Saturday, December 13, 2008

Your Response to Dov's Concern

Hey Gang,
Last week I sent out an email titled Dov's Concern. I received some feedback and as always forwarding it on.
Also, I pondered Dov's letter and the thoughts I added to it and need to correct something because I feel that I missed Dov's point. But first read your replies which vary but all make sense.

I will never understand why people think we live in a warm & fuzzy world. It is a constant battle of good against evil.
There are a lot of bad people out there, for many different reasons, none of which makes much sense, but that is the way it is & always will be until judgment day.
Bad people have been here since we were put on earth to prove our love to God.
I for one will not go down without a fight, like Michael the Arc Angle, with a weapon in hand, only mine will be a firearm. I have another one on order right now, & have also sign up as a Patron Member with the NRA. With all the jerks in Washington D.C., the 2nd Amendment is in harms way once again.
If it does fall, the 1st will be next & I'll be in jail for writing this.
NH has the right saying, "Live Free or Die".

Carey & Dov,

There has never been a shortage of evil on this earth.
But that's why the good are here, and I truly believe that good will win
over evil every time.
There are more good than bad in this world, to keep in check the cruel, evil and abusive..... and always will be.
At least that's what I believe, and take comfort in.

carey, i understand dov's concerns also .... we are living in a time now where anything can happen ... i had a dream last night that all christians were being hunted down and killed and myself and others were hiding out ... it was sooooooo real that i felt like it had really happened ... my dreams usually mean something as u very well know, its like i see a forerunner of up-coming events ...


Now this is the paragraph from Dov's letter that made me ponder and think:

I decided to make an effort every day to pray for the victims familys and the world. I do not reconize the world we live in today, something is definately happening in the background, hopefully these are the events before the coming of the Messiah because I dont know how much more of this I can take.

So, the point I missed in Dov's letter when I added my further thoughts of doom & gloom, though justified, is he is doing something about what is going on. Dov has decided to pray for those in trying circumstances. Instead of just complaining and doing nothing like so many of us do he took it upon himself to act. After I reread his words I was ashamed that I did not highlight that paragraph.
There are others on my list who are actively involved but I want to focus on just one more in particular. Her name is Dawn Slike. She has taken upon herself and made it almost a personal battle, the fight to protect the unborn. She is adamant about her beliefs and cause. You can read her story on this link:

In conclusion, some may not understand my rants and political emails trying to inform friends and acquaintances, in fact it alienates a lot of people but as with Dov and Dawn who have their way of being active and not sitting idly by, that is my way. So I ask you... what are you doing to change things? And that was Dov's point.


Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Inside baseball on the current auto bailout & from my archives of 2006

Hey Gang,
This is fun! I have saved almost all my writings and have been revisiting them lately to explain what is happening now. I want you to read what Tim G. and I wrote back in 2006 about the auto industry. This is no surprise. We have had years to figure out a solution to fix this storm that we are facing. NOTHING was done and now they scream bail us out! Consumer, union, government and management are all to blame. You can't leave any one of them out of this predicament.
But, before you read that letter from 2006 let me give you some inside baseball of what is currently happening with this bailout. I would like to divulge my source but I did not get an OK so will not include a name.
This person feels that the company that stands the best chance of surviving is Chrysler.
Daimler/Chrysler was sold to a holding company for only 7 billion dollars. If Chrysler Holding can not weather this storm a couple of things can happen. One is they go bankrupt and sell off all their assets, land etc... and walk away with a huge profit. If I remember the figure correctly I think it was $30 billion. Keep in mind this is a holding company that buys and sells and has nothing to do with automotive, so its very possible thats why they bought Chrysler in the first place in 2007. The other scenario is go bankrupt, start over but as a non-union auto maker.
BUT and here is the but, this person feels that all this haggling and making the auto makers sweat is all for show. The Democratic elected officials are indebted to the Union for the millions of dollars raised to get them in office. In other words its pay back time and congress won't let the unions fail or they also lose their backing.
Follow all of that? Even though all auto makers are facing a major slow down, the foreign car makers are not facing bankruptcy. So maybe the unions are the biggest cause of all of this.
Stay tuned.
Tim G.'s story
Thursday, March 23, 2006 5:07 AM
Hey Gang,
I was asked by Tim G. who lives in Michigan and works at Ford to pass this along. He is not only concerned about his job but also the state of the American Auto Industry which may fade into oblivion if America doesn't wake up NOW!
Please take the time to read about Tim's concern and PLEASE feel free to pass this on to everyone you know!


American Auto's

Some of the problems that gets me going on a bender:
Too many people are buying imports. Read the media. EVERY DAY the American auto companies (particularly Ford) are constantly being beat up.
Then listen to NPR. Read Consumer Reports or (Foreign) Car and Driver.
The HONDA RIDGELINE is the truck of the year.
That's a UNI-BODY truck, AND can only tow 4500 lbs. I can tow more than twice that with my 10 year old truck.
Look at quality.
Did you know that Toyota recalled two MILLION vehicles last year? NOBODY talks about that. HOWEVER, you'll see that the Ford Crown Victoria is UNSAFE when hit from behind WHILE SITTING STILL, and the car hitting the Crown Vic is doing 60-70 MPH. Show me any car that will stand up to that.
The real facts for the Crown Victoria are amazing!
In reality it is one of the SAFEST vehicles in the country, it EXCEEDS the maximum government crash standard for rear end collision. This Ford makes an excellent family car! It has body-on-frame construction, a V8 that gives great performance AND will still give the driver 20-25 mpg!! Do you ever hear THAT?
As for the frivolous lawsuits by certain police municipalities that sued citing their vehicles were unsafe, Ford REFUSED more fleet sales to them when they requested. Ford said basically "if you are going to sue us for something that we didn't do, than we will not sell you any more vehicles". Good for Ford.

