Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Day 9 &10 of Zamboanga Philippines war


Day 10
Not confirmed as of yet but a Filipina friend has relayed information that the Chief of Police with his men in Zamboanga City were captured by the MNLF.

More hostages have been released has been reported by the mayor.

This is from a teacher in Zamboanga City:

Day 9 of Zamboanga Stand-off is seen to be almost to finish. We praise God in all things that He miraculously has manifested to his children, and indeed still more amazing answers to our prayers will surely come today. I am so happy that after a couple of days of praying for the release of mostly my students from ZSCMST, my heart overflows with joy to see some of their names as listed on the TV screen among those 34 that was released last night. Just early this morning, my spirit leaps for joy when the teleradyo confirmed another 64 hostages who managed again to escape from their captors, and plus 5 and 9 which was aired at 7 am. Al of these victims are brought now to Camp Batalla.
Only few more victims have not been released. I urge all christians to continue uniting our hearts in prayer. I salute Lt. Col. Ramon Zagala for the calibrated response to the crisis which prioritize lives of the hostages rather than properties of damages.

PRAYER: Our most precious and loving Father, you're an awesome God who becomes our shield and comfort in times of calamities and war. We have seen your wondrous works in the Zamboanga crisis, and you have proven how majestic is your Name above all names! That if we, your creatures will humble ourselves and pray, you will not fail us! Today, we claim your tremendous power as we let your presence to be in our vicinity, your holy angels armed with fiery missiles to end up the atrocities of the MNLF today, today! yes today! In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, AMEN!
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