldwide and will truly do the right thing? I like to think and hope so.

  As in any election one should take in to consideration the endorsements a candidate has. Donald Trump has many. His endorsements come from a broad field with very diverse backgrounds and from some of the most conservative Christians and patriots. Do all these individuals and groups believe in him or is it because they have been slighted, disenfranchised, used by the establishment? Is it their way at getting back at the insiders? Is it like the old adage an enemy of my enemy is my friend? Both parties are reeking with globalist insiders with Hillary being the queen. They are the common enemy.

Likewise Trumps detractors are many. The establishment in both parties hate him, the left loathes him, the media for the most part vilifies him. Looking at his wide array of supporters and those aligned against him and from Trumps own words which at times can be helter-skelter he really remains politically speaking an unknown.

So how will Trump govern? Could he be the real deal? Is he saying anything to get elected and once elected will he go to the right which we all hope or will he drift morally left concerning social issues which there are hints of? This country cannot take another left turn, with Hillary it is completely left with Trump there is some hope.

Analyzing all of this and the rest of the candidates running this is not like past elections where one votes for the lesser of two evils as some keep saying. No not at all. This is an election where we have one for sure known evil (Hillary) against a relatively unknown non-politician (Trump),  liberal Gary Johnson who is not a true Libertarian, Jill Stein and the true Constitutionalist Darrell Castle. We must proceed carefully because maybe this election we should go with the unknown rather than a protest vote or someone whom you truly believe in because all votes are needed to derail a complete evil in Hillary. America is teetering on collapse. Hillary will be that candidate to capitalize on what Obama has been ushering in - full blown socialism and then its lights out. Sometimes an unknown path can lead to victory, I pray Trump is on that path or at least derail those on the path to destroy America.

Something else I wrote months back.
I myself am waiting to see who Trump picks for VP along with members of his cabinet. His best choice should be a southern evangelical such as Huckabee who was a governor, or someone the Tea Party could get behind like Trey Gowdy or to throw the whole system out of whack an outsider such as Ben Carson. Anyone of those three would serve his campaign well.

More recent
Trump chose Pence. There are some who are lauding this pick. I myself am not so sure. Something about Pence that makes me hesitant to say it was the wise choice. Was this the establishments pick for VP and Trump went along with it as Reagan had to choose Bush? Could Pence turn out to be another Bush? I don't know but leaving out conspiracy's; Trump did say he would choose someone with experience in government. He has kept his word so in that regards, good move.

And that gets us current
The thing to remember when we get all caught up in this election is Trump is still running as a Republican. The Republican party is a private party and a party for the most part fighting itself. It is a party with no direction and insiders and globalists pulling the strings. Trump has mentioned Richard Haas and Steven Mnuchin from Goldman Sachs is Trumps finance chairman who may possibly be Treasury Secretary if Trump is elected. Crazy.

I inquired about a position campaigning for Trump and I was told that I would have to support the rest of the ticket. I quickly refused that offer. No way will I vote for Portman or others like him. So I quietly have a Trump sign in my yard not doing much of anything else.

That's the world of politics under the two party system. It makes a person crazy trying to follow all of this. Trump in Cincinnati encouraged voters to vote for establishment Portman. Meanwhile there is a move in Ohio from registered Republicans to censor Gov. Kasich for not supporting Trump. But Kasich is not the only Republican who is not supporting Trump. So Trump seems to be going along with supporting candidates that are Republicans but all Republicans are not supporting Trump. In the primaries it seems it doesn't matter what you say against an opponent in the same party. But once the primary is over you have to support the party's nominee unless you are an insider than you can go your own route with no repercussions or so it seems.  Confusing? Yes it is and the beat goes on.

Carey Masci

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Accumulation from the last month

I cut this out of a newspaper, I don’t remember what paper but it was an AP article that appeared months ago. It reads:
Mexico has become the most attractive place in North America to build new automobile factories a shift that has siphoned jobs from the US and Canada that helped keep car and truck prices in check for consumers. ….. Low labor costs and fewer tariffs are the swing factors. A worker in Mexico costs car companies $8 an hour, including wages and benefits. That compares with $58 in the US for GM and $38 at Volkswagen’s factory in Tennessee. German auto workers cost about $52 an hour.
Keep car prices in check? At 8 dollars an hour you think cars made in Mexico would be really cheap. Someone is making a big buck.

