Monday, September 29, 2008

Your response to Ter's heartfelt letter

Some of you responded to Ter' and here's those responses. Anyone else care to add your comments feel free to jump on board as I can send part 2.

terry,,pray to the Father, in Jesus name.......................He will guide you.. thx for sharing from your American Heart,,,GOD BLESS AMERICA
Mark and Debbie Indiana

Hi Carey,

Please let Ter know that I can identify with him. I too, born in Feb. 1948,
grew up in a hard working, Democrat and Union loyal family.

Please tell him he is a voice, it may be a small voice, but it is NOT
insignificant. As long as he keeps espousing his opinions, he IS a voice to be heard.

His WWII veteran dad would be proud of him, as is mine.
Vince in Pa

God Bless Those Detroiters! Some of the finest people I know!
Mike & Danielle Gutierrez

Thank you for sharing this.
Connie in NC

Inteteresting letter Carey, I didn't know you have a friend in Detroit, where I use to live. Matt had a job in Detroit and we had to move you know, because they shut down the factory where they cut and shipped steel. I too agree something should be said about bringing the jobs back.
When I was in Detroit area, I talked to a family from India they ended up moving back to India. Kind of funny because they couldn't find a job in the field that they were in, they said they had an easier time back home.
I was really pissed when Levi's left the country. I'm not sure you seen the Levi's commercial about 2 yrs before they had an ad American made, what happened to that? I shop at the dollar store and look for things made in America and in of all places Walmart I get happy when I see something from USA.
And you know it really pisses me off about them helping the banks on wall street. I guess if any big corp screws up you get help? My husbands friend works for one of the corporations. He was told he didn't have a job, but guess what now he does,lol. that's irony for you. Right now he is in Japan doing some business.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A heartfelt letter from my good friend

Hey Gang,
This well written heartfelt letter from my good friend Ter in Detroit is how a lot of us feel. He wrote this in response to my email titled "My article found a home". Please read it, and remember you are not alone in your frustration.
May God help this nation.

