Friday, March 25, 2011

Short commentary I wrote about 2 months ago

It seems as if the whole world is about to come undone. Little fires are breaking out all over and some are turning in to major revolutions, over throws. It could change the world map and change life as we know it. What is gone on?

When the violence first started in Tunisia I paid little attention to it. When fighting broke out in Egypt I was listening a little bit more, still not overly concerned. But now what is happening in the Middle East not only am I paying attention it has me concerned.

The list of country's in upheaval is growing daily. Besides the turmoil in Tunisia and Egypt, Iraq is still not put back together, same in Afghanistan, Iran is about to let loose, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Bahrain, Algeria things are happening and there are other country's either suffering unrest or about to.

On the surface it appears as if these outbreaks are from people in bondage yearning for a voice and a path towards democracy. Or is there an underlying force of Islam driving the violence? Either one of these scenarios America has a serious decision to make and at a time like this its not an easy one or popular. Do we get involved?

America is broke and our military is spread out to thin as it is, no argument there. But if the rebellions taking place are genuinely geared towards freedom and democracy we need to some how lend a hand and at least some direction. If we don't the freedom movement could be squelched by radical Islamists.

If it is the other scenario where radical Islam is at the root of this we still have to seriously look at the option of involvement. I myself have changed through the years and now wish America would quit meddling in other countries affairs but this is much different If radical fundamentalist Islam grows and unifies not much can stop it. So the time to act is now if this is the cause. But the real question is - do we?

Carey Masci

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