Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Say Goodnight America

Say Goodnight America its all over except the crying. The march to push socialism into full effect is on. Individual freedoms have taken another blow.

from: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090609/ap_on_go_co/us_health_overhaul

WASHINGTON – Senior House Democrats drafting health care legislation are considering slapping an unspecified financial penalty on anyone who refuses to purchase affordable health insurance, a key committee chairman said Monday.

In addition, officials said Democrats are considering a new tax on certain health insurance benefits as one of numerous options to help pay for expanding coverage to the uninsured. No details on the tax were immediately available, and no final decisions were expected until next week at the earliest.
Alongside those efforts, financing Obama's plan to spread coverage more widely carries a price tag estimated at higher than $1 trillion over a decade.
Secretary of State Hillary (rotten) Clinton, who was a New York senator at the time as well as a presidential candidate, said a mandate was essential. At one point, she said she was open to garnisheeing the wages of anyone who refused to comply.

They come for our guns, they come for our religious freedoms, they come to kill the unborn, they come to dictate how we run our property, they come to make us accept unnatural acts, why not force and tax us for health insurance. Its all over America.. You wanted a democratic fascist regime you got it - OBAMA!!

ps: How ironic that on Monday the owner of an account I maintain approached me and said they are now offering health insurance for individuals and businesses. I will wait a day and send out info on the company offering it.

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