Sunday, September 22, 2013


No one could ever imagine that the crisis in Zamboanga reaches its 13th day since it all started in September 9. It is well noted that the delay to end the war is because of a calibrated military operation as opposed to an all-out offensive to save the remaining hostages which are held as captives and used as shield by the MNLF.
Clearing operation has continued and gunfire still heard coming from Barangay Sta. Catalina where MNLF Com. Habier Malik and his companions with their hostages believed are hiding seeking refuge. There is no timetable to end the crisis in Zamboanga but residents are rest-assured that the government continues to "push forward" to "constrain" the movement of the Misuari-linked forces there.

Meanwhile, while there is an exchange of gunfire (machineguns and mortars) between military and MNLF that started about 6 AM, again another fire incident takes place at Barangay Sta Catalina. (AT PRESENT)

I believe that the most haunting question each of us would like to raise has something to do with the continuing standoff in Zamboanga City. Why God allow these things to happen?
War, so costly. War, so awful. The dying, the maiming. Those who aren’t scarred physically are likely to be scarred emotionally.
Just remember that we have a loving God. Scripture overflows with this essential truth:“He loves whatever is just and good, and his unfailing love fills the earth.” (Psalm 33:5)“The Lord has appeared of old to me, saying: ‘Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love; Therefore with lovingkindness I have drawn you.’” (Jeremiah 31:3)
Why does God let war happen?
God has given us the freedom to choose whether we will do right or wrong. He has given everyone that freedom because we are not made robots. When people have freedom to choose, sometimes they make bad choices and that creates wars. The Bible tells us that wars and fighting happen because of the way people are inside. When people have greed and selfishness in their hearts, they start a fight in order to get what isn’t theirs. God doesn't like war, but he lets it happen because he has given us freedom to choose for ourselves – even if our choice is to go to war.
But, remember this catastrophes that we are suffering will never prosper.
Psalm 144:1-2
Blessed be the LORD, my rock, Who trains my hands for war, And my fingers for battle; My lovingkindness and my fortress, My stronghold and my deliverer; My shield and He in whom I take refuge; Who subdues my people under me.LET’S RAISE GOD’S BANNER OF SALVATION, OURS IS THE VICTORY

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Teacher continues to report: Day 11 & STATEMENT OF MAYOR BENG CLIMACO

The teacher continues to report:
Day 11 of Zamboanga standoff: will this be the end chapter of the crisis? I found myself again awakened at 3:15 am as i used to be since Zamboanga siege happened. It was noted that during the past couple of days, since the uprising started, exchange of gunfire between MNLF and the military launched every morning. Yet, in this 11th day of standoff, the whole night was found still and quiet and tranquility swathed the city. PRAISE GOD FOR THE RESTORATION OF PEACE!

For the latest news, it was known earlier that government troops have captured a battle-scarred MNLF stronghold in the City, believed to be the base from where MNLF commander Habier Malik was holed up. The military took control of KGK Building along R. Lustre Street, but the shot-up building was empty, with not even bodies of slain or wounded MNLF fighters found. Government forces have retaken as much as 80 percent of MNLF-controlled areas in the city, a PNP spokesman said, as the standoff there entered its 10th day. A rebel who tried to escape Wednesday morning was killed in a brief firefight, bringing the total number to 122 rebels killed. Twenty six have been captured and 25 have surrendered. On the government side, the fatalities remained at nine while 81 were wounded.

Until now classes in all levels are still closed, but it was announced that malls and other stores will open today, flights resume, banks operates and markets will have its normal activity.

Prayer Requests:
1. Health of about more than 100,000 evacuees who are now in the evacuation centers.
2. MNLF ground commander Habier Malik will be captured as soon as possible.
3. Shelter of those thousand of families whose houses were burned during the siege.
4. The restoration of some hostages that have not been released
5. Comfort for all the family victims of standoff.

JEREMIAH 30:17 "But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds,' declares the LORD...."

2 Chronicles 7:14 "if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

This is God's promise! Let's claim it for Zamboanga City! Amen....