Ted Cruz held an event in Indiana where the movie Hoosiers was filmed. It is an appropriate location considering Cruz is a long shot.

Speaking of basketball legendary college basketball coach Bobby Knight who is synonymous with greatness and winning endorsed Trump, which is appropriate for Trump. If you are the real deal you need the real thing not a gym where a Hollywood movie was filmed.

Grand Jury indicts Johnny Manziel on assault charges. He couldn't hit his receivers but he sure can hit his girlfriend.

The constant raise in minimum wage is bad news. I walked out of a few restaurants recently. At Quaker Steak the price for a burger or chicken sandwich was close to $10 so all I ordered was a beer. We are seeing the systematic destruction of the dollar exactly what the globalist have been wanting for some time.

Would you want a face like that for your VP? That is the comment I left on someone’s Facebook in response to Cruz choosing Fiorina and this is the back and forth that ensued: What a sexist thing to say and terribly catty. You should be ashamed of yourself. Do you judge all people that way? Me OHH stop, take it for face value ummm I mean as humor. You did not mean it that way and it was unnecessary Me OH silly me, I guess all comedians aren't needed. Let’s put her (Fiorina) face on a coin. I guarantee it will be tails up all the time. Whoops there I go again.

I cannot believe what has happened in America where a simple joke or ribbing is now considered sexist, unbelievable. And yet these same name calling liberals think it’s OK to demean and down anyone who doesn’t believe as they do.

How you like dem apples? Cleveland council voted to charge a permit to hang Cleveland Indian banners on public poles because they deem Chief Wahoo as racist. If it was so racist why charge a permit instead of an all-out ban? MONEY is the reason. These conniving elected criminals actually exploit races by deciding what is racist then they sell permits to you for something you should be able to do or say freely.
This has nothing to do with compassion but another reason to grab more money for their purpose and to control your life.

Transgender’s want a path to the restroom of their choice, Ted Cruz still sees a path to be nominated, Hillary is hoping to follow Bill’s path and Trump wants to build a wall to block the illegals path.

All this talk that Trump can’t beat Hillary is hooey. I am in the data base of a survey company that calls me from time to time. This latest call had to do with politics. They asked a host of questions and each question I qualified until the last one. The last question was who do you support Hillary or Trump? I of course said Trump. The lady responded OH I am so sorry, we are looking for Hillary supporters but we’re having a hard time finding them. Thanks for your time.
Where is the global warming or cooling?

Next up - liberal women are shallow, corruption Cleveland style and more.

Carey Masci

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Reporting live from Arizona - Back in the New York Groove

Well Baby I'm at the scene of tonights big primary - Arizona.

Earlier in the day I contacted Charlie Munoz regional director for Trump here in Arizona asking if any help was needed. He said they have it handled but will be making calls almost to the closing of polls.

I wasn't able to help as the friends I'm with would of had my head for working the polls or making calls while on vacation but my heart was in it.

I did find one polling location earlier in the day and drove through it. WOW was the line long. I mean really long. America will vote if they have a candidate they can believe in,

Anyway.. I drove the polling location with my little camcorder trying to trump-up support for Trump. I said loudly as Ruth n Jimmy tried to hide HEY who is for Trump? Most looked at me as if I was nutso but a few hands went up excitedly with I AM! I said I am from Cleveland Ohio we tried but came up short but you can make a difference vote Trump. It was fun.

So Trump took Arizona big and.... He's Back Back In the New York Groove!

Take that you commie establishment new world order Republicans. Also take that smack in the face to the few Arizonians I spoke with that said Trump is hated because of his stance on immigrants. You need to get in the shade the sun has gotten to you.

No big deal that Utah is going to Cruz. That is Mitt Romney country who is a phony so it stands to reason they would vote for a phony like Cruz.

Meanwhile I am in Arizona but can't help signing I'm back, back in the New York Groove.

Go Trump - build that wall and stop the Muslim advance. That's also music to my ears.


Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Big Fix Is In – Play

The Big Fix Is In – play

Well friends I told you or did I tell you? Now forgive me for saying I told you so but I did.