Hey Carey,
I'm not much for writing and venting my views because I have been convinced for the past 2 decades that my small voice is just that small and insignificant when our future is in the hands of the rich and powerful.
Today we all just get in line, follow the trend or common direction we are all being led to.
Background on who I am:
Born 11/22/49 the 2nd son (of 5 children) of a hard working decorated WW2 hero and his wife, a strong quiet woman of minimal means. Mom and Dad were only High School educated yet in my heart (and I'm sure to many people) they both graduated with honors from the University of American Life with a Doctorate in hard knocks - successful survival.
I too only graduated from High School in Detroit a basic middle of the road American male of the 60's. I lived through the local racial turmoil of those years, but the way I was raised made me conscious of the terrible times Blacks were experiencing. Then again, surviving the 60's we young American males experienced, having the Viet Nam War hanging over our heads. The "Live Now, for tomorrow you may surely die" mind set was in every moment of our daily thoughts.
I served my country and left that part of life with an Honorable Discharge that sits somewhere in a box or underwear drawer safe from dust and prying eyes. It has had no bearing on my life since. I do not go to meetings of Veterans of that era or battle nor do I talk/share about it in public.
I married in '69 to my high school sweetheart. I worked for Chrysler Corporation - Dodge Truck Division for a few years but moved on when being sequestered deep in a manufacturing plant just didn't tickle my fancy or bring my special mechanical abilities to the forefront very often.
My wife and I produced 5 children who have also grown up into hard working Americans.
We struggled raising our family. We are of the (Baby Boomer) group where, without a College Degree, we both HAD to work. Her part time, me full time. My mom was an at home mom and my dad was the only bread winner. This is the America I wanted to be a part of.
I know how difficult it was for us to raise 5 children. The effort invested in this life by my wife doing double duty never goes unappreciated even today. So many times my daily efforts at work paled to what she accomplished.
I will sit the proud Grandfather of 11 healthy little new Americans by Christmas this year. I border on tears as to what this country will be for them .
We have no real savings put aside for retirement. My bad. 8 years ago my job was eliminated at a steel treating company after 26 years of faithful service that paid the bills, kept the heat on and food on the table. 2000 actually was my 1st real awakening as to where this country was going but I believed the powers to be in Washington would keep me and my family safe and prosperous.
Of course, as I was raised to do, I did bounce back and have a good position with an American air carrier today but newer and before unknown to me quirks in this country have come to light. I am amazed and awe struck at what more crazy things I learn every day.
I was a staunch Democrat until Ronald Reagan came into power. This man turned my head around. I felt safer than ever.
Since he left the Oval Office and many of his innovations and directions have been legislated out of existence, I do believe we have been slowly headed into the abyss of world financial turmoil.
American Jobs are still headed overseas. The American Green Back is not worth the paper it is printed on. The ink is another story.
I haven't heard EITHER candidate address BRINGING BACK these jobs to our soil. Only lame promises of possibly "Shutting The Barn AFTER The Horse Got Away" to stop this great loss. Not the real cure is it?
We are the slaves of Bankers, Big Business and Oil Cartels today.
There are NO lobbyists in Washington for US. I always believed that OUR President is OUR lobbyist. That's why we vote him or her into office.
Stupid, aren't I ?
As of this morning I haven't decided who to vote for, or in reality, waste my vote on. After last nights interview with Ms Palin I almost wish SHE was the lead candidate. Not going to happen is it?
We must all step back and realize we are voting in a person who may spend 50+ Million dollars to get a job that will never pay them even 1/10th of that. You must then realize that they MUST work for the people who gave them that money to win.
Wasn't any of US was it?
Thanks for listening to a Middle American again buddy.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Here is a short letter from my friend Lisa that she sent to her representative and senators that will help you understand this current financial mess. I have her permission to post this. The more I read about the bailout the more I agree with Lisa. One line really stands out in her letter: "these measures cannot be done at the expense of community banks". Its always the little guy or independent business that gets hurt.

A letter to State Rep. Philip S. English and Senator's Bob Casey and Arlin Spector

I am a community banker who is irate about the recent developments on Wall Street and the recent bailouts that our government has undertaken. The great, great majority of banks in this country never made one subprime loan, and ninety-eight percent are well-capitalized. We are working every day to serve our communities and provide loans to consumers and small businesses. Banks have paid tens of billions of premiums to fund the FDIC insurance fund, and we know we are going to have significantly increased premiums for years to come. We accept that, and we don’t ask for or need a bailout.
Bear Stearns, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and AIG are not banks. Yet we hear constant talk about “bank problems” and “bank bailouts.” Now Congress is going to vote on legislation to consider a fund with billions of dollars in it to buy distressed assets and some want to add amendments that will hurt my bank – such as changes in the bankruptcy laws and new regulatory burdens. Such changes will only damage community banks like mine that have been an asset to your district.
My bank is trying to serve its community and make loans, but it cannot do that when policy-makers are adopting policies that may make it hard to lend, and increase regulatory costs. While a stable financial system is essential, these measures cannot be done at the expense of community banks like mine. I implore you to please consider the impact of these proposals and to oppose any effort to include bankruptcy provisions or to impose additional regulatory burdens or costs on community banks.