September 18, 2013 at 7:56am

In the course of all the events that transpired yesterday, our strength as a people has been tested. On the 10th day of the crisis, there are a lot of questions that yearn for answers. I would like to be clarified and the people of Zamboanga City of how the unfolding of these events and the clamour for justice be reconciled in the midst of a peaceful resolution to this problem.
Ya sapa di aton susto anoche cuando ya sabe kita cay el di aton OIC City Police Director Col. Jose Chiquito M. Malayo y el su maga gente librao ya na peligro. Gracias a Dios kay na buen condicion ele pero ta continua pa siempre kita reza para el librado del otro pa maga hostages que ta esta pa cautivo.
I stand strong that as Mayor of this city, I want a long-term solution for this problem. I cannot allow the repeat of any of this nor the repeat of the 2001 Cabatangan experience. Our people have been wounded, our lives forever changed and our city’s dignity marred. I stand firm with the President Noy’s pronouncements that charges shall be filed and justice will be gained for those whose lives were wasted in this atrocity. Let the perpetrators go to jail and never be allowed to come back to our city. I appeal to the city officials and I appeal to national officials present here with us, you have seen the pains of our people and you have seen the damage this has caused and you are here thank you for helping us. It is with this hope that you defend the cause of Justice  for Zamboanguenos, because we are counting on you.
The clearing operations are still ongoing in the areas of concern. We continue to advise those who are living in Sta. Catalina, Sta. Barbara, Kasanyangan, Rio Hondo, Talon-Talon, Mampang and Arena Blanco and other areas of concern not to return to their homes yet or to seek safer grounds to allow the troops to carry out their tasks in these areas.
There are more establishments opening up today, the CAAP has announced the resumption of flights tomorrow and more economic activities are being done beyond the conflicted areas. Our city may not right away get back to normalcy, but we are trying to make steps to begin the work for people to get back to our toes.
Sec. Enrique Ona came to personally verify the Health needs of the City and will open more operating facilities in our City and make our emergency rooms functional in WMSU and the Sanitarium more responsive to patients. These goes to all other evacuation centers.
A team of Volunteers and mental health professionals provide debriefing to our hostages. Social Workers giving Therapy and teachers Counselling in Evacuation Centers. The DSWD under Sec. Soliman is helping us with the rehabilitation plans. Her instruction is to build back better, akel cosa antes sila tiene maga casa ay hace mas bueno pa. Today we began a program at the MCIC to help informal sector gain daily subsistence through the parishes and the brgy with the help of Tzu Chi and other NGOs.
In this connection, we shall continue to heighten security in the city and thus we shall request for everyone’s cooperation. We have to learn the lessons of this crisis. Today until Friday, the suspension of classes still stands for both public and private schools and the curfew hours from 8PM-5AM remains the same. For city hall employees, only offices providing frontline services are required to report. However, for those in the national and regional government offices outside the critical areas, we call upon your respective regional directors to set your discretionary judgment to resume operations in your respective offices. For the private establishments and companies, we allow your officers’ discretionary judgment in their call for the resumption of work. Again, we emphasize that these calls to open is only for those areas outside the critical areas and thus we give the heads of agencies and owners the discretion to operate.
Our vigilance continues and I ask the help of our barangay officials that we should heighten our security measures in our respective barangays to identify our residents and report those who are suspicious in our areas. We have received reports on civilians coordinating with authorities when confronted with suspicious looking individuals— that is the kind of cooperation we would like to get from our people.
Con todo maga officiales de Barangay ta pidi came de ustedes cooperacion recivi con el maga evacuante kay bajo na ley este  di aton responsibilidad. El Declaration de Policia del Constitution y bajo del Directiva implementa el policia del Ciudad y function del maga Barangay implementa leyes del Ciudad bajo na Acto Republica 7160.
I have visited evacuation centers and talked to some children. I asked them in Tausug, Maita Kamo Yari? Porque ustedes taqui? Why are you here?
And  they answered, “ Pasal aun diungog namo makusug timbak.” Kay tiene kame ya uwi pwerte rebentada. We heard a loud blast.
And the children continued saying, “Pasal aun mga tau mabaya sila kawaun in Zamboangan.” Kay tiene mga hente quiere saca con el Zamboanga.  Because there are people who want to get Zamboanga.
So I assured them, “ Para kato in Zamboangan, para kanyu ini, bukun kita idihil parugahing tau. Magtabang-tabang kitanio.” De aton el Zamboanga, para de ustedes este, numas quita permiti otro saka con el de aton ciudad. Man ayudahan kita. Zamboanga is ours. Zamboanga is for our children. We shall not allow other forces to reign in our city. Let’s help each other.
Let not devastation creep in our hearts. Zamboanguenos are bigger than this. We shall fight for JUSTICE. We shall rebuild this city. We shall come out stronger after all these. I remain inspired that our Nuestra Senora La Virgen del Pilar looks upon us and that the Almighty Father will help us rise above this crisis. We remain under one flag, one Zamboanga. Vaya con Dios!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Day 10

