Saturday, August 24, 2013

Signs of the times

Signs of the times
The way prices keep being raised I no longer wish for the 80's or 90's I just wish for yesterdays price.
Last time at a drive in for me before this summer was in 2006, back then it was $10 per carload and you could bring food. Now it is $20 and you have to pay a premium of $5 if you bring your own food. Maybe we should start using the drive in admission as an inflation indicator.
Lady butcher at Walmart was complaining she cant afford to help people any longer. 

It was late night, that's my excuse, so I stopped at Walmart to buy some burgers for the grill for my after hours supper. I commented to the butcher that the price of ground meat  is starting to make it a gourmet food and this is at Walmart!
She responded with this story... I grew up in Johnson, Tennessee. My father was a coal miner. I remember many days being hungry. I said to myself if I ever make it I will never go hungry and neither will anyone else I see. I moved up north and did OK. My brother stayed in Tennessee and became a preacher. He came up to visit a few years back
and told me of a family in his church that was having a hard time. I told him before he leaves I will empty out my cupboards and give it to him to hand out to that family. And I did just that. I emptied my shelves of all my canned food and what ever else that wouldn't spoil. I could afford to buy more and restock. Now I am having a hard time
keeping up financially and I feel bad because I just can't help people anymore.

She said this with all sincerity. 

PNC Bank Closing
One of the reasons I am beyond disgusted with the two main political parties is because of the constant bashing of each other without telling the full story or the truth.
Taken from the East Liverpool Review.
Downtown PNC Closes today, employees lose jobs. … 200 branches across 19 states will   close. …the closures are part of a $700 million cost cutting measure and noted the bank is attempting to cater more to their customers who are banking online.

What a shame.  East Liverpool as it is now looks empty and decaying, with this magnificent structure closing it will only worsen a bad situation.  Sure both parties have taken their part in destroying this nation but lets keep the facts straight.  Some of the economic uncertainty today is caused by our friend the computer.  And we can't live without it, or can we?

Lady at the Lake County Fair is saddened with the Fine Arts
I went to the Lake County Fair and I am one to look at everything, every display, every animal, every booth. I went to the Fine Arts building to look at the displays/entries.  The entries can be anything from a sewn item, photograph, carving, what ever a person creates  to a collection.  I was dumbfounded by what I saw or lack of what I saw.  The shelves were not filled and I saw things like simple Lego structures, stuffed animals, items you buy at the store om display.  I asked the lady attendee what happened and did these actually win awards?
 The lady was in her early 80's and said with disgust this is my last year, I have had enough.  The younger generation is not submitting or carrying on the tradition of crafts or hand made items from years ago.  We had to fill space so anything someone brought it we placed it on a shelf and they got a participation ribbon..  I am also disgusted with the young judges who don't understand what art is.  She showed me a beautiful quilt that took a woman 3 years to make and it didn't receive any award.  It is an end of an era.

Lake County at one time was the Rose capital of the world and right up there in nursery’s.  Times have changed, Lake County is being developed in the eastern end and corporations are taking over the farmland and building on it.
 The Fair was a disappointment and I can see a time when the fair will be called End of Summer Festival.  And
soon the family farm could be gone with just the corporate farms existing.

Signs of the times.
Carey Masci

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