Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Last Chapter

While at the Wickliffe Public Library the other day I printed off a few copies of articles I had written. The librarian said the first two are free after that its a dime a page. I said somethings free? She replied yeah but I don't know how much longer we can afford it and then she went on to say I hope my hours don't get cut.
Then today I received this from my brother in law.
Please spread the word to home schoolers in Ohio. Ohio Public libraries to be closed, hours reduced, collection budgets slashed.
Please copy and past this text (or something of your choosing) to all the people you know who live in the State of Ohio :
June 22, 2009: Save Ohio Libraries! Seven days left until the governor’s proposed 50 percent cuts will force many libraries to close and others to drastically reduce their hours, and slash collection budgets and reduce or eliminate programs offered to the public. The public library is a foundational institution in American democracy.
Contact the governor & your representatives today (listed under your library system's web pages, linked below). Call them, email them, or fax all of them. There are only a few days left.
The situation is so serious, that library systems all over the state of Ohio have placed very bold headlines on the main web sites. See links below.
In addition, there is a Facebook site: Save Ohio Libraries php?gid=112430631411
There is also a Twitter Option:
official hashtag is "#saveohiolibraries"
Links to Public Libraries in Ohio . Take a look at their banner headlines:

Directory of All Public Libraries in Ohio :

Butler County East - Middletown (West Chester and Trenton ) Public Library:
http://www.middletownlibrary. org/

Butler County West - Lane Libraries ( Fairfield , Hamilton , and Oxford )

Cincinnati Public Library & Hamilton County
http://www.cincinnatilibrary. org/

Clermont County Public Library saveohiolibraries.shtml

Dayton Metro Library

Columbus Metro Library
http://www.columbuslibrary. org/

This recession is horrible. Its far reaching and I don't know when the rebound will occur if it ever does. And yet a certain city still doesn't understand the plight of landlords or home owners. You know which city.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What Joe Biden said and more from my archives

Lately I haven't been writing much because everything that is happening is almost old news. All I have to do is go to my archives and pull out articles I wrote. Take for instance the rebellion going on in Iran, the election fraud, the rioting, the youth demanding more rights. Then read what I wrote in 2006.

Tue, 8/15/06,

Bush was right or was he. I know a guy who is Iranian. I frequent his restaurant and been to his house. But since I didn't ask permission to use his real name I have changed it.
Sid and I never talked politics until I asked his opinion on President Bush and the Iraq war. Sid said flat out Bush was wrong but not for the reasons I thought he would say. His opinion is that President Bush didn't hit Iraq hard enough but he really should of went after Iran instead where all the insurgency and terrorism is coming from. Plus Iran is ripe for revolution, the people especially the youth are tired of not having enough and being under a dictator.
Sid rattled off facts and numerous things he has seen or his family has, some of his relatives are still over in Iran. I even spoke with his Mother who agreed with him. They moved to America in the 50's because his father who was in the military came here for training. At one time Iran had one of the best armies.
Things weren't perfect under the Shaw but it was much better than now, people made a living and had more freedom. Once Khomeini took over things got bad. Just to list a few examples that Sid told me was the Islamist extremist used teenagers as mine sweeps after the war with Iraq - the government passes out drugs to keep the youth doped up so they won't
revolt. Its bad over there.

Now read what Vice President Joe Biden said last year before the election.

"Mark my words," the Democratic vice presidential nominee warned at the second of his two Seattle fundraisers Sunday. "It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy. The world is looking.. We're about to elect a brilliant 47-year-old senator president of the United States of America. Remember I said it standing here if you don't remember anything else I said. Watch, we're gonna have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy."

Well President Obama has his crisis, just like Joe Biden said, with Korea and also the unsettling in Iran. I know how President Bush responded in trying times and how he kept a lid on Korea and I am sure he would of recognized Mir Hussein Moussavi the opposition to President Ahmadinejad.. It will be interesting to see how President Obama responds. I just hope that we are as safe under his leadership as we were under the previous administration.