I decided to wait another day or two before commented on what is going on,  There is a lot to learn here.   On Monday there was a bombing in Davao they are not sure if it was related to the MNLF.

And here is another update from the same Christian teacher in Zambo that I shared his words with you yesterday.
Carey Masci
The Zamboanga standoff is now on day 10 with no definite indication when it will end. For the ill fated residents in the strife-stricken areas in the city, they are still caught in the middle of the continuing running battles between government forces and the Misuari-led faction of MNLF rebels. Yet, the clearing operation made by the military signifies that very soon this Zamboanga seige will end.

Just as more hostages regained their freedom, we were shocked by a breaking news at around past 10 am yesterday reporting that armed followers of Nur Misuari seized no less than the city’s police chief and his two police escorts in an encounter in Barangay Mampang here on Tuesday morning. Shortly after 6 p.m., however, Senior Supt. Jose Chiquito Malayo, the Zamboanga City police chief, was freed under still unexplained circumstances. Interviewed by the Inquirer, Malayo said he was not sure if he was a negotiator or a hostage. What he was certain of, he said, was that the(MNLF group led by Usong Uggong was trapped in a mangrove area in Mampang who claimed they never took part in the siege of Zamboangaand wanted to go home to Basilan. But what is important Malayo is now back bringing 23 MNLF whom he convinced to surrender.


As of today, classes are still off in all levels, government offices are still closed, air travel is yet paralyzed, malls in downtown are closed. Selected banks are opened, few outlets of Western Union and MLhuillier are accessible and some pharmacies started to operate.

Let us all specifically pray for these:
1. Zamboanga crisis will end
2. Remaining hostages from the hands of MNLF will be released
3. Clearing operation will be successful
4. Health condition of about one hundred thousand evacuees at designated evacuation center
5. The whole Zamboanga city today will be covered by God's amazing power!

What is happening to Zamboanga right now is a warning and admonition that Christ is coming soon! Let this be a moment of awakening!
The Gospel of Matthew contains Jesus’ prophecy to His disciples about the state of the world just prior to His Second Coming. “And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not troubled; for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom” (Matthew 24:6–7). While humanity has lived with warfare over the millennia, our time in history is unprecedented because of the massive annihilative potential of modern weapons and the massive global scale of potential conflict. L ET US ALL DRAW NEARER TO GOD, FIX OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM! SURRENDER OURSELVES INTO THE PRESENCE OF OUR ALMIGHTY!


Friends only one update today, a statement from Mayor Climaco.  Tomorrow will give further updates and my opinion on what was written by the Mayor.