Everybody talks about the Japanese cars being MADE in AMERICA.
No, they are ASSEMBLED in AMERICA of JAPANESE parts, designed in JAPAN and all of the profits of the Japanese cars go to JAPAN. NOT AMERICA.
HONDA is buying soybean farmland around their auto plants in Ohio. Then they LEASE it back to the farmers. The soybeans harvested are finally shipped back to Japan in crates that held all of the Japanese parts that go into making those AMERICAN MADE HONDA'S.
As for the soybeans, here's where that information came from:
Please look at it, there is other information on there that will make you shudder!
Another clever trick of the Japanese is that they handle major issues with their vehicles rather silently. That is, when a customer comes in for an oil change, the dealer fixes the recall/safety/whatever problem as a FAVOR to the customer. Therefore, the customer thinks that Toyota is doing them a favor, when in fact they're covering up a screw up. Did you understand that? Read it again what I just wrote.
Don't people see what's happening here?
PLEASE post ALL of what I tell you on your HEY GANG messages. Those seem to get around, and we need to get the word out that the Americans still make great vehicles.

Your Pal,
Tim G.
I do need to add that the domestic car manufacturers problems are not all due to foreign competition but also to an all to powerful union.
The Unions have such a tight grip on the automakers its difficult for them to stay competitive. They are squeezing the auto companies SO HARD (can you say "don't do my work during the workweek so I can get the overtime") that profits and the costs of benefits are skyrocketing. Therefore the auto companies make all of the cuts to the salaried workers. Union workers are screaming that their co-pays went from 5 to 10 dollars. However, salaried benefit costs have gone up about 80 percent in the last six years.
Wake up America!!

YES Tim I have seen what has happened. I have been screaming about this for years. Not only is this bad for employment but our national security as well which people don't think about.
There is many reasons for the decline of the American Auto Industry. A stubborn and all to powerful Union that would not make concessions and protected workers who should of been canned, labor laws and quotas, EPA and government regulations, mismanagement but the biggest reason in my book is advertisement - people bought the lie that foreign cars are so great.
And I will never understand how Daimler Benz was allowed to buy Chrysler after the US government bailed them out from ruin in the late 70's.
Before we completely lose ALL domestic auto's and another piece of our national identity America better wake up and support Ford and GM. IF we lose them, the slide from being a world leader is going to happen and I am afraid quite quickly. Trust me!!
It so sad what has happened to the once mighty Eagle!

Your Friend,
Carey K. Masci

Have a rebuttal to what Tim or I wrote or would like to add something, please email me with it.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Dov's concerns for the times we are living in

From my good friend Dov.

I have been glued to the internet these last days watching for updates on the terrorist attacks that killed 100's of people over a three day period. I can't believe this world we live in when people just start going around killing random people in the name of some fanatic ideology that has no place in this world. I am not against Muslims but I am against fundamentalist ones that have no regard for human life. I can't comprehend how people could just go in to hotels and train stations and a Jewish synagogue and just go around firing on innocent people it is horrible. A rabbi and his wife just trying teach people about Judaism and don't want to harm anybody, they just want to help people, but they get gunned down not because anything else but because they are Jews and their poor son has to watch the whole horrific incident. Luckily a maid that was hiding grabbed the son and took him out of the building. I also cant comprehend being in a train station
and terrorists just
start gunning down people.

I decided to make an effort every day to pray for the victims familys and the world. I do not reconize the world we live in today, something is definately happening in the background hopefully these are the events before the coming of the Messiah because I dont know how much more of this I can take.
I attached some pics

Dov I completely understand your frustration. I also look around and ask myself how have things become so unraveled? Whether its history, reproduction, or just plain old common sense, the things I was taught in school are almost not valid with todays thinking, and I am not going back that far in time. This evil backlash against good people is mind boggling. Christianity and Judaism from what I know are religions of love and acceptance and yet we bare the blunt and they want to do away with us and not the fanatics, the unnaturals, and corrupt. Just know Dov you are not alone in your feelings.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Kate's concern - Catholic Hospitals may be in trouble

I was talking to my sister about Obama's birth certificate and whether he is truly an American born citizen. Cynthia who is a nurse also discussed this with a friend and fellow worker. She forwarded to me an email from this friend to her about the birth certificate and FOCA. Never hearing of FOCA before I did some research on it. FOCA stands for Freedom of Choice Act, pro abortion legislation. It seems the liberal - Socialist -Democratic party can't come right out and outlaw your religion but what they can do is nibble on the edges by passing laws that make it hard to hold on to your beliefs or morals and limiting religion. We are on a dangerous precedent here. Limit religion or outlaw beliefs you are not staring at socialism but something far worse, communism. Below is a few links you need to read.