I wrote this on Friday, November 23, 2012, 2:23 Here's my prediction for 2016, no for sure winner but some heavy favorites. … The man to keep an eye on is Kasich of Ohio and unless time gets the best of her Hillary is now making her move. She will be a tough force to take out. The GOP could be left wandering for years as they had their chance and squandered it

And again on Friday, January 04, 2013 But I believe one man to keep an eye on is Governor Kasich of Ohio. 

Finally Friday, August 14, 2015 The tables are being set for Kasich. Ohio is an important swing state. The first debate was held in Cleveland, the Convention is in Cleveland. The two candidates who I think will either be the nominee or make a good strong run are.... Rand Paul and John Kasich.

OK maybe someone slipped me a mickey when I wrote Rand Paul but I was spot on when I wrote about Kasich.

And what about this scenario that I wrote near the end of January. Let’s play suppose. Suppose that the establishment fills the Iowa caucuses but tells their supporters to vote for Cruz over Bush or Kasich. Cruz pulls out a win. This could knock the steam out from Trump” then onto New Hampshire where Kasich is polling quite high. Suppose Trump comes in second. Meanwhile after a few more primaries with Cruz doing well and Trump struggling the establishment then goes after Cruz and knocks him off the ballot with lawsuits for being foreign born. A division is caused and the establishment/world banks get their man in. Why couldn’t this scenario play out?

Well friends I was pretty close to the above scenario playing out as the establishment is now using Cruz to derail Trump. They won’t stop until they succeed. If you listen to all the GOP insiders they keep repeating Trump is not good for the Republican Party. Not one has mentioned at least that I am aware of that Trump is not good for America. The GOP is showing its true colors and will use any mind game they can to elect their man and why not it works, people fall prey to these tricks.

Here is one example of the GOP mind games: I was at a candidate’s night meeting in Geauga hosted by Pastor Sanders a few days before the Trump IX rally. A candidate spoke and mentioned a flyer that came in from New York that said Help Ted Cruz defeat Donald Trump by voting for John Kasich. Everyone in the room just laughed. We thought who would pick up on this piece of mindless trash.

Guess what... the establishment mind game worked, people followed. A friend of mine posted this message on Facebook prior to voting: On my way to the polls to vote for John Kasich. This is to ensure a Kasich victory in Ohio to help Ted Cruz win the Republican nomination. Ted Cruz for President!

It is happening as the boys in DC confused and won the minds of the unprotected. Vote against what you believe to ensure the opposite will happen. HUH? But now the Republicans have switched their ploy and are starting to back Cruz to get Kasich elected. Can this get any crazier?

It is for this reason I did not vote for Trump. In fact I didn’t vote. WHAT! After all the fuss I made and support I showed  for Trump I sat out the election? Yes I did. Now before you think I have lost it allow me to explain.

I take pride in my word. I will do everything I can to make true what I say. I swore back in 2012 I was done with the Republican Party. I became the Lake County Chairman for the Constitution Party of Ohio. It is a title I am proud of because I believe in the party. Well when it came time to vote I had a decision to make. Will my one vote count? Will Donald Trump win? Because of the uncertainty of those questions I chose not to vote. I did not want to be straddled with having to admit I voted Republican; plus the title of Lake County Chairman of the Constitution Party is secure.

But, just because I didn’t vote I still honestly believe Trump is the best candidate running. I have held sign waves for Trump, blasted out email after email, I attended meetings, organized a group to see Trump at the IX Center I did what I could. And if Trump does stand up to the wiles of the Republican Party and he becomes the GOP nominee I can campaign for him in a much more honest fashion without people thinking well I support Trump just because I am a Republican.

So in the end I am proud I am not a Republican because they are revealing more and more they are not for the people, I did not violate my word, the Lake County Chairman of the Constitution Party title is secure and if Trump is the nominee I can more honestly campaign for him - Go Trump!

                                 Carey Masci

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Accumulated Humor from the Last 3 Months

So what if these are late. He who laughs last still laughs so laugh even if these are late.

Immediately upon hearing of two Cuban candidates winning in Iowa Raul Castro called Rubio to book a night’s stay in the Lincoln Bedroom while the Cuban people lit cigars. Meanwhile in Canada hockey games were halted and Molson beers were hoisted in honor of Cruz.

