Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Corruption Cleveland Style

Some information that was given to me by various people on various topics. Usually I include names and sources but not this time.

A lady who worked for the Democratic Sheriff McFaul administration told me everything you read or hear about him is true. If you wouldn't donate or kick in to his kitty for his birthday or Christmas present and/or other causes you would be guaranteed to work every weekend and have off Mondays - permanently.

As for Cuyahoga County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora, Democrat, she told me if any sign or billboard was put up it would have to go through him, obviously with pay.


Someone else in an elected position told me the reason why the investigation is taking so long
in Cleveland is because the web is far reaching. Many more people will be indicted.

The innerbelt bridge
Trucks have been banned on the aging Interstate 90 bridge, and the outer lane in each direction has been closed since last November after inspections revealed two deteriorated beams were unable to support a full load. Taken from:

A councilman told me while eating at Sokolowski's University Inn restaurant he had a conversation with a police officer. They talked about the view from the restaurant of the city and the innerbelt bridge. The police officer told him even though ODOT says the bridge is safe the surrounding police and fire stations hold weekly meetings to train for when the bridge collapses. Every time the councilman has to drive over the bridge he tells his friends OK this is the scary part of the trip and they say a quick prayer before driving over it.
Just remember this story when you pass by those ugly freeway walls and the 1.8 million dollars per mile they cost.

Someone involved with housing told me how housing inspections are abused when I was telling him my problems. They use the inpsections to control house sales. If they want a house to sell there is no violations they just get passed on to the buyer. Hmmmm I purchased my one house from a Euclid police detective. I best be quiet.


Anytime you have strong arm tactics, constantly change the rules of codes, mandate that you let people
inside your house to inspect, make fines unbearable there will be corruption and bribes. Housing inspections
all but for the most blatant violators need to end.

And lets not forget about this latest one, All State Home Mortgage Co. in

Though things are slowly correcting themselves concerning my situation in Eucild,
it still infuriates me that Euclid tried to capitalize on a family problem. Thats sad when a city or any level of
government can pit one family member against another.

Can things change? Maybe and I hope but if people keep electing the status things will only get worse.
VOTE and petition the crooks out.

Its so bad in Cleveland with all the scandals and corruption by the politicians that its starting to give
criminals a bad name.

I hate to throw this in the mix but did you notice not one Republican was mentioned in the above?


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