September 14, 2013 at 3:13am (3:13pm September 13, 2013 Ohio time)
Querido compoblanos de Zamboanga, 
Today, Sept. 14 is the 6th day since the standoff began Monday dawn. The spate of events that unfolded and continue to unfold are very heartbreaking and upsetting. 
Todo manera posible para termina este conflicto na mas temprano tiempo ta hace el govierno local y nacional. Mismo si Presidente Aquino hunto con su maga miembro del cabinete, si Sec. Roxas, Sec. Gazmin y Sec. Soliman el taqui ahora na Zamboanga para personalmente mira el diferente maga concierno del Ciudad. 
6 days after the spate of incidents in our beloved Zamboanga City–innocent lives have been lost, properties have been damaged and our economy paralyzed. The image of Zamboanga, which we painstakingly tried to restore, was instantly vanished because of this senseless acts perpetrated by a group of misguided elements. 
These past days the affected barangays remain barricaded and the entire city is virtually isolated from the world—our airports and seaports are closed, classes as well as work in all offices, except for agencies rendering frontline services remain suspended; forced evacuation is imposed on residents in the areas of concern; and the number of evacuation centers and evacuees are continuously mounting. 
El di amon simpatia ta extende contodo maga hostages quien hasta este maga tiempo talli pa na mano del maga insurectos. Our heart goes out to the hapless hostages who are in distress fearing for their safety, just as we also sympathize with the families of those soldiers, policemen and innocent civilians who perished and who were wounded in the course of the conflict. 
Querido compoblanos, todo kita ta sufri y todo kita victima de este crisis. Like you, I am in anguish and I am exasperated. Disgusto, desconsolacion y rabiya el cosa kita ta sinti por el sufrimiento y destroso que ta costa este sais dias de conflicto. QUIERE YO QUE TERMINA YA ESTE CRISIS ESTE DIA O NA MAS TEMPRANO TIEMPO.
Right from the start, we have shown decisive leadership, we have not stopped listening to your concerns and we have not succumbed to complacency. The measures we have taken were all in respect to agreements, rules of engagement, and ultimately TO SAVE AND PROTECT LIVES. 
Our police and military authorities continue to safeguard our territories and our people through confidence-building measures with calibrated military actions. We continue to support all their efforts and we thank them and their families for their selflessness and dedication to their duties. 
Ta rindi kame gracias contodo que ta ayuda alivia este di aton condicion por medio de donacion de comida, relief goods, y esfuerzo y tiempo que ta ofrece sila voluntariamente para asisti na di aton relief operations. 
To the business community, banking institutions and all other sectors concerned, thank you for helping us in providing essential services despite the very tensed situation. 
In this time of crisis, I call on all our people to remain united and strong. Our faith as a people is unshakeable. This is not an issue of religion for we have co-existed peacefully and worked harmoniously. This is an issue of people with misguided principles using arms to propel their ideology. This conflict has shown how galvanized and united we are as a city. Together we can rise up from this climate of fear and doubt and come out better Zamboanguenos and a more peaceful Zamboanga that we all hope for. 
Con todo maga oficiales de barangay, ayuda ustedes defende con el di aton comunidad en coordinacion con el policia y military. Set up early warning systems para informa si tiene desconosidos personas armao—UNIDO TODO KITA BAJO NA UN BANDERA FILIPINAS, UN CIUDAD ZAMBOANGA! 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Day 9 &10 of Zamboanga Philippines war


Day 10
Not confirmed as of yet but a Filipina friend has relayed information that the Chief of Police with his men in Zamboanga City were captured by the MNLF.

More hostages have been released has been reported by the mayor.

This is from a teacher in Zamboanga City:

Day 9 of Zamboanga Stand-off is seen to be almost to finish. We praise God in all things that He miraculously has manifested to his children, and indeed still more amazing answers to our prayers will surely come today. I am so happy that after a couple of days of praying for the release of mostly my students from ZSCMST, my heart overflows with joy to see some of their names as listed on the TV screen among those 34 that was released last night. Just early this morning, my spirit leaps for joy when the teleradyo confirmed another 64 hostages who managed again to escape from their captors, and plus 5 and 9 which was aired at 7 am. Al of these victims are brought now to Camp Batalla.
Only few more victims have not been released. I urge all christians to continue uniting our hearts in prayer. I salute Lt. Col. Ramon Zagala for the calibrated response to the crisis which prioritize lives of the hostages rather than properties of damages.

PRAYER: Our most precious and loving Father, you're an awesome God who becomes our shield and comfort in times of calamities and war. We have seen your wondrous works in the Zamboanga crisis, and you have proven how majestic is your Name above all names! That if we, your creatures will humble ourselves and pray, you will not fail us! Today, we claim your tremendous power as we let your presence to be in our vicinity, your holy angels armed with fiery missiles to end up the atrocities of the MNLF today, today! yes today! In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, AMEN!
(3 photos)

philippines update sept 15

Will try to add some comments tomorrow especially about what the mayor has to say. 
Carey Masci
 Until then here's another update:
Conflicting reports, a councilman of Zamboanga has reported that Malik the leader of the MNLF uprising, the man who was being interviewed and made the statement they want their flag over the city hall, has been killed.  Another report said someone looking like him was killed. 
*6 barangays are in the war zone.
Some stores are reopening.
Most are still in lockdown with no food. 
Some hostages escaped others were freed by the army.
Air strikes are ongoing. 

