Thursday, September 04, 2008

Everyone has been asking Carey's opinion, here it is

Everyone has been asking since it was revealed that Sarah Palin was McCains choice for VP what I think. Heres my thoughts on it.
I know I am violating President Reagans rule of never speaking ill of a fellow Republican and especially during the convention I should be careful not to take the momentum gained by the GOP but I am tired of seeing my country undergo a systematic destruction of values and way of life that has made America great. And thats how I feel, its my country, as you should take what's happening here in your homeland as personal also. My opinion is this, Senator McCain as well as the GOP is having a hard time finding itself. First Senator McCain snubs the Values Voters debate held in September '07. Then more recently he tried to distance himself from Pastor John Hagee and Pastor Rod Parsley. Are those Conservative principles? Don't think for a second I'm giving Barrack Hussein Obama a free pass, he didn't attend the Value Voters debate either. But he did attend a conference more in line with the Democratic platform. That forum was for the Gays - Lesbian - Bi's and Transgenders. All of you remember this right? Obama catered to his base but McCain forgot what makes the GOP the GOP, the true Conservative. Likewise the Republican party seems to be disjointed. This is a party that is applauding the choice of Sarah Palin as VP, has on stage former candidates Governor Huckabee and Represantative Ron Paul alongside of Governor Romney who supported the homosexual agenda and cross dressing Mayor Giuliani. It doesn't add up, does it?
So, either Senator McCain chose Governor Palin strictly as a political maneuver to trump Obama, he realized that he can't win without a Conservative base or he is what I have been saying he should run as, a moderate that can bring both sides together. How else can you explain having former Democratic presidential hopeful Al Gores running mate Senator Joe Lieberman stumping for you and then choosing a vice president as conservative as Sarah Palin? That shows signs of being able to reach across the aisle for unity.
In the end it really all comes down to Governor Sarah Palin. She has the weight of not only possibly being the first woman vice president but also carries the hopes of the conservative cause. Palin has a chance to set the standard for future women candidates and put the Republican agenda back on course. If she fails, it will be a set back for the Conservative Right but even a bigger set back for women.
Knowing nothing about Governor Palin until just recently I don't have much to go on other than judging her from her speech last night at the Republican Convention. I found her to be forceful when needed, humorous in other spots, her delivery was of a person with confidence, her voice was calm and reassuring unlike Hillary's that can make you wince, in all she hit a home run, no make that a grand slam and in doing so she made Senator McCain look brilliant.


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