Aren't birth records a matter of public record??? If one could not obtain it from the city/state from which he claims to have born then has anyone asked the Mormans?-they do geaneology searches and they seem to come up with all that stuff. You will apprecitate this- Obama's FOCA came up with a friend and she told me it was a hoax. Laughable. I told her that for every "Catholic" who voted for Obama they may have voted us right out of our jobs. You see FOCA will not exempt Catholic Hospitals from doing abortions or having to pay for them-. There is separation of Church and State in everything else but we will be mandated.
Catholic Hospitals may be forced to close rather than be forced to participate in such atrocities unless they amend FOCA to exempt us.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Tidbits 2

Sour on Bush
I campaigned my tail off to get President W. Bush reelected. I still think he was a wiser choice than Kerry or Gore BUT he has done things that just make me cringe and question his patriotism. President Bush is petitioning hard to get Panama and Columbia on board the free trade train. In fact he said that he wouldn't even consider a bailout for the American auto makers if congress won't approve the free trade agreements. We are in a midst of an economic meltdown because of these unfair trade deals and he wants to give us more!

Free Trade Bad for All
Exploitation of third world countries. If the farm lands are opened up to free trade the corporate farms over here will flee. I have read that some of the canneries pay $7.00 per hour in America and over in Peru they will only have to pay $7 per day. We lose more jobs, we exploit them for cheap labor, the corporations get richer and our food supply is not watched for safety as it is over here.

More Reasons to Shut Down Free Trade
We always hear the lies why free trade is good for third world countries. But in reality its a lose lose situations for all involved. Some Peruvian farmers are worried that if the free trade deal is signed corporate farms will shut them down. If that happens many will turn to the illegal drug trade. And can you blame them if they are faced with either feeding their family or starving.

Who is against free trade?
One person is Senator Duncan Hunter. But of course he got zero support when he ran for president. It just amazes me people complained about our choices for president but when I mention Duncan Hunter they say who? Maybe a test should be given before a person votes of their knowledge of the issues and the candidates. Face it, the media wins elections - the candidates don't.

Media Wins
You may not understand that last sentence of the media wins elections - the candidates don't. Here is an example. During the last week of the election one of the local news channels had a segment on Obama and McCain. For the Obama part they showed a Democratic head quarters in central Ohio. It was buzzing with activity and excitement. They interviewed a couple of younger volunteers who were energized and just talking up a storm of how important it is to get Obama elected. Then the news channel switched reporters for the McCain update and they showed a lonely farm house. Nothing around. Inside was an older gentleman sitting in a chair. His name was Tom Moe who served in Vietnam with McCain. He spoke slower and of McCain's past war experience. Let me analyze that for you. The average person saw Obama's camp as new, youthful, energized, change. What people seen in the McCain story was grandpa, quiet, past events. Most people don't have a
guard on their brain. They immediately equate the stories as equal. WRONG! If the media was fair they would of interviewed Tom Moe for McCain and another elderly person for Obama. Or if they wanted to show Obama's Democratic headquarters why didn't they compare it to a place like Lake GOP's headquarters to show the hectic pace those volunteers were working at. That's fair and unbiased reporting.

Irony of the election
Yeah I know most of this has been written or I have said it in other articles or its been reported on national news but its still worth repeating. Again this highlights how the media wins elections. Hey if advertising doesn't work why do companies spend BILLIONS on it? All of us can hum or sing at least one commercial and its the same with these multimillion dollar campaigns. During the GOP primaries in Florida Christian Conservatives voted Romney. Anti-Bush and establishment went for McCain. I don't have to explain further the absurdity of those first two examples but the point is the free media or the paid media worked, it convinced voters to vote opposite the truth. And in the presidential election people who wanted change voted Obama and yet he picks old Democratic insiders for his VP and posts. People voted for and passed laws against same sex marriage and yet voted for Obama who is for it. This drives me crazy. People need to wake up,
forget the sound bites, the 60 second ads, and do their own research. I hope my repeating this again will start sinking in.


Monday, November 24, 2008


I accumulated these over the past few months. Short bits of information you need to know, at least I think you should know.

Where's the shortage?
What did I tell you? So where is this shortage of oil? Has suddenly the world found a glut? C'mon - if there was a real shortage why are we paying lower now? Shortages don't go away. And if our beloved Democratic congress was smart and had our best interest in mind they would IMMEDIATELY remove any and all regulations and restrictions and DRILL! This would break the backs of speculators and OPEC and tell them we don't need your oil. As for the American people... we have seen this before so don't get to complacent and start wasting fuel. Think smart, drive smart and conserve because tomorrow the gas could go back up to 4 bucks, listen to me please.

poop on sign
Everyone knows I was not a big McCain fan BUT look at the alternative. So to combat the Obama's signs everywhere in Euclid I put a McCain/Palin up. It was immediately stolen. I found it down the street in shreds. I patched it and put up it back up in the bushes in my front yard. I also went and got a new sign. But I was so mad and disappointed when the new sign wasn't taken. Why? Because I went to my neighbors yard and rubbed it in dog poop. I thought that will show those socialist wackos what America will smell like when Obama is done. After the election I did have my moment of happiness and revenge as the sign was taken. Wish I could of seen their faces. What stinks - its not me - it is you - hey its my hands.....