AFP (Arm Forces of the Phil): Killed in action - 3, wounded in action - 46
PNP (Phil National Police) - Killed in action - 3, wounded in action - 10
Civilian - Killed in action - 4, wounded in action - 22
No. of hostages released or processed: 34
No. of arrested MNLF: 56
No. of MNLF killed: 26
Mayor Beng Climaco: THIS IS NOT A PROBLEM OF RELIGION BECAUSE WE DEARLY LOVE OUR MUSLIMS, CHRISTIANS AND THE LUMADS IN THE CITY. Our heart bleeds for the Army integree who was killed in the encounter; my heart bleeds for the mother who mourns the loss of her new-born baby who died of tetanus for lack of the necessary medical attention; my heart bleeds for the men who have given their lives and those who continue to risk their lives just to protect our people and our territory; my heart bleeds for the countless displaced people like the Sama Dilauts, Yakan whom I frequently visit who gave me a hand woven mat, which, just like the vinta, is a symbol of unity in Zamboanga.

Mayor Beng Climaco: Let me reiterate to all of our people. This crisis is not an issue of religion. This had been made clear since the first day when this crisis begun. Let us not speculate and push further this divide as this will not help in solving the current situation of this city. This is an issue of those misguided people whose ideologies had been founded with the use of arms, ultimately to inflict terror to our people.
*A barangay is the smallest administrative division in the Philippines and is the native Filipino term for a village, district or ward. In colloquial usage, the term often refers to an inner city neighbourhood, a suburb or a suburban neighborhood.  Municipalities and cities are composed of barangays.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

More on the Philippines Sept 14th

more on the Philippines.

36,000 are now being evacuated. Wide spread damage. The Philippine army is doing what they can but the Muslims have enough human shields that keep the army from doing an all out attack.

The Moro National Liberation Front is behind this. In 2010 when I was in the Philippines I stayed at the resort of Dakkak while they had a gathering there. In 2012 at Astoria a party center, the day before we had it there was a Muslim wedding being peformed and the Philippine army had the place surrounded because they weren't sure if they were up to no good, the day after during our event it was quiet and peaceful.

Gun control, this is a perfect example of why guns should never be illegal to own or carry. In the Philippines it is unlawful to own a gun. Many live in fear because of kidnappers and that fear has recently become even more of a reality. The people there are told to stay indoors because of the Muslim uprisings.. The Muslim radicals are well armed but ordinary citizens aren't. How can they protect or defend themselves?

Those trapped or who are left in the city sleep dressed in case they have to flee. They also have one person stay awake to keep a vigil in case there is an attack. The question arises often in me, how will they defend themselves when they have NO guns but the enemy has?

Muslims advance slowly but steady. I sent an article out back in 2012 calling shame on the Philippines for brokering a deal with the Muslims giving them some land and calling it peace. The Muslims know NO peace. When world leaders make an agreement they celebrate peace and relax thinking the problem is solved. But when Muslims accept a cease in conflict its a time to reassess, rearm and immediately make plans for future advances. When will the world say enough to this Muslim scourge that keeps making them look like fools?

Most of the Filipino people have very little to begin with and now what little they have is being taken away by evil YES evil Muslims. I have made friends with many while over there, Ruth obviously has friends and family. They are some of the nicest people you will ever meet and have great respect for the US. I am deeply disturbed knowing that they are not eating tonight, sleeping in fear and what little they have is either up in flames or they have no access to it. I can't even send them money to help out while they can't work because the banks are closed, stores are closed, no food - nothing, Red Cross is now trying to get food and supplies in. Wake up America. This may be coming to a town near you.

More tomorrow.
Carey Masci

prayer request for the Philippines


Please pray for the country of the Philippines. Ruth has family there. The Muslims are causing HELL in Zamboanga City. People are in lock down, places are on fire, hostages, it is war. When this will get coverage is a good question. Before we go to Syria this is where we should go as this country is a Christian nation and our ally. (Preview)
We will not give up...because GOD hadn't give up yet on us..— at Zamboanga City.

Who ever thinks Islam or Muslims are peaceful is gravely naive.
Carey Masci

I will continue to write about this - stay tuned

a look back on October 2012: Shame on the Philippines

Well friends it didn't take long for Muslims in the Philippines to break their word or peace.