Friday, June 19, 2009

Euclid & my letter to Senator Sherrod Brown

This is my letter to Senator Sherrod Brown and Ken Williamson, a member of Senator Browns staff. I waited to post this to give them ample time to respond. They haven't. If you are having similar issues where you live use this as a template for your senator - representative. Why shouldn't landlord/property owners get bailouts? Especially if hardships are caused by any level of government interference.
Ken Williamson,
Thank you for your time.
I hope this letter is given serious attention. There are many bailouts occurring right now but one group that hasn't been given consideration is property owners/ landlords. It is hard enough to maintain a place with property taxes rising yearly and people losing jobs. Add to the mix, cities like Euclid, who make it exceedingly difficult on owners with yearly inspections and fee's. A lot of the violations issued are very marginal to the safety of the house, like cracks in a garage floor. If you don't comply fines and/or jail time can ensue. (I know, I had to spend a night in jail) This needs to be addressed as many property owners/landlords are facing foreclosure due to these tactics. IF cities like Euclid are making such demands and there is little to no extra funds to make these repairs then a bailout - government funds should be alloted to property owners/landlords to make these mandated repairs, this would go a long way in stopping some of the flight away from Euclid and Cuyahoga County and divert additional houses from foreclosure.

Please give this letter serious attention,
Thank You

Senator Sherrod Brown,
Thank you for the reply but I am very displeased by your answer. If I may explain. I have read in the news paper and from your website legislation co-sponsored with Rep. Tim Ryan called Community Regeneration, Sustainability and Innovation Act of 2009 that would help blighted areas from population loss. It is welcome relief to read that aid may be coming to areas that need it. BUT before tax payers money is doled out each city should be looked at as to why the population loss.
Some of the main reasons for a decline in population for any city is lack of jobs or high paying jobs, crime, taxes and how the city itself is run. Euclid has all four plus going against it but one of the biggest is local government interference of home owners, whether the person resides in his house or uses it as rental property, this problem has existed for years. People are fearful and don't want to invest in housing in Euclid.
That is why I reached out to you. I am not alone in this plight. Euclid with its demands and housing regulations have forced out many home owners. I know personally quite a few who had to abandon, have the bank foreclose because they could not afford to keep up with the inspections and ensuing violations or sold their house below market to flee Euclid. White flight is only a part of what is happening in Euclid. No one likes their right to privacy imposed on.
It is our tax payers money that will be spent on these blighted areas and we need to be sure it is properly spent. Or if anything else then funds should also be allocated to home owners to make the necessary repairs Euclid demands, this would go a long way in stopping the population loss and/or filling houses left vacant by the cities interference.
So I ask Senator Sherrod Brown to please review my letter once again or I can submit a new one of how Euclid's policies have interfered and kept my house vacant all but 3 1/2 months since June 2008. If action isn't taken soon I may have to join with others and file for bankruptcy and abandon my house or houses in Euclid.

Sincerely and Thank You,
C. K. M.
Euclid, Ohio

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Corruption Cleveland Style

Some information that was given to me by various people on various topics. Usually I include names and sources but not this time.

A lady who worked for the Democratic Sheriff McFaul administration told me everything you read or hear about him is true. If you wouldn't donate or kick in to his kitty for his birthday or Christmas present and/or other causes you would be guaranteed to work every weekend and have off Mondays - permanently.

As for Cuyahoga County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora, Democrat, she told me if any sign or billboard was put up it would have to go through him, obviously with pay.

Someone else in an elected position told me the reason why the investigation is taking so long
in Cleveland is because the web is far reaching. Many more people will be indicted.

The innerbelt bridge
Trucks have been banned on the aging Interstate 90 bridge, and the outer lane in each direction has been closed since last November after inspections revealed two deteriorated beams were unable to support a full load. Taken from:

A councilman told me while eating at Sokolowski's University Inn restaurant he had a conversation with a police officer. They talked about the view from the restaurant of the city and the innerbelt bridge. The police officer told him even though ODOT says the bridge is safe the surrounding police and fire stations hold weekly meetings to train for when the bridge collapses. Every time the councilman has to drive over the bridge he tells his friends OK this is the scary part of the trip and they say a quick prayer before driving over it.
Just remember this story when you pass by those ugly freeway walls and the 1.8 million dollars per mile they cost.

Someone involved with housing told me how housing inspections are abused when I was telling him my problems. They use the inpsections to control house sales. If they want a house to sell there is no violations they just get passed on to the buyer. Hmmmm I purchased my one house from a Euclid police detective. I best be quiet.

Anytime you have strong arm tactics, constantly change the rules of codes, mandate that you let people
inside your house to inspect, make fines unbearable there will be corruption and bribes. Housing inspections
all but for the most blatant violators need to end.

And lets not forget about this latest one, All State Home Mortgage Co. in

Though things are slowly correcting themselves concerning my situation in Eucild,
it still infuriates me that Euclid tried to capitalize on a family problem. Thats sad when a city or any level of
government can pit one family member against another.

