Tuesday, March 29, 2011

what I dug up about Indonesia and Obama

At the Heritage Club Meeting I attended tonight we were discussing the legitimacy of Obama's presidency. Is he a US citizen or not?

I raised the question about even if he was born here I thought he was adopted by an Indonesian and was a citizen of Indonesia? We do know thats where he attended grade school.

Read these links and decide for yourself.


I went to Yahoo Indonesia to find this site: Does this disqualify Obama in any way?


This information is provided for historical purposes only .. the current Indonesian Nationality Act can be found here
Indonesian nationality is governed by Act No. 62 of 1958. It defines an Indonesian national as a person who, since the beginning of independence on August 17, 1945, qualifies for citizenship under existing laws.

Further, a person whose mother is an Indonesian national, but whose father's nationality is unknown or whose father is stateless, shall qualify for Indonesian citizenship. Also, a person who was born in Indonesia from unknown parents, or an orphan whose parents are unknown, or a person born in Indonesia who does not inherit any nationality from his/her parents, shall qualify for Indonesian citizenship. A five year old child, who is adopted by foster parents of Indonesian nationality, shall qualify for Indonesian nationality if the foster parents apply to a court to legitimize the adoption within one year and are granted their request.

A child born from a legitimate marriage of an Indonesian mother and an alien father shall, in the event a divorce is granted by the court, qualify for Indonesian nationality if he/she so decides. A child born from a legitimate or illegitimate marriage between an alien father and an Indonesian mother is entitled to become an Indonesian national if he/she applies to the Minister of Justice, having abandoned his/her alien nationality according to the law of the foreign country or in accordance with an agreement concluded between Indonesia and a foreign country. In such case a child shall submit the application within a year after reaching the age of 18.

To obtain Indonesian nationality, aliens must fulfill the following conditions:

1.Have reached the age of 21 or over;

2.Were born in Indonesia or have lived in Indonesia continuously for 5 years, or interruptedly for 10 years;

3.Have a fair command of the Indonesian language and knowledge of Indonesian history, and have never been convicted by a court for a breach of law or for any act against Indonesia;

4.Have the consent of the wife/husband;

5.Are mentally and physically healthy;

6.Pay a fee of not less than Rp 500 and not more than Rp 10,000, which shall be decided by the court, taking into consideration the applicant's income;

7.Have permanent employment;

8.Have no other nationality or have abandoned his/her nationality which is in conformity with an agreement on dual nationality reached between Indonesia and the foreign country.

9.An alien man married to an Indonesian woman is not entitled to apply for Indonesian citizenship. However, Indonesian nationality may be granted to aliens who have proved meritorious and have served the interest of Indonesia. Such nationality shall be granted with the approval of the House of Representatives.

An alien wife of an Indonesian national is entitled to Indonesian citizenship if she so wishes and makes a statement to that effect within a year of the marriage. This does not apply if the husband has abandoned his Indonesian nationality.

An Indonesian woman married to an alien husband shall lose her Indonesian nationality if she makes a statement to this effect within a year of her marriage.

Indonesian nationality obtained by a husband shall automatically apply to his wife except where she, after acquiring Indonesian nationality, does not abandon her alien nationality. If a person loses his/her Indonesian nationality, his wife/her husband also loses it, except where both of them are stateless. A person who has lost his/her Indonesian nationality by marriage can regain it if the marriage is broken off and the person applies for it. Such an application shall include a statement of the broken marriage and be submitted to a court or an Indonesian diplomatic mission abroad.

A child under the age of 18 who is not married and retains his/her kinship with the father who has not yet acquired Indonesian nationality, qualifies for Indonesian nationality if he/she lives permanently in Indonesia.

If a widow or widower obtains Indonesian nationality, her/his child shall be entitled to the same provided that the latter is under 18 years of age and not married. This also applies to children under 18 and not married, born to parents who have lost their Indonesian nationality.

Source: www.deplu.go.id

Monday, March 28, 2011

Carey's funnies for today

Hey Gang,
Cleveland has the dubious distinction of being involved in another weird situation. During the Cavs Clippers basketball game a week back a man ran out on the court with a knife before the start of it. Such bad timing. The way the Cavs keep losing he should of ran out during the game so he could of cut it short.

