Thursday, June 20, 2013

Don't blame Portman

Haven’t received a commentary from me in sometime.  Well here’s one.

Before you know it the next batch of elections will be here and everyone will be scrambling and yelping the sky is falling.  I hope before then the voters will get things right because they are as much or more so to blame then our politicians.  We put them in.

Take for instance Senator Portman.  You really can’t blame him for coming out in favor of same sex marriage.  The timing was right.  If a large percentage of so called Christian Conservative Right Wing Republicans voted for Mitt Romney who was known for his liberal leaning ways of accepting and furthering the homosexual agenda why wouldn’t a senator come out and say I am also in favor?  Romney blazed a trail, voters accepted it, Portman followed the path.  So can you really blame Portman?

I understand some getting confused and others being fooled after all the Christian voters guide had Mitts face on it for the presidential choice. But still this is not acceptable for the large number who voted for Mitt. People didn’t either do their homework or were so concerned of beating Obama at any cost they left their principles and beliefs out of the voting booth. 

What ever the reason people on the right are now starting to get overly concerned about the rapid progression the homosexual agenda is making.  They have their targets set on overturning the laws in Ohio protecting marriage and recently the Boy Scouts because of pressure have decided to allow homosexual boys in.

 Can you really blame the Boy Scouts for folding and giving up the fight?  Absolutely not.  I am sure they saw writing on the wall.  Again I have to repeat - If the majority of Republican voters voted for Mitt who was in favor of allowing people to participate in the Boy Scouts regardless of their sexual orientation where would the Scouts backing come from?  Definitely not from Republicans because their main goal is defeating Democrats not standing for what’s right. 

In conclusion don’t blame Portman, don’t blame the Boy Scouts, blame the voters.
                                       Carey Masci

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