Can things change? Maybe and I hope but if people keep electing the status things will only get worse.
VOTE and petition the crooks out.

Its so bad in Cleveland with all the scandals and corruption by the politicians that its starting to give
criminals a bad name.

I hate to throw this in the mix but did you notice not one Republican was mentioned in the above?


Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Say Goodnight America

Say Goodnight America its all over except the crying. The march to push socialism into full effect is on. Individual freedoms have taken another blow.


WASHINGTON – Senior House Democrats drafting health care legislation are considering slapping an unspecified financial penalty on anyone who refuses to purchase affordable health insurance, a key committee chairman said Monday.

In addition, officials said Democrats are considering a new tax on certain health insurance benefits as one of numerous options to help pay for expanding coverage to the uninsured. No details on the tax were immediately available, and no final decisions were expected until next week at the earliest.
Alongside those efforts, financing Obama's plan to spread coverage more widely carries a price tag estimated at higher than $1 trillion over a decade.
Secretary of State Hillary (rotten) Clinton, who was a New York senator at the time as well as a presidential candidate, said a mandate was essential. At one point, she said she was open to garnisheeing the wages of anyone who refused to comply.

They come for our guns, they come for our religious freedoms, they come to kill the unborn, they come to dictate how we run our property, they come to make us accept unnatural acts, why not force and tax us for health insurance. Its all over America.. You wanted a democratic fascist regime you got it - OBAMA!!

ps: How ironic that on Monday the owner of an account I maintain approached me and said they are now offering health insurance for individuals and businesses. I will wait a day and send out info on the company offering it.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Where is everyone?

Hey Gang,
Dawn puts into different words what I have been feeling also. I hear less and less from people and friends. More complaining enough of the politics. Hardly any repsonses from my last few prayer requests I sent out. Where is everyone? Or have I overstayed my welcome in your inbox??


A personal message from Dawn Slike

Dear Local Friends and Allies,

I first wish to remind you all how deeply I care for you and for your hearts and souls. You are in my prayers daily, and I know from your kind notes that you pray for me and my family as well.

Something is deeply troubling me and I wish to bring it to light.

I have noticed many of my friends have lost interest in discussing the many serious issues America faces these days.

Abortion is being abandoned by many, perceived as a lost cause.
Still not proven American citizen "President" Obama is not worth scrutinizing anymore.
America's financial ruin is imminent, yet few are talking about it.
Homosexually active people are creating new rights for themselves and demanding the voices of reason climb into the closets they themselves have exited, yet so many of my friends and allies are no longer talking about these serious problems.
Have we forgotten that God will not bless a nation which turns her back on Him and His laws?

I am noticing many people who were formerly passionate and involved in both prayer and culture-resistant activism are now retreating into daily game playing, meaningless survey participation and other completely engrossing yet distracting recreation.

Please do not misunderstand; I absolutely agree some recreation is good and in fact necessary in our lives. and I agree in the midst of deeply troubling times, we need a little humor and levity to keep our sanity and hopeful perspective. But what I believe I'm witnessing among many of my friends and allies is outright denial, a complete exit from healthy Christian activism and a plummet into fantasy world activities. Too many of my friends and acquaintances are quietly becoming incognito, or worse, conspicuously advertising their new addictions to silly activities on the Internet.

This worries me and I need to challenge it, right here and now.

If this is not you, then do not take offense.

But if it may be you, stop and consider.

Please get back to God. If you see yourself here in my concerns, please kneel right now and pray that God reveal His will for you. Don't wait another moment.

I will kneel for you, and for myself, as well, right now.

We must not give up on our wonderful country, or roll over submissively while our nation continues to decay and our children become the next generation of victims of its socially and morally plummeting culture.

"Father God, I ask you to reach into the hearts of every person receiving this petition from my heart. Lead all souls reading this message to a deep desire to serve you again in prayer, in charity, in constructive and in reconstructive action, to re-build Your Kingdom in our great land. Amen."

God bless you and God bless America.

- Dawn

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Emily's story, how this pertains to YOU and my Euclid story.

This is a long read but its vitally important you do read it in its entirety. This is from my friend Emily in California. You may ask yourself how does this pertain to me and how can this even remotely have anything to do with Euclid? Read it and I will tie up the loose ends.