The American People have been duped
Once again the well informed voters of America have been duped. How so this time? By Obama and his campaign of change. What change? The people he wants to select for his cabinet and his backers are all old Democratic retreads. Hillary, Biden, Franks.... Is that change?? Same old - same old. Honestly, what change do you think will happen with that bunch of drunks, queers and criminals?

Is the GOP the Grand New Party
Is the GOP dead? As I mentioned above the party that brought us Jesse Jackson - the Kennedy's - the Clinton's is still alive and well - unfortunately. But has the guard changed at the GOP? Stevens from Alaska is done, lets hope we have seen the last of the Bushes, Cheney and McCain (even though McCain did make some amends by giving us Palin). There is still Arlene Specter, Benedict Arnold in Cali. and a few others floating around. BUT if America can weather this moral and financial tsunami about to hit I like the prospect of America's future with Huckabee, Palin, and the thinking of the Ron Paul movement. Its not so bleak. The Republican Party I hope has learned its lesson. We need to wrestle this party back to its roots.

Another Fable of the Democratic Party
The Democratic Party, we are always told, is for the working man. Is it really? What creates jobs? Stopping illegal immigration, lowering taxes, lowering minimum wage, and weakened unions. Instead everything that I just wrote the Dems are for the opposite. How can they turn this economy around with that kind of thinking? In fact if those things were done that I mention, NAFTA and some of the other trade deals would have little affect as jobs would stay home. (DO NOT READ INTO THIS THAT I AM FOR THE TRADE DEALS) In fact we may not even need bailouts.

Another fine Democratic Plan
Through the years I kept repeating over and over and over we need to lower minimum wage to create jobs. But the voting public were duped, yes again, in the 2006 election when the Dems ran on raising the minimum wage, let me reword it, they ran on class warfare, and people flocked and voted them in. It took a while but all it did was bankrupt businesses and raise everything, including the once cheap fast food places which are now almost at sit down restaurant prices. Need more proof of how bad raising minimum wage has been? Here is only one example: John Bausone had been struggling to keep two stores open (Arabica), one at 818 E. 185th St., the other at 26598 Lake Shore Blvd. First, the increase in minimum wage 16 months ago hit the business hard. I also wrote awhile back that another thing it would do is devalue the dollar even further. And what are we seeing now? But you still don't believe me and will still think of the Democratic Party good for
the common man.

I was right I was wrong
A few sentences from an article I wrote in Sept. 26, 2006.
*....Jumping ahead but have to add this, is the time right for an African-American as president? YES, it just won't be coming from the left side.....* At least I was partially right. Now if I can only guess the numbers for the lottery.

Sour on Bush
Ahhh, you had enough for one posting, I will finish this one and include more in part 2.
C' Ya!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

I wrote this in 2006, pretty prophetic

Hey Gang,
Going through my archives for help in an article I am writing and came across this.

With the budget being busted, the national debt soaring, the war in Iraq, gas prices rising, GM and Ford on the ropes and other serious issues people ask me how can you be a Republican. Someone told me that I should think about switching parties. So how can I adequately promote this party (Republican) and candidates? How do I answer their criticism?

Here is my answer....
Whether those reasons I listed are the Republicans fault or not people still complain that it has happened under the Bush administration. Instead of arguing otherwise I tell them plain and simple because
of moral and ethic reasons I have to vote Republican. This is still the only party that stands for true American principles and values.
One of the biggest reason for sustained GOP victories is because of the Conservative/Christian right. It is a powerful voting group that is very
firm in their beliefs.
The last few years liberal and moderate Republicans have been grabbing more time in the spotlight. This type of Republican will alienate the base of the party. Whether its McCain stumping with Kerry or Kennedy, people like Giuliani or the Log Cabin Republicans (which is a farce) it will disenfranchise the Conservative Right.
The only way to guarantee that this doesn't happen is to elect true Conservative Republicans. This primary I hope the higher ups in the party don't interfere as they did in 2004 in the Pennsylvania race between Pat Toomey and Arlen Specter or locally here
in XXXX - XXXXX. (had to X that out)
If they do interfere and more liberal and moderates get elected you will see a falling away of this base and the passion the conservative right showed to get Pres. W. Bush elected won't be there or they will vote
democrat in protest.
***** I may be jumping ahead but this does go along with
this topic - I know quite a few Christians and Vietnam vets who won't vote for a McCain ticket in '08. Trust me on this!*******
As for this primary I will be voting for Ken Blackwell for Governor and Tim Grendel for Ohio Attorney General which I believe to be in the true Conservative mold.
Hope you will do the same and support the true conservatives on the ballot this primary.

Carey Masci
Now do you know why McCain lost, I wrote this in 2006! Anyone out there??? Hello!!