Lisa Zamierowski
Assistant VP & Assistant Secretary
Marquette Savings Bank

Want to know what is happening, look back to the 1990's

Are you watching the news? Don't think for second this financial mess is all because of bad loans given out by unscrupulous bankers, its way more than that. Our dollar is falling. Our country is quickly heading into third world status and it may possibly be already to late to reverse this inevitable outcome. Our country is broke! We have exported jobs and merchandise out of this country at a furious pace while our current President was busy trying to get on board even more countries like Peru, Colombia and Panama to trade with. Haven't we had enough of free trade deals that sends our dollars and jobs out of here?
Oh and some of you beat the drum of where is our Great American Savior of the middle class Bill Clinton when we need him? Remember folks, he did more damage than any other president. It was under his watch the Chinese Trade Agreement was signed. It was under his administration that Long Beach Naval Base was sold to the Chinese to unleash a barrage of cheap goods that has taken away our jobs. And then there was NAFTA heralded by Bush Sr. and put on fast track and signed by Clinton, the Defender of the American worker, yeah right.
The free trade agreements are some of the reasons why our country is in a mess. Do you think Obama/Biden two Liberal Socialists with globalist views, expanded government and higher taxes is the answer? C'mon don't make me laugh. McCain, nope. Sarah Palin? I hope that she is as conservative as they say. Maybe her conservative thinking can hold sway over McCain and direct his path back to protecting American workers and jobs.
May God help us.
Look at these links. Especially the first one. Make sure you pay attention to the words of ROBERT SCOTT.

Early today (11/15/99), President Clinton announced the finalization of trade agreements between the United States and China that will make it possible for China to join the World Trade Organization.

Under the terms of the agreement, China will remove its existing trade barriers and be granted permanent normal trade relations (NTR) status by the U.S., thus allowing Beijing favored access to U.S. markets.

Charles R. Smith
Wednesday, Oct. 1, 2003
Newly declassified documents show that President Bill Clinton personally approved the transfer to China of advanced space technology that can be used for nuclear combat.
The documents show that in 1996 Clinton approved the export of radiation hardened chip sets to China. The specialized chips are necessary for fighting a nuclear war.

Said Obama, "One million jobs have been lost because of NAFTA, including nearly 50,000 jobs here in Ohio. And yet, 10 years after NAFTA passed, Sen. Clinton said it was good for America. Well, I don't think NAFTA has been good for America -- and I never have."
And then Obama said:
"I don't think its realistic for us to repeal NAFTA," he said during a town hall meeting on the economy.

Clinton during the signing of NAFTA
.......In a fundamental sense, this debate about NAFTA is a
debate about whether we will embrace these changes and create the jobs
of tomorrow, or try to resist these changes, hoping we can preserve
the economic structures of yesterday.
(And what was wrong with preserving the economic structure of American jobs and our way of life? Fair trade not free trade!)
We have to tell American workers who
will be dislocated because of this agreement or because of things that
will happen regardless of this agreement, that we are going to have a
reemployment program for training in America, and we intend to do
President Clinton

Do the research people, do the research!!!

May God help this country!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My article has found a home

My article titled "Everyone has been asking Carey's opinion, here it is" has found a home. Sure I posted it on my blogs but I was hoping to post it on one of the GOP sites. But after my last article was removed from there I didn't think it was in my best interest to try adding another.
The last few months I have been facing censorship with my articles, if thats the right word for it. Its coming from all sides, the GOP, news papers and even
Sure I understand that I took an oath to uphold the Republican platform, which I have no problem with what so ever because I believe in it. But when the party drifts from their core principles then I feel we need to, as I have, speak up. Placing that article calling Mitt Romney a moral failure is not opinion, its fact. Its no secret read his positions as governor of Massachusetts. Same with what I wrote about McCain. This isn't my opinion, these are facts.
The other censorship to come against me was with I need to be careful here because I do not want to be barred from it as it is an excellent site to get recognized, plenty of my articles have been grabbed from it and placed elsewhere. But my article titled "How can McCain win this election?" was not placed in the politics category but in the pure opinion section. I know what you are thinking that some of the article may be just that - my opinion, but aren't most? Furthermore I browsed the politics blogs on Ezinearticles and I found commentaries on Obama that not only were badly written but filled with opinion and they were left alone under the politics heading. To make matters worse paragraphs were left off the article. (At the bottom I placed the paragraphs that were not printed).
Then there is the local news paper the News Herald who refused to post my letter to the editor for a very lame ridiculous reason. I will include that response in its entirety in another email shortly and you decide if their reason is worthy.
Freedom of speech in America? Only if it agrees with who owns what newspaper, magazine, or blog and if it goes along with the homosexual, socialist, globalist agenda is there freedom.


