Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Last Chapter

While at the Wickliffe Public Library the other day I printed off a few copies of articles I had written. The librarian said the first two are free after that its a dime a page. I said somethings free? She replied yeah but I don't know how much longer we can afford it and then she went on to say I hope my hours don't get cut.
Then today I received this from my brother in law.
Please spread the word to home schoolers in Ohio. Ohio Public libraries to be closed, hours reduced, collection budgets slashed.
Please copy and past this text (or something of your choosing) to all the people you know who live in the State of Ohio :
June 22, 2009: Save Ohio Libraries! Seven days left until the governor’s proposed 50 percent cuts will force many libraries to close and others to drastically reduce their hours, and slash collection budgets and reduce or eliminate programs offered to the public. The public library is a foundational institution in American democracy.
Contact the governor & your representatives today (listed under your library system's web pages, linked below). Call them, email them, or fax all of them. There are only a few days left.
The situation is so serious, that library systems all over the state of Ohio have placed very bold headlines on the main web sites. See links below.
In addition, there is a Facebook site: Save Ohio Libraries php?gid=112430631411
There is also a Twitter Option:
official hashtag is "#saveohiolibraries"
Links to Public Libraries in Ohio . Take a look at their banner headlines:

Directory of All Public Libraries in Ohio :

Butler County East - Middletown (West Chester and Trenton ) Public Library:
http://www.middletownlibrary. org/

Butler County West - Lane Libraries ( Fairfield , Hamilton , and Oxford )

Cincinnati Public Library & Hamilton County
http://www.cincinnatilibrary. org/

Clermont County Public Library saveohiolibraries.shtml

Dayton Metro Library

Columbus Metro Library
http://www.columbuslibrary. org/

This recession is horrible. Its far reaching and I don't know when the rebound will occur if it ever does. And yet a certain city still doesn't understand the plight of landlords or home owners. You know which city.

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