Friday, June 19, 2009

Euclid & my letter to Senator Sherrod Brown

This is my letter to Senator Sherrod Brown and Ken Williamson, a member of Senator Browns staff. I waited to post this to give them ample time to respond. They haven't. If you are having similar issues where you live use this as a template for your senator - representative. Why shouldn't landlord/property owners get bailouts? Especially if hardships are caused by any level of government interference.
Ken Williamson,
Thank you for your time.
I hope this letter is given serious attention. There are many bailouts occurring right now but one group that hasn't been given consideration is property owners/ landlords. It is hard enough to maintain a place with property taxes rising yearly and people losing jobs. Add to the mix, cities like Euclid, who make it exceedingly difficult on owners with yearly inspections and fee's. A lot of the violations issued are very marginal to the safety of the house, like cracks in a garage floor. If you don't comply fines and/or jail time can ensue. (I know, I had to spend a night in jail) This needs to be addressed as many property owners/landlords are facing foreclosure due to these tactics. IF cities like Euclid are making such demands and there is little to no extra funds to make these repairs then a bailout - government funds should be alloted to property owners/landlords to make these mandated repairs, this would go a long way in stopping some of the flight away from Euclid and Cuyahoga County and divert additional houses from foreclosure.

Please give this letter serious attention,
Thank You

Senator Sherrod Brown,
Thank you for the reply but I am very displeased by your answer. If I may explain. I have read in the news paper and from your website legislation co-sponsored with Rep. Tim Ryan called Community Regeneration, Sustainability and Innovation Act of 2009 that would help blighted areas from population loss. It is welcome relief to read that aid may be coming to areas that need it. BUT before tax payers money is doled out each city should be looked at as to why the population loss.
Some of the main reasons for a decline in population for any city is lack of jobs or high paying jobs, crime, taxes and how the city itself is run. Euclid has all four plus going against it but one of the biggest is local government interference of home owners, whether the person resides in his house or uses it as rental property, this problem has existed for years. People are fearful and don't want to invest in housing in Euclid.
That is why I reached out to you. I am not alone in this plight. Euclid with its demands and housing regulations have forced out many home owners. I know personally quite a few who had to abandon, have the bank foreclose because they could not afford to keep up with the inspections and ensuing violations or sold their house below market to flee Euclid. White flight is only a part of what is happening in Euclid. No one likes their right to privacy imposed on.
It is our tax payers money that will be spent on these blighted areas and we need to be sure it is properly spent. Or if anything else then funds should also be allocated to home owners to make the necessary repairs Euclid demands, this would go a long way in stopping the population loss and/or filling houses left vacant by the cities interference.
So I ask Senator Sherrod Brown to please review my letter once again or I can submit a new one of how Euclid's policies have interfered and kept my house vacant all but 3 1/2 months since June 2008. If action isn't taken soon I may have to join with others and file for bankruptcy and abandon my house or houses in Euclid.

Sincerely and Thank You,
C. K. M.
Euclid, Ohio

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