Has anyone noticed how the last month probasket ball has all the teems wearing Hispanic jerseys? All of them have Los, like Los Mavs. The Cavs finally don't feel all alone. Since the beginning of the season they have had loss written all over them.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich has been talking about impeaching Obama. Not sure if he is serious or just wants another ride on Air Force One.

Cleveland officials are a little envious of Japan. They wish the quake would of hit here. Its a lot quicker and cheaper demolishing all the empty houses in the area.

I am sure most of you have heard Bill Cosby's speech about family values.
These are a few lines from it:

People with their hats on backward, pants down around the crack...
Isn't it a sign of something when she has her dress all the way up .....

But did you know that Bill Cosby will be the host at this years Playboy Jazz Festival?

I guess he really knows what he is talking about when he says pants down around the crack and she has her dress all the way up.

Truth is stranger than fiction but still not as strange as my humor.
Carey Masci

Friday, March 25, 2011


Rachel Maddow. If you want to understand the Liberal sides view you need to watch this woman. She is something else.

Rachel did raise an interesting question on her show Tuesday. She was complaining about how the Republicans got elected to fix the economy but instead they are wasting our time with pro-life legislation. What does this have to do with the economy?

Trying to stay on topic here but quickly, saying that statement the Republicans were elected to fix the economy is Rachel now admitting Obama is a disaster? And coming right back at Rachel wasn't the election of Obama having to do with hope & change, well what does homosexual's in the military or same sex marriage have to do with anything?

OK back on topic. Rachel said that many states are adopting policies of anti abortion legislation and one state even included in a clinics brochure to women that they would be killing a tiny baby. She thought that was so amusing.

So I will raise the question Rachel has, WHAT DOES ABORTION HAVE TO DO WITH THE ECONOMY? Really what does it have to do with the economy?

But instead of asking one of my pro-life friends I will quote from an article that I found in a newspaper while on Korean Air heading back home from the Philippines back in October. Unfortunately I don't remember the papers name as I jotted this info down on a napkin and forgot to write it.

It states:
South Korea plans to spend 70.2 BILLION in the next 5 years to boost its low birth rate. Large sums will be used to get people to have babies and deal with welfare issues caused by an aging population and also to maintain national growth.

While we are killing our young, South Korea is encouraging babies so eventually they can take care of the elderly instead of the government and also to maintain national growth. I think that's an economic issue. Does this make sense to you Rachel?

Carey Masci

Short commentary I wrote about 2 months ago

It seems as if the whole world is about to come undone. Little fires are breaking out all over and some are turning in to major revolutions, over throws. It could change the world map and change life as we know it. What is gone on?

When the violence first started in Tunisia I paid little attention to it. When fighting broke out in Egypt I was listening a little bit more, still not overly concerned. But now what is happening in the Middle East not only am I paying attention it has me concerned.

The list of country's in upheaval is growing daily. Besides the turmoil in Tunisia and Egypt, Iraq is still not put back together, same in Afghanistan, Iran is about to let loose, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Bahrain, Algeria things are happening and there are other country's either suffering unrest or about to.

On the surface it appears as if these outbreaks are from people in bondage yearning for a voice and a path towards democracy. Or is there an underlying force of Islam driving the violence? Either one of these scenarios America has a serious decision to make and at a time like this its not an easy one or popular. Do we get involved?

America is broke and our military is spread out to thin as it is, no argument there. But if the rebellions taking place are genuinely geared towards freedom and democracy we need to some how lend a hand and at least some direction. If we don't the freedom movement could be squelched by radical Islamists.

If it is the other scenario where radical Islam is at the root of this we still have to seriously look at the option of involvement. I myself have changed through the years and now wish America would quit meddling in other countries affairs but this is much different If radical fundamentalist Islam grows and unifies not much can stop it. So the time to act is now if this is the cause. But the real question is - do we?

Carey Masci

Monday, March 21, 2011


Inflation? We don't have no stinkin' inflation!

