Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My article has found a home

My article titled "Everyone has been asking Carey's opinion, here it is" has found a home. Sure I posted it on my blogs but I was hoping to post it on one of the GOP sites. But after my last article was removed from there I didn't think it was in my best interest to try adding another.
The last few months I have been facing censorship with my articles, if thats the right word for it. Its coming from all sides, the GOP, news papers and even
Sure I understand that I took an oath to uphold the Republican platform, which I have no problem with what so ever because I believe in it. But when the party drifts from their core principles then I feel we need to, as I have, speak up. Placing that article calling Mitt Romney a moral failure is not opinion, its fact. Its no secret read his positions as governor of Massachusetts. Same with what I wrote about McCain. This isn't my opinion, these are facts.
The other censorship to come against me was with I need to be careful here because I do not want to be barred from it as it is an excellent site to get recognized, plenty of my articles have been grabbed from it and placed elsewhere. But my article titled "How can McCain win this election?" was not placed in the politics category but in the pure opinion section. I know what you are thinking that some of the article may be just that - my opinion, but aren't most? Furthermore I browsed the politics blogs on Ezinearticles and I found commentaries on Obama that not only were badly written but filled with opinion and they were left alone under the politics heading. To make matters worse paragraphs were left off the article. (At the bottom I placed the paragraphs that were not printed).
Then there is the local news paper the News Herald who refused to post my letter to the editor for a very lame ridiculous reason. I will include that response in its entirety in another email shortly and you decide if their reason is worthy.
Freedom of speech in America? Only if it agrees with who owns what newspaper, magazine, or blog and if it goes along with the homosexual, socialist, globalist agenda is there freedom.


This is a letter I received.

Hello and good evening,

I just read and enjoyed your article on Sarah Palin which I found on .

We are going to release a self-published mini-book on Sarah Palin with a collection of articles with different views on her. These will be articles written by many different writers with a wide range of views on her.

I would like to ask for you authorization to include you article in this collection.
In exchange I would include the part about you and your website links.

Could you please let me know if you agree.
Thank you in advance for letting me know as soon as possible.

Best regards,
Monika K.

Not included:
"Senator McCain to win. It is
moderate Democrats and Republicans who will decide
this election. That is who I am selling McCain to.
Main stream Democrats need to realize that the
Democratic party has been hi jacked by Socialists.
Its time for them to cross over and support the only
choice, John McCain, because what is the option?
A one-term US Senator with little experience named
Barack Husein
Obama, a far leaning liberal socialist.
But, it all starts with Senator McCain standing up
and being truthful by saying I am a moderate with many
years experience that can and will bring both sides
together and unite this country. If McCain chooses
the right message and people listen, they will vote
for him. Even the Conservative Right might have their
enthusiasm stirred up because, again, the alternative
is an extreme liberal socialist that has said and
promises more taxes and more government for all. "

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