Dear Carey,
In September 2005 a cps worker came but found everything in order at my sister's house. But what was happening was my 8 year old neice at the time did not like using the bathrooms at school, so when she needed to go really bad, she would hold herself to keep from wetting herself. Now the teacher should have understood this, but instead she thought my neice was masturbating and assumed there was sexual abuse going on in the household. Without even trying to find out what was really going on, she submitted a report of child abuse to Riverside County Child Protective Services. As CPS was building their case, the school began allowing a worker named Pamela Acra (who wasn't even fully licensed yet) come to my neice's and nephew's school to interview all 3 of them. The kids finally told my sister that the principal was calling them out of class to talk to some lady that was asking them questions.

My sister was served a notice to appear in court (she lived in Perris, Ca and the courthouse was in Riverside, CA) about 30 miles away when she had no car. Personally, I think she should have bummed a ride from someone but anyways, someone at the CPS office told her on the phone that the hearing wasn't mandatory. Well she didn't go, and the judge decided to have the Adrian, Maya, and Brenna taken out of the home. The sheriff and a CPS worker came to their house, cuffed my mother and sister, and took the kids just as all of them were about to go trick-or-treating. My 3 year old neice was cry and screaming, and Maya and Adrian were crying too. My sister had prescription Vicodin from a doctor for an injury but when the worker saw the bottle on the counter she thought my sister was a druggie or something.

While the kids were gone from the house, CPS began trying to add bogus charges to the case to stack the deck against us. They started inventing interview dates with the kids that never took place because the kids had been gone from school that day sick. The judge Padilla, who could see all of this was crap but did nothing about it magically lost his job in the 2 months the kids were gone. In the mean time I was calling every state, county, and city authority I could think of but somehow they were all on vacation.

A supposed court reporter showed up at the house to interview my mom and sister about their side of the case, well because my mom and sister believed her, they also gave her all of the records they had been keeping to mount a case against CPS. The court recorder turned out to be a CPS employee and so the documents and their side of the story magically disappeared. Eventually the attorney that had been representing the kids began representing my sister when he started to realize just how brutally wrong everything was that was going on. All I have to say is THANK GOD FOR FREE JEWISH LAWYERS.

The kids were placed into "temporary custody" with my sister and mom on December 23, 2005. We were fortunate because we saw a lot of other parents coming out of court from their cases crying because for the first time in their lives, their children wouldn't be with them for Christmas. In March of 2006, the case was closed and the CPS file "deleted." What angered us was that when the judge did this, he included a statement that said: "The conditions in the Lopez home have improved considerably since October of 2005, therefore this court finds that full custody will be granted back to the birth mother." The conditions in the house never warranted the kids being taken in the first place, but they refused to admit they had ever been wrong. So to justify taking them in the first place, they said, the conditions have since changed. But unfortunately, we also don't have the protections of double-jeopardy since it only reached hearing status and not trial status and since the CPS file was purged, there's nothing to show it had ever happened in the first place. Needless to say, my sister moved out of Riverside County a.s.a.p.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Some observations and things I have heard

Hey Gang,
So much is going on, unfortunately most bad. Here are some observations and things I have heard that I pray don't come true.

GM as part of the bailout agreement will be making more cars in Mexico and will start to produce cars in China. Obama is pushing hard for these mergers. Still don't believe in the one world system?

GM, Chrysler, and Ford have to go or significantly downsize. They are one of the last, if not the last, giant manufacturing companies in America. They need to fold and/or merge to weaken America even further. Its all part of the globalization.

China is starting to demand another currency for global transactions. The dollar is deeply in trouble. When the dollar tanks look out, the new currency will appear. It has been rumored for awhile of a new currency called the Amero. This unprecedented spending by the Obama administration could herald it in a lot sooner. Why not go on a spending spree if you know the dollar is going to crash.

Gold could hit $1,000.00 an ounce soon and the $2 to 3,000.00 range is not out of the realm of possibility.

I knew the minute Obama would talk of ending the oil subsidies the price of crude would spike and sure enough it has.

Here is a question. What is the difference between communism and the way Euclid completely controls what you do with your house? I am serious, I want to know the difference.

California is once again looking at legalizing marijuana. Why? The state is broke and they think selling pot off the counter would be a boon for tax revenue. Let me educate you real quick. No matter how much our government brings in its never enough. So they bring in all this new revenue but they won't pay down on the deficit, they will spend it. Furthermore, unlike ending prohibition where alcohol is a beverage and has other benefits, marijuana has one main purpose and that is to get you high. And the cost to society will be as great or greater than the damage of alcoholism.

Lets hope I am wrong on all of these.