Did anyone hear Obama's speech on Syria? Its getting serious. I'm sure everyone remembers Bush's Shock & Awe. Well Obama has unveiled his plan, the Shuck & Jive.
Teary eyed Boehner then gave his speech on Syria. He was crying so bad they called 911. They weren't sure if Boehner was just getting sentimental or if the Syrian gas hit Congress.
Russian President Putin called Secretary of State John Kerry a liar. In turn Kerry called President Putin Genghis Khan.
I am worried though. If Obama's healthcare is bombing I am sure the same will happen with his plan for Syria.

Now I present to you... Great Quotes from Great Republicans

I am not a crook!   President Nixon

New - World - Order. President Bush Sr.

Islam is a religion of peace. President Bush Jr.

"I'll be better than Ted Kennedy" on gay rights. Governor Romney

You’re gonna eat that? Governor Chris Christie

All this talk about gay rights and same sex marriage. Obama has repeatedly said he has their back. I'm sure he has.

Change of thinking
I thought a lot about the illegal aliens in this country and the change from calling them illegals to undocumented immigrants. I agree. I also like to see a name change for thief’s or anyone that steals to unregistered owner.

Odd Fact
I bet you didn't know that the tiny town of Talkeetna, Alaska has a cat as an honorary mayor. A cat as a mayor. And if Hillary wins in 2016 we could have a dog as our president.

Carey Masci