Phoenix City Council opened their meeting with a prayer from a Satanist. The meeting was marred by arguing, lying, a thrown stapler and fighting. A council member when asked what happened replied, I don’t know, we prayed to Satan then all hell broke loose.

Santorum threw his support to Rubio. That’s kind of like throwing make up on Hillary, it won’t do any good.

I heard season tickets are going so slow for the Browns that Cleveland is now offering with every purchase two tickets of your choice to any Pittsburgh Steelers game.

Hey! Politicians! Leave us Americans alone! All in all it’s just another illegal over the wall. All in all it’s just another illegal over the wall. "If you don't feed illegals meat, you won't have any illegals. How can you have any illegals if you don't feed them meat?" All in all it’s just another illegal over the wall

Illegals are now allowed to vote in California, first matter of business illegals voted not to build a wall but a paved walk way into America.

Hillary and Bernie were going at it feverishly about who is the bigger socialist during the last debate. The argument ended in a tie with both promising to spend the other candidate’s money.

Poor Ben Carson has dropped out of the race for president. What is even sadder is no one noticed he was missing from the last debate.

Trump is a phenomenon, the way he is drawing crowds I have been calling him the Beatles of politics. On the other hand those who hate Trump the Don Rickles of politics fits better.


Monday, March 14, 2016

The Trump IX Center Rally

The Trump IX Center Rally

WOW IT WAS A BLAST! I mean a blast! Like a high school rally times ten, very pro-America, very patriotic – one more time – WOW!
It was just a wonderful uplifting event and this comes from someone who loathes the Republican Party after the nonsense I have seen. Trump is the only reason I am paying attention to anything Republican.
It was well organized, very little protests considering this was an open event. Bernie Sanders disrupters couldn't make it to the IX Center as the bus route doesn't run there. I assume that's why none showed up.

And I like to say to the Cruz'ers I invited to the Trump rally shame on you for not attending you needed to hear the opening prayers from the ministers. The prayers were spirit filled and moving. These ministers spoke the Gospel and praised Trump for standing for the truth. YES I believe 100% in my heart God can use Trump and have him turn his heart completely to Christ but it starts with us praying for the man.

I was disappointed that I didn’t meet Trump or hand him the parody I wrote about him but I was briefly on Channel 19 news and handed it to the reporter. She looked at my info and said maybe we can get you on the morning show. Wow wouldn’t that be neat-o!

I will add more to this and post photos and links later but GO TRUMP.

As Chairman for the Constitution Party of Lake County I won’t and can’t endorse Trump for the party but personally I will endorse Trump.
I understand completely what is at stake. We have a chance to elect someone outside the business as usual. If you vote for one of the others you must like the status.
If you look at all of Trumps endorsements it is a ground swell of great people. This may be the last chance to elect a non-politician.

And lastly look at all of the attacks going against Trump. They are trying to sabotage him and silence the voice of the people. When Jeb Bush meets with all of the non-Trump candidates and they won't disclose what was said that is enough for me.

Please vote for Trump!

Kasich has the best chance to win Ohio on Super Tuesday March 15 It's imperative that Trump does not win Ohio and Florida on Tuesday

What is so strange about the above statement? This comes from a lady pastor friend of mine who is pro-Cruz. My question is if she so enamored with Cruz why tell people to vote Kasich? The answer is simple… she heard and bought what the media said.
While I was at a Geauga Tea Party recently someone mentioned a flyer they received from New York that read:
Help Cruz defeat Trump by voting for Kasich!

People wake up and think for yourself. I told this pastor she was leading people astray.
Do you like NAFTA? Kasich is for it. Do you like Obama-care? Kasich latched Ohio onto it. Do you like same sex marriage? Kasich is OK with it. Do you like the global agenda? Kasich is for it. Do you like amnesty and continuing the illegal invasion? Kasich is for this.

 Carey Masci

I am equally excited for my friends Jeff Marshaus and Michelle Webber who attended the Trump Rally with me. They were interview by NBC news and you can read their comments. Congrats Jeff and Michelle!

Lastly a BIG THANK YOU to Brian Wollet for the tickets and organizing the Trump event it was well planned.