Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A heartfelt letter from my good friend

Hey Gang,
This well written heartfelt letter from my good friend Ter in Detroit is how a lot of us feel. He wrote this in response to my email titled "My article found a home". Please read it, and remember you are not alone in your frustration.
May God help this nation.

Hey Carey,
I'm not much for writing and venting my views because I have been convinced for the past 2 decades that my small voice is just that small and insignificant when our future is in the hands of the rich and powerful.
Today we all just get in line, follow the trend or common direction we are all being led to.
Background on who I am:
Born 11/22/49 the 2nd son (of 5 children) of a hard working decorated WW2 hero and his wife, a strong quiet woman of minimal means. Mom and Dad were only High School educated yet in my heart (and I'm sure to many people) they both graduated with honors from the University of American Life with a Doctorate in hard knocks - successful survival.
I too only graduated from High School in Detroit a basic middle of the road American male of the 60's. I lived through the local racial turmoil of those years, but the way I was raised made me conscious of the terrible times Blacks were experiencing. Then again, surviving the 60's we young American males experienced, having the Viet Nam War hanging over our heads. The "Live Now, for tomorrow you may surely die" mind set was in every moment of our daily thoughts.
I served my country and left that part of life with an Honorable Discharge that sits somewhere in a box or underwear drawer safe from dust and prying eyes. It has had no bearing on my life since. I do not go to meetings of Veterans of that era or battle nor do I talk/share about it in public.
I married in '69 to my high school sweetheart. I worked for Chrysler Corporation - Dodge Truck Division for a few years but moved on when being sequestered deep in a manufacturing plant just didn't tickle my fancy or bring my special mechanical abilities to the forefront very often.
My wife and I produced 5 children who have also grown up into hard working Americans.
We struggled raising our family. We are of the (Baby Boomer) group where, without a College Degree, we both HAD to work. Her part time, me full time. My mom was an at home mom and my dad was the only bread winner. This is the America I wanted to be a part of.
I know how difficult it was for us to raise 5 children. The effort invested in this life by my wife doing double duty never goes unappreciated even today. So many times my daily efforts at work paled to what she accomplished.
I will sit the proud Grandfather of 11 healthy little new Americans by Christmas this year. I border on tears as to what this country will be for them .
We have no real savings put aside for retirement. My bad. 8 years ago my job was eliminated at a steel treating company after 26 years of faithful service that paid the bills, kept the heat on and food on the table. 2000 actually was my 1st real awakening as to where this country was going but I believed the powers to be in Washington would keep me and my family safe and prosperous.
Of course, as I was raised to do, I did bounce back and have a good position with an American air carrier today but newer and before unknown to me quirks in this country have come to light. I am amazed and awe struck at what more crazy things I learn every day.
I was a staunch Democrat until Ronald Reagan came into power. This man turned my head around. I felt safer than ever.
Since he left the Oval Office and many of his innovations and directions have been legislated out of existence, I do believe we have been slowly headed into the abyss of world financial turmoil.
American Jobs are still headed overseas. The American Green Back is not worth the paper it is printed on. The ink is another story.
I haven't heard EITHER candidate address BRINGING BACK these jobs to our soil. Only lame promises of possibly "Shutting The Barn AFTER The Horse Got Away" to stop this great loss. Not the real cure is it?
We are the slaves of Bankers, Big Business and Oil Cartels today.
There are NO lobbyists in Washington for US. I always believed that OUR President is OUR lobbyist. That's why we vote him or her into office.
Stupid, aren't I ?
As of this morning I haven't decided who to vote for, or in reality, waste my vote on. After last nights interview with Ms Palin I almost wish SHE was the lead candidate. Not going to happen is it?
We must all step back and realize we are voting in a person who may spend 50+ Million dollars to get a job that will never pay them even 1/10th of that. You must then realize that they MUST work for the people who gave them that money to win.
Wasn't any of US was it?
Thanks for listening to a Middle American again buddy.

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