Friday, October 07, 2016

And now the news for Oct. 7th

And now the news

Rumors continue to circulate that Hillary has a body double and during the VP debate Tim Kaine was actually EGore (Al Gore) in disguise.
Many people are worried that Hillary has been absent from rallies and interviews. Well Al Gore issued a statement saying Hillary Clinton is fine. I have Hillary in a lock box.
Recently Bill Clinton misspoke at a rally for Hillary, he said next to my wife Obamacare is the craziest thing in this world.
Nabisco had to change plans due to the pressure put on by Trump, they have decided to make Oreos in Mexico but have them assembled in the US.
Staying on the topic of food – Kellogg’s just introduced a new cereal in honor of Hillary Clinton. It is called Snap Cackle and Plop.
They just found out what made Hillary faint at the 911 Memorial. It was a controlled demolition, Trump got to her
So many voters are worried that Hillary can't stand up to terrorists. I'm more worried if she can even stand
Obama thinks he is god and he may get his chance to prove it if he can raise Hillary and her campaign from the dead
Hillary and Obama continue to preach that the greatest threat to humanity is global warming and not the heat generated by nuclear missiles Russia is building.
Hillary has promised that if she is elected to the Whitehouse no one will work under the table or desk.
Hillary has seizures, Johnson says pot cures seizures and Trump hopes to be Caesar.
Times sure have changed. Years ago jungle movies always showed natives that shrunk heads. No more. Today there is a mosquito that does that.
In sporting news - Colin Kaepernick does not want to stand for the National Anthem because he feels black are oppressed, I say he should be traded to the Cleveland Browns and let him feel real oppression.
Josh Gordon had to undergo a paternity test well this just in – the paternity test shows Josh Gordon is.... the father of Johnny Manziel.

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