Carey Masci

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dece. 1st could see massive chaos of riots in America

Another Democrat and another scandal BUT this is far worse than the Clinton ones. This could undermine America's Constitution. Obama's eligibility to be our president is being challenged in court. The deadline to release his true birth certificate is December 1, 2008. If he does not abide and hand the birth certificate over to the Supreme Court, they will decide to either let his election stand or McCain/Palin win by default. If the election is handed over to McCain, head for the hills, grab your guns, and avoid the major cities, this could get real ugly!
I have tried in ernest to educate people with all the means and avenues I have. And even though I am not an insider, I am one of you, they still don't want to listen. While its obvious Republicans want a true conservative but by not voting for McCain look at the alternative that was elected. Furthermore I tried telling people Obama's father was Kenyan. Isn't that enough of a red flag? Its quite obvious to me. So, its not our elected officials that sell us out, its the citizens of America who elect these undesirables or lack of voting in the primaries to elect admirable candidates who put these criminals in.

May God help us.

This issue concerning Obama has been sent around the net and talked about on radio and TV - this is not a hoax. Jeff M. sent this version to me. I keep telling you people do the research, just do the research.

Press release and motion attached below
(Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania – 09/10/08) - Philip J. Berg, Esquire, the Attorney who filed suit against Barack H. Obama challenging Senator Obama’s eligibility to serve as President of the United States, filed a Motion for Extensive and Expedited Discovery including the Depositions of Barack Obama and Howard Dean, Chairman of the Democratic National Committee [DNC] with a Special Master in the case of Berg vs. Obama, Civil Action No. 08-cv-4083, on 09/09/08. Berg stressed to the Court the urgency of this case as, we the people, are heading to a “Constitutional Crisis” if this case is not resolved forthwith.
Philip J. Berg, Esquire

Friday, November 07, 2008

They dance in the streets

Hey Gang,
Even though I predicted way back in May '07 that McCain would win the GOP nomination and eventually lose to a Democrat I am still numb and sickened. I feel as bad or more so then when Clinton beat Bush Sr.. It was in the '92 election that the reality of socialism was rearing its ugly head here in America after the Reagan era of self responsibility. This election, socialism has made major inroads, and possibly inroads that may never be removed. I am just numb, can't say it enough.
I watch in disbelief the people who voted for Obama dancing and singing, celebrating with no inkling of what they just did. No clue of how they sold this country out. Not a bit of understanding of the change Obama can and may bring. They dance and celebrate in ignorance, its sad and upsetting to watch.
For what reason do they celebrate? Is it the fact Obama, now the leader of the free world, is for the murderous practice of abortion and even worse against the right to life act? Is that why they dance?
Is it because Obama snubbed American values but instead embraced the homosexual community? Or our founding fathers Christian beliefs and morals but instead aligned himself with radical preachers and teachers? Is it because we put back in power the Democratic party that gave us the scandal ridden Clintons, the Barney Franks, the Jesse Jackson's?
We elect a black man strictly because of his mannerisms, his looks, his charisma, the color of his skin, his fervent speeches but still most people don't know much about him. Can we say for certainty that Obama, who's father was Kenyan, is a natural born citizen and the constitution was upheld? Where is his substance? What has he accomplished besides winning public office?
Past presidents championed the cause of spreading democracy, Obama preaches more government is this why they celebrate? Obama's plans hinges on class-warfare with his tax ideas of taxing those who work hard and make more. Obama tells you you need him to spread the wealth because you can't make it on your own. Is this the true American spirit?
What message does this send the rest of the world when Obama preaches change and hope is coming to America. Is our homeland really that bad? Do we really need change or just less government? Is the world any safer with Obama as Commander in Chief?
They dance in the streets for what reason?


Monday, November 03, 2008

The lull in oil prices

With only hours till the election I am hoping to reach anyone who may still be on the fence on how they want to vote. With gas prices falling people my be lulled into a false sense of security. Some think this helps McCain's chances, I see it differently as I feel it helps Obama. How? The Republicans mantra has been drill baby drill, with lower oil prices this has diffused the need somewhat. But again, don't be fooled by this lull, OPEC has already said they will cut production sometime this November by about a million barrels a day.
Over the past 6 months I saved newspaper articles that point to the failures of the Democratic party that are a big part of the problem of why the high price of oil. I try to read as much as possible from as many different sources to get the full picture. The first two articles I want to paraphrase from were sent to me from a friend in Kentucky. They are written by Congressman Geoff Davis of Kentucky.
The truth about oil shale.
The US possesses abundant domestic energy resources that hold potential to increase our energy supply and possibly generate a third industrial revolution. Unfortunately the Democratic majority continues to avoid creating a comprehensive energy strategy that will increase our energy supply and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. The Interior Dept. estimates that there are 112 billion barrels of oil beneath US lands and costal waters. Plus America is home to the largest oil shale deposits, more than the amount of crude oil in Saudi Arabia. Enough oil to meet current oil demand for more than 250 YEARS. In 2005 Republican led Congress directed the Secretary of Interior to develop a program, however in 2007 the Democratic Majority suspended funding for the project.
This article is titled The truth about nuclear energy
Industrializing countries like China are consuming more fuel. As a result the demand has skyrocketed causing the price we pay for energy to soar. Nearly 70% of all electricity in the US is generated by fossil fuel. Nuclear power could provide safe, clean and reliable electricity. In the US nuclear reactors produce about 20% of America's electricity. In Europe and Asia they are embracing it. France and Lithuania generate more than 70% with nuclear. Unfortunately in the US due to litigation and government regulations, no new nuclear plants have been built since the 1970's.
This next article that I paraphrase from was written by Sen. George Voinovich titled Climate plan too costly.
Ohioans could see the loss of thousands of good paying jobs, shocking increases in gas, electricity, and gasoline prices and pocket-numbing decreases in household incomes. This storm comes in the form of current legislative efforts in Washington to mandate massive reductions in emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. The decisions made could result in the most massive bureaucratic intrusion into the lives of Americans. States like Ohio who depend on coal could suffer a 53% increase in electricity bills. China puts two new coal-fired power plants in service every week. India is building the largest coal mine in the world. America could shut down all its emissions producing activities and wouldn't even make a dent in global CO2 emissions.
Lastly, way back in January I attended the Cleveland Auto Show. Displayed was a nifty little Ford truck/van called the Transit. I asked the salesman is this available now? He replied, this vehicle is not new, its been sold in Europe for years but can't be released here until they clean up the exhaust because it makes to much black smoke. That kind of thinking and bureaucracy makes me crazy! Does Europe and the rest of the world live in a different planet or have different air than in America? Our socialist liberal politicians always makes the US the bad guy. The Democrats won't let us drill for oil, are afraid of nuclear power, and make it tough to use our coal! Vote for someone like Obama who feeds into this theory and the globalist restrictions and regulations placed on America to make us the scape goat will break the back of this nation, not possibly but will.