When will we learn you don't compromise with evil. And when will Americans accept that Muslims and Islam will wage a war inside America its just a question when.

Read what I sent out on Oct.22, 2012.

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Carey Masci <>

Sent: Monday, October 22, 2012 4:51 AM
Subject: Shame on the Philippines

Shame on the Philippines and President Aquino III for bowing to the pressure of the Muslims. Muslims know no peace until they completely conquer what they are after and what they are after is global dominance.

Having a Filipina fiancee I know first hand what the Muslims do. My fiancees good friend had to flee Jolo, Sulu which is in the southern part of the Philippines because of the constant gun fire and threat on her and her family's life.

Ruth also told me Basilan also has problems and it is common knowledge that these terrorists are getting help from other Muslim countries.

Wake up America this could be coming to a town near you.


Syria what about the Philippines

So many thoughts about Syria.

1. When W. Bush was talking about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction he was delayed going in. The Dems blocked it. During this delay it was quietly reported the weapons were leaving Iraq and going to Syria. Can we see bigger weapons being used or are the chemicals being used now part of what left Iraq?
2 Afghanistan is not settled, neither is Iraq, Egypt is ablaze, and Syria is falling apart. Is this part of the plan to destabilize that whole region to get things in line for a one world system?

3 My personal feeling is don't get involved, this is a civil war that we don't really know who is to blame or who is the good guy.

4. Our involvement would completely violate the constitution.

5. Confusing conflict with no clear plan. Repubs as well Dems want us to go in and also members from both parties don't. This will only divide America further.

In summary I believe it would be folly to get involved.

Concerning Egypt. The US is giving them billions a year in aid for no reason. I would offer them this, you want our aid you give us the Coptic Christians. After the transfer takes place cut aid. If this fails authorize troops to go to Egypt and rescue the Coptic Christians and bring them here. We need God fearing people regardless of race. 32,000 empty houses in Cuyahoga by last count I have. Even the Detroit area needs a population boost. In Carey's world this makes sense.

Now are you aware of the Philippines? One crisis is the on going friction between China and the Philippines about fishing grounds. China is encroaching on Philippines territory. The Philippines are America's strongest Pacific rim allie. Do we left China bully or crush the Philippines?

Wait thats only one crisis. Are you aware of what is taking place NOW in the Philippines? A Muslim uprising is occuring in the southern section of the Philippines in Zamboanga City. The Muslim kidnappers have enough human shields as they call the kidnapped victims to resist the Philippine army. Word has it, not 100% confirmed but more than likely true that help and funds for the Muslims are coming from the middle east and possibly Russia. America now has planes flying in that region.

Watch this clip and shudder. Are we on the brink of another world war? (Preview)

Carey Masci


Saturday, September 14, 2013

carey's politcal humor for Sept. 2013

Everyone keeps asking with all that's going on Carey did you write your congressman? Let me set the record straight - YES I did. I sent them all a pink slip unfortunately they still showed up.
Did anyone hear Obama's speech on Syria? Its getting serious. I'm sure everyone remembers Bush's Shock & Awe. Well Obama has unveiled his plan, the Shuck & Jive.
Teary eyed Boehner then gave his speech on Syria. He was crying so bad they called 911. They weren't sure if Boehner was just getting sentimental or if the Syrian gas hit Congress.
Russian President Putin called Secretary of State John Kerry a liar. In turn Kerry called President Putin Genghis Khan.
I am worried though. If Obama's healthcare is bombing I am sure the same will happen with his plan for Syria.

Now I present to you... Great Quotes from Great Republicans

I am not a crook!   President Nixon

New - World - Order. President Bush Sr.

Islam is a religion of peace. President Bush Jr.

"I'll be better than Ted Kennedy" on gay rights. Governor Romney

You’re gonna eat that? Governor Chris Christie

All this talk about gay rights and same sex marriage. Obama has repeatedly said he has their back. I'm sure he has.

Change of thinking
I thought a lot about the illegal aliens in this country and the change from calling them illegals to undocumented immigrants. I agree. I also like to see a name change for thief’s or anyone that steals to unregistered owner.

Odd Fact
I bet you didn't know that the tiny town of Talkeetna, Alaska has a cat as an honorary mayor. A cat as a mayor. And if Hillary wins in 2016 we could have a dog as our president.

Carey Masci