If I see one more Spinmeister on TV telling us there is no inflation and it's in check I am going to inflate someones lip. What planet do these people live on?

The most obvious is the cost of gas, has it gone up? Of course. One of the reasons is because the dollar isn't buying as much. Isn't that inflation?

Or what about coffee that has gone up 100% since last year? Not only will my car be harder to start but so will I. Is that inflation?

And today I get my car insurance renewal bill. It looked higher than last years. So I checked and sure enough it went up $50. This I will be calling and having a fit about. I am driving way less and have all their discounts and all my insurance plans are with them, why the increase? Is that inflation?

I went into an icecream shop driving through Canal Fulton the other day. A small shake, why its only $4.00. But remember, there is no inflation. I kept saying that as I left with out buying the shake.

Then there is the phone bill. What? Effective Jan. 7th your bill reflects an increase of $2.60 in your Monthly Service charge, no clue why they capitalized monthly and service. So I called and eliminated my call waiting to counter this increase. Call waiting is $8.50 per month so they actually lost $5.90.

Finally one more out of the many examples I can give, back in October I went to the Philippines and it cost about $1,150. Now its over $2,000 for the roundtrip airfare.

But remember folks, the SPINMEISTERS TELL YOU THERE IS NO INFLATION. So I will believe them even though I am paying more for everything, at least I feel better.

Carey Masci

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Flashback to 2006 Madison, Wisconsin - my account of seeing the capitol

Hey Gang,
Since Madison, Wisconsin has been dominating the news I thought I would dig up an old story and resend it about when Dov, Rich and I were in Madison Wisconsin.

Its a shame from what I heard the Union Thugs and Mob have done to the place. I wonder if its part of the Unions new contract that they have to clean up the place on their time. Now I am really dreaming, it will be us the tax payers paying for it.
Well enjoy this flashback from 206.

Hey Gang,
Its Labor Day weekend, about 2 weeks since the Wisconsin trip and here I am still writing about it. In the last segment I ended it with ...the Man at the bottom of the 14 steps. That man is OJ, his job - greeting people about to walk the last 14 steps to the observation deck and answering questions they may have about the Capitol building of Madison, Wisconsin or anything else you care to ask.

We found out about Madison from Casha the Polish girl who's here on a work visa. None of the locals told us about it. She said you have to go there, its such a beautiful city and surrounded by lakes, the two that surround the downtown area are lake Mendota and Monona. Taking the main road in to downtown you can see a magnificent structure in the distance and as you get closer it gets more impressive.

We parked our car at a meter and after a short walk Dov and Rich headed back to the car bypassing the Capitol building. Not me I had to investigate it and boy am I glad I did. All it took was one quick glance through the massive doors and I was completely wowed. I yelled at Dov & Rich to come on the doors are open but only Rich came. It was kind of funny watching Rich run in, maybe he was concerned with the meter, not sure. Have you ever seen one of those mazes where they let a mouse in, it scurries all over, finds the cheese and heads out another opening? Well that's what Rich looked like.

We walked in together, I went to the right and he went to the left and in a hurry. I stopped and watched him thinking we should be enjoying this together but maybe he knows another way to the top floors. Well I got to the second level and still no Rich. So I said to myself forget him and continued on alone looking in doors and walking every floor. The Supreme Court room was something to behold. It made you feel like you entered something sacred.

You just have to see this building, the large badgers above the arches, the marble floors, even the door knobs were engraved. The dome is the 4th largest in the WORLD! The statue adorning the top of the dome is called Wisconsin and the figures for her are equally as impressive. The gilded bronze statue is 15 feet tall and weighs over 3 tons!

OJ filled me on all this and more. He is an avid collector of old gas station memorabilia and has traveled the fabled route 66 and other routes in search of merchandise, photos and information about them. An upcoming show on PBS wants to interview him and show some of his collection. I didn't take a photo of OJ but he promises me that he will send one of himself and a few of his collection to be placed on www.gogobus.cc. Right OJ, I'm still waiting.