This is a letter I received.

Hello and good evening,

I just read and enjoyed your article on Sarah Palin which I found on .

We are going to release a self-published mini-book on Sarah Palin with a collection of articles with different views on her. These will be articles written by many different writers with a wide range of views on her.

I would like to ask for you authorization to include you article in this collection.
In exchange I would include the part about you and your website links.

Could you please let me know if you agree.
Thank you in advance for letting me know as soon as possible.

Best regards,
Monika K.

Not included:
"Senator McCain to win. It is
moderate Democrats and Republicans who will decide
this election. That is who I am selling McCain to.
Main stream Democrats need to realize that the
Democratic party has been hi jacked by Socialists.
Its time for them to cross over and support the only
choice, John McCain, because what is the option?
A one-term US Senator with little experience named
Barack Husein
Obama, a far leaning liberal socialist.
But, it all starts with Senator McCain standing up
and being truthful by saying I am a moderate with many
years experience that can and will bring both sides
together and unite this country. If McCain chooses
the right message and people listen, they will vote
for him. Even the Conservative Right might have their
enthusiasm stirred up because, again, the alternative
is an extreme liberal socialist that has said and
promises more taxes and more government for all. "

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Everyone has been asking Carey's opinion, here it is

Everyone has been asking since it was revealed that Sarah Palin was McCains choice for VP what I think. Heres my thoughts on it.
I know I am violating President Reagans rule of never speaking ill of a fellow Republican and especially during the convention I should be careful not to take the momentum gained by the GOP but I am tired of seeing my country undergo a systematic destruction of values and way of life that has made America great. And thats how I feel, its my country, as you should take what's happening here in your homeland as personal also. My opinion is this, Senator McCain as well as the GOP is having a hard time finding itself. First Senator McCain snubs the Values Voters debate held in September '07. Then more recently he tried to distance himself from Pastor John Hagee and Pastor Rod Parsley. Are those Conservative principles? Don't think for a second I'm giving Barrack Hussein Obama a free pass, he didn't attend the Value Voters debate either. But he did attend a conference more in line with the Democratic platform. That forum was for the Gays - Lesbian - Bi's and Transgenders. All of you remember this right? Obama catered to his base but McCain forgot what makes the GOP the GOP, the true Conservative. Likewise the Republican party seems to be disjointed. This is a party that is applauding the choice of Sarah Palin as VP, has on stage former candidates Governor Huckabee and Represantative Ron Paul alongside of Governor Romney who supported the homosexual agenda and cross dressing Mayor Giuliani. It doesn't add up, does it?
So, either Senator McCain chose Governor Palin strictly as a political maneuver to trump Obama, he realized that he can't win without a Conservative base or he is what I have been saying he should run as, a moderate that can bring both sides together. How else can you explain having former Democratic presidential hopeful Al Gores running mate Senator Joe Lieberman stumping for you and then choosing a vice president as conservative as Sarah Palin? That shows signs of being able to reach across the aisle for unity.
In the end it really all comes down to Governor Sarah Palin. She has the weight of not only possibly being the first woman vice president but also carries the hopes of the conservative cause. Palin has a chance to set the standard for future women candidates and put the Republican agenda back on course. If she fails, it will be a set back for the Conservative Right but even a bigger set back for women.
Knowing nothing about Governor Palin until just recently I don't have much to go on other than judging her from her speech last night at the Republican Convention. I found her to be forceful when needed, humorous in other spots, her delivery was of a person with confidence, her voice was calm and reassuring unlike Hillary's that can make you wince, in all she hit a home run, no make that a grand slam and in doing so she made Senator McCain look brilliant.