a little late.... '08 campaign slogans

Hey Gang,
Here is some much needed new campaign slogans for the coming election. Some are funny, some could be bumper stickers, some are a reach and some you may want to reach for my neck but what the heck, you should of read the ones I deleted.

Mc and the Hot Chick
One has been put through the fire, the other is as hot as fire

McCain - he took a licking but keeps on ticking

I'm John McCain. My running mate is hot, a member of the NRA. My wife is gorgeous and heir to one of the largest beer distributors. My life is good and I want to do the same for you. I'm John McCain and I approve of this message.

Straight Talk, what else would you expect, this is still the Republican Party.

Barack Husein Obama, John Who's Sane McCain, the choice is simple.

To be tried by fire you need to go through trials, community service and 3 years a senator is not enough. McCain - more than enough experience.

Whether its W or Anheuser, there still will be Busch in the White House.

A man saying put down your guns or a woman saying grab your guns. Who will you vote for?

You don't have to spend your money, I will do it for you. I am Barrack Obama and I approve of this message.

CAUTION: I am one of those religious cling on's Obama warned you about.

McCain a Moderate - Palin a Conservative
Obama a Socialist Liberal - Biden a Socialist Liberal
Which two are closer to America's founding beliefs?


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Carey's top ten reasons why Obama would make a good president

Carey's top ten reasons why Obama would make a good president

10. He is gifted at community service
9. He is Pro-choice which means fewer Democrats in the future
8. The NBA championship series will be declared a holiday
7. We will be healthier from riding our bikes as Obama won't drill for oil
6. All of us will feel more patriotic when we have to pay more in taxes
5. He will add 7 more states to make his statement of being in 57 states true
4. Obama will make more people want to cling to guns and religion
3. We will have daily gaffs from Vice President Biden to laugh at and make us forget how miserable we are
2. Lazy people won't have to work as Obama will spread the wealth.

And the number one reason why Obama would make a good president is....

He will hand out tire gauges to make sure our tires are properly inflated!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Apple bows to Homosexuals

Taken from Apples home page. Men and women are as different as apples and oranges but Apple doesn't see it that way. And so another company has been taken over by UnGodly Liberal filth. And then you wonder why the Arab nations call us the great Satan, need I explain?

No on Prop 8
Apple is publicly opposing Proposition 8 and making a donation of $100,000 to the No on 8 campaign. Apple was among the first California companies to offer equal rights and benefits to our employees’ same-sex partners, and we strongly believe that a person’s fundamental rights — including the right to marry — should not be affected by their sexual orientation. Apple views this as a civil rights issue, rather than just a political issue, and is therefore speaking out publicly against Proposition 8

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Carey joins the USSDA

Hey Gang,
Usually at election time I'm spending countless hours on the campaign trail for someone. But this year I am just so discouraged by not only what is happening in my personal life with Euclid, work etc... but also the general direction of Socialism that America is falling into. The last 7 years or so, is not the America I know or grew up in. Its disheartening to say the least. So I decided to join the Obama camp.

United Socialist States of a Democratic America

Self reliance and self responsibility stand in the way of a government that wants to embolden communities across America to a uniform set of laws and regulations. The new direction for America where individual freedom gives way to universal freedom for all. One class - one standard - one religion - one people - new hope for all. When people work for the government, government works and society benefits. Paying taxes is patriotic, spreading the wealth is noble. Join the globalization movement, join the United Socialist States of a Democratic America. Lets move America forward and take her place amongst other nations where borders no longer exist and the people speak as one.

I am Barack Obama and I approve of this message.

Sounds great huh? Until "Big Government" tells you your religion is not state sponsored so you can't practice it. Or they eliminate your guns. Mandate abortions after 2 children. Euthanize the elderly or mentally challenged. Dictate what job you will work at. Don't believe me? Then you don't know history or world affairs my friend.

