Sunday, September 15, 2013

More on the Philippines Sept 14th

more on the Philippines.

36,000 are now being evacuated. Wide spread damage. The Philippine army is doing what they can but the Muslims have enough human shields that keep the army from doing an all out attack.

The Moro National Liberation Front is behind this. In 2010 when I was in the Philippines I stayed at the resort of Dakkak while they had a gathering there. In 2012 at Astoria a party center, the day before we had it there was a Muslim wedding being peformed and the Philippine army had the place surrounded because they weren't sure if they were up to no good, the day after during our event it was quiet and peaceful.

Gun control, this is a perfect example of why guns should never be illegal to own or carry. In the Philippines it is unlawful to own a gun. Many live in fear because of kidnappers and that fear has recently become even more of a reality. The people there are told to stay indoors because of the Muslim uprisings.. The Muslim radicals are well armed but ordinary citizens aren't. How can they protect or defend themselves?

Those trapped or who are left in the city sleep dressed in case they have to flee. They also have one person stay awake to keep a vigil in case there is an attack. The question arises often in me, how will they defend themselves when they have NO guns but the enemy has?

Muslims advance slowly but steady. I sent an article out back in 2012 calling shame on the Philippines for brokering a deal with the Muslims giving them some land and calling it peace. The Muslims know NO peace. When world leaders make an agreement they celebrate peace and relax thinking the problem is solved. But when Muslims accept a cease in conflict its a time to reassess, rearm and immediately make plans for future advances. When will the world say enough to this Muslim scourge that keeps making them look like fools?

Most of the Filipino people have very little to begin with and now what little they have is being taken away by evil YES evil Muslims. I have made friends with many while over there, Ruth obviously has friends and family. They are some of the nicest people you will ever meet and have great respect for the US. I am deeply disturbed knowing that they are not eating tonight, sleeping in fear and what little they have is either up in flames or they have no access to it. I can't even send them money to help out while they can't work because the banks are closed, stores are closed, no food - nothing, Red Cross is now trying to get food and supplies in. Wake up America. This may be coming to a town near you.

More tomorrow.
Carey Masci

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