After about a 20 minute or more talk I left to find Rich and Dov. They both jumped at me. I said hey I met this fascinating guy and did you see the Supreme Court Room, the Observation Deck? Rich replied no I went in saw what I wanted to, took a few pictures and left - and what did I tell you Dov why Carey was taking so long, he met someone.

But of course did they expect me not to!

Your Friend Always,
Gotta Go Go!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

non-believers, pagans and Mahometans

Many people today have been so confused by the media and revisionist history about America that they fail to recognize that Christianity was a major part of the founding of not only our country but also our government.  And many have bought the lie of separation of church and state, which does not exist; in fact Christianity is interwoven and cannot be separated.

Then there are others who think that religious freedom has to encompass all religions and these other religions not based on Christianity should be involved with our laws and government.  This thinking was evident at a local tea party meeting I attended when it was brought up that because of the many different religions in this area they should be represented.  This is wrong. 

While it’s true this country was based on religious freedoms but the religions the founders were talking about were the different branches of Christianity.  If members of other religions not based on Christianity want to speak out about personal freedom or if they believe their religious freedoms are being hampered they have a right but if they want to speak about being involved with our government, laws and changing things they have NO right to do so. 


  Currently I am reading "Essentials in American History" written by Albert Bushnell Hart, c. 1905.  As I always say if you want to really know history read an old history book.

  I am sure we all know the stories of people coming to America for religious freedom; the Quakers, Puritans, Catholics, Episcopalians just to name a few.  There were also many missionaries who came for the sole purpose to preach the Gospel and convert Indians to Christianity.

 But did you know that in the early days of forming America public taxes supported churches?  
Page 96 - 97 (paraphrased) ... the Episcopal church was now gaining ground... in Virginia it was the official church supported by public taxation, in the Carolina's and New York it was supported also by voluntary contributions. The Congregational church was supported by public taxation also.  Side by side with the established churches lived many other religious sects. Baptist, Lutherans, Jews....

 During the period of forming our American government there was much arguing back and forth on how it should be done.  

Page 210. ... Benjamin Franklin said, "lest our projects will be confounded and we ourselves become a reproach... He moved that the Convention be opened every day with prayer. 

 Page 214. In one state convention a member even objected that... if there be no religious test required, pagans, deists, and Mahometans might obtain offices among us and that the senators and representatives might all be pagans.  
I could list more but I think these few examples should set the record straight.  People came here to freely practice their Christian faith, to have religious freedom.  Churches were of such importance that they were supported by public taxes.  Meetings were opened with prayer.  And there was a concern that non-believers, pagans and Mahometans could infiltrate our government.  If only the founders could be here today to see how prophetic their concerns and fears were.


 I will leave you with an explanation I wrote some time ago.
The first part of Amendment 1 in the Bill of Rights states:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise there of;

 Its ludicrous how Judges and other law makers have found a way to pervert the meaning of those words and fooled the people into thinking it means separation of church and state, no where does it even hint at that.  And though those words couldn't possibly be any easier to understand I will simplify it even further to remove any remaining doubt what so ever of the intent of what was written.

   Congress shall make no law, zero, none, NO LAW means NO LAW.

   Respecting, bias, giving favor over another.

   An establishment of religion, that means Catholic, Protestant, Baptist, and so on, NOT God or Jesus Christ.  God and Jesus are not a religion.  A religion is a set of beliefs.  This country was founded on Judeo Christian principles so I did not include Muslim, Buddhism, or other anti Christian religions.   

  (or) Prohibiting the free exercise they’re of.  To stop, hinder, interfere with religious practices, whether to pray, read the Bible, display religious signs or any other means of religious expression.

  Now lets take it as a whole one more time:

  Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise there of;

 In essence it states Congress (government) can not favor any particular religion or interfere with religion BUT it does not mention in the least bit that religion can not get involved in government.
  I hope this sets the record straight but I know better.
                                          Carey Masci

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

i cant believe this

Every day it seems I get an email or hear news that I just can't believe. The link below is is a story that has me stunned. OUR tax dollars being sent to rebuild mosques!!!

America use to be known for missionary work and sending bibles, now we are sending money to support a false god and religion.

It won't be long before God lifts his hand off America.

I believe Joshua 24:20 supports this.