Makes you want to vote Democratic. Well doesn't it?

friends more about this global mess, my plight and Euclid made the NY Times

Notes from Saturday night late.
My niece was over and we were watching CNN. They had an emergency news flash showing South Korea's financial crisis. Then CNN showed short clips of Switzerland, Germany and France as the latest countries also facing financial crisis. I had chills run up my spine watching what was unfolding. THIS IS GLOBAL! If that wasn't bad enough I went to my computer and did a search on the number of empty houses in Euclid. I found this story (Please note the date, 2007, its FAR worse now):
You know what, go grab a cup of coffee this is going to be lengthy, Carey is just going to lay it out there of what is the latest with my situation with Euclid which now they say they will press criminal actions against me, thats what you get for investing in a city such as I have.
A quick review. When this whole thing initially started with Euclid in May my business completely tanked. At first I was embarrassed about my financial situation but judging by what is happening I am not alone. In '03 my credit rating was above 800 and I received a loan to buy the second house as easy as going to the store to buy chips. And I can't blame myself for accounts going out of business either, such as Bennigans. Another account said its nothing personal but we need to cut back on all buying, please check back in January. How did I survive? Credit card, savings, sharing expenses with the folks and my two rentals paid the three loans.
If that wasn't bad enough in May I get the surprise letter from Euclid stating $1,000.00 fine and up to six months in jail if I don't register the houses as rentals at $200.00 each, social security numbers of tenants, and mandatory inside inspection.
I immediately wrote a letter to the Mayor asking for assistance and help. Still have a copy if you like to read it again. The tone was strictly a plea for help and understanding. What did the mayor say? Pay they don't play, we could charge you more and maybe you should raise your rent. Thats when I sent out the second letter and not to be a smart ass but as another plea and also included my house insurance bill. Who wouldn't freak facing the penalty Euclid wants to hand down? Furthermore, they wanted me to pay $400 when I can't even pay my bills. Since then I've had to cancel the house insurance.
What happened next is Euclid issued a yard violation. Thats what you get for asking for help and challenging the system in a proper manner. I then contacted Councilman Van Ho and he met with me at the Crystal house along with my friend/tenant at the time. Councilman Van Ho was also beside himself as were my friends and said this has to be a mistake. My tenant/friend who had a landscaper maintain the yard said "now I am insulted". It took him less than two months from that violation to tell me sorry I just want out of Euclid.
I spoke with someone who is running for State Representative and he said speak with Councilman Langman. Shortly after that I received another notice of violation non-compliance which I thought was for the windows. I had both Concilman Langman and Van Ho over to show them the house. Both agreed the house is fine even though I pointed out that yes the place needs windows to which Councilman Van Ho laughed and said show me a house that doesn't need windows in Euclid, these houses are old. Councilman Van Ho said that the city will be meeting with realtors to find out why houses aren't selling in Euclid. To that I answered this is more than white flight, people do not want such a restrictive government, people want to be left alone. He added, Yes I have heard that before. Both councilmen said they would talk with Kelly Sweeney Assistant Director of Law and advised me please talk with her to see what can be worked out.

It was then I contacted an attorney. He said they can't make such demands I will look into it but he thought they were just making noise to lay low and no more writing about this situation and maybe they will forget about me.
I received a summons for October 6Th, so much for laying low, which I did not appear as I thought the above mentioned attorney would handle it. He turned out to be a total disaster and instead of advising me privately he capitulated. I was issued a new summons for this coming Monday the 27Th.
So that gets us up to date. What am I expecting or wish to come out of this? Many things but the biggest is to raise awarnes how local governments can come in and completely wipe you out if they so desire with little to no recourse which I why I have sent out email after email to showcase my story. If Euclid forces me into bankruptcy, jail and or selling my properties I will make it known from the local paper all the way to CNN. Furthermore, I am just beside myself that any level of government can make demands to enter your property with out probable cause such as multiple police calls to the residence, neighbor complaints to name a few.
Many questions are raised but all of this could of been averted when I initially contacted Mayor Cervenik. Call me naive or ignorant but I had NO clue Euclid had such rules concerning rentals. Did the bank advice me, did the realtor, did I receive any letter from Euclid other than the one from May of this year? NOPE! How is a person suppose to know such rules exist if they are not informed and if I was informed I would never of bought my second house in Euclid. Since it was Euclid's fault for not making it public and I have owned the house on Priday since 1993 and the one on Crystal since 2003 I should be grandfathered in OR until the current tenants move out. Especially considering the gentleman residing at Priday has been there since March, 1999. Now Euclid demands entry into my tenant/friends residence after almost 10 years! You pay property tax, income tax, and now this fee? Where will it end?

In all the conversations I had with members of the Euclid government and and read articles and notices sent to me they mention maintaining housing stock. They don't get it. Maintaining housing stock? There is about 1,000 empty houses with 400 in foreclosure. House values are falling ridiculously low. What are they doing to make Euclid business friendly? The neighbors house across the street from my property on Priday has been empty for 3 years. Where did Don flee to? The suburbs of Lake County as did many of my other friends. The mayor has to realize, as Councilman Van Ho brought up, these houses in Euclid are old. You maintain them the best you can but they will never look like a new subdivision from 2000. This is way more than white flight. People do like to live fearful of a government that threatens and harasses. The mayor is trying to maintain housing stock, so is it better now that my story has reached countless people and blogs? Is
it better now that my house on Crystal Ave. sits empty because of their meddling? Is it better that
I may face jail and fines instead of trying to find a tenant for my house?
As both councilman told me speak with Kelly Sweeney and see what you can work out. I did as did the lawyer I hired and dismissed. He said they would accept $75 registration since I have had the property so long and it would be done. I thought we had a compromise worked out. When I called Kelly either she reneged or my lawyer misunderstood her but which ever things changed back to her original demands. I was willing to pay the $75 as long as they stay out of my tenants house. To that I received an emphatic NO and Kelley then raised the fee back to $200.00.
Euclid is dieing, people are fleeing the city. I am doing all I can to stay and run a business, which is what rental property is. So much for a compromise.
I bought the house on Crystal in 2003 for $67,900.00. In 2006 it was valued at $58,100, now who knows. What is Euclid doing to secure and stabilize my investment? They need to back off to infuse much needed new money and investment in the city. Mayor Cervenik PLEASE fill up these houses!!! You want to do something? Go speak to the residents and tenants who want out, as Councilman Van Ho was suppose to do with my tenant living in the Crystal residence but didn't. You need to build up public relations. I don't care how you do it, knock on doors hand out coupons to area businesses, have an open house at city hall to meet and greet all members of council, but I know where to start rescind laws that are forcing people to flea even if its temporary, the bleeding needs to stop.
As for my current situation how am I paying the loans? I have until the end of March and then I am done if things don't change. A very very close friend of mine has stepped in and said Carey, if this will help you I will pay your one loan until spring, this should buy you enough time hopefully to correct your ship. And thats all I am trying to do right now, buy time. Because with Euclid's demands, falling house value, barely making ends meet I may join the ranks and be number 401 on Euclid's list of foreclosure. Mayor Cervenik and Euclid, do the right thing.


The Joe-k Book


Biden and Obama have said enough stupid things to make a joke book and yet the media isn't playing that up. For instance Biden told a senator in a wheel chair to stand up, he said FDR would give speeches on TV. Those are just a few, you know what.... read them for yourselves.
And to think the liberal Democrats made a mockery of Vice President Quayle, a fine man, over a misspelling of potato. Most liberals are vegetarians so of course they would know how to spell potato. Hmmm I do wonder though if they could spell AK 47?

These were taken from various news sources:

Biden.... recently, telling Katie Couric that Franklin Roosevelt went on TV to reassure the public after the stock market crashed in 1929 - which was before FDR was president and before TV.

Vice Presidential candidate Joe Biden goofed when he asked Sen. Chuck Graham, D-Columbia, to stand up to be acknowledged by the crowd. Graham is confined to a wheelchair.

"Look, John's last-minute economic plan does nothing to tackle the number one job facing the middle class, and it happens to be, as Barack says, a three-letter word: jobs. J-O-B-S," the Democratic veep nominee said at a morning rally in Athens.

RICHMOND, Va. - Barack Obama, caught up in the fervor of a campaign speech, drastically overstated the Kansas tornadoes death toll, saying 10,000 had died.

The death toll was 12.

JERUSALEM – Sen. Barack Obama has been caught in an apparent gaffe that has some angry bloggers claiming the Democratic presidential candidate was "lying about the Holocaust for political gain."

In a Memorial Day speech yesterday available on video, Obama told an audience his uncle liberated the Auschwitz concentration camp. The Nazi death camp, however, was liberated by the Soviet Union in January 1945.
It wasn't immediately clear which uncle Obama was referencing. His late father was Kenyan. Articles about his late mother, S. Ann Soetoro, state she was an only child and that her father was upset she wasn't a boy.

"It is wonderful to be back in Oregon," Obama said. "Over the last 15 months, we’ve traveled to every corner of the United States. I’ve now been in 57 states? I think one left to go. Alaska and Hawaii, I was not allowed to go to even though I really wanted to visit, but my staff would not justify it."

President Bush has been known to mispronounce words but this is pure buffoonery. And people want to vote for this tandem?


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Top Ten List Why Cleveland is Still a Great Place to Live

I am just so disturbed by the corruption, the big government mentality of Cuyahoga county, the taxes, inept leadership that if I don't joke about it I would go nuts, hmm maybe its to late for that. Read these fine gems made up by good ole me.
Hey Gang,
Cleveland has been getting a lot of bad press as of late which is unfair because it did rank number one in something, as America's largest poor city. Crime is up, taxes are up, foreclosures are up, and you may say what's up? To that I say all is not bleak. I give you my top 10 reasons why living in the Cleveland area still has some good points to it. Here they are.....

10. With everyone moving out parking spaces are easier to find
9. A shorter rush hour, it went from 20 minutes to 10 minutes long
8. You can cross the street anytime of day and not get hit by a car
7. If you are homeless and sleep on the sidewalk no pedestrians to walk over you
6. It makes Euclid more attractive
5. You can buy three houses for the price of one
4 You can experience a ghost town without having to drive out west
3 More benefits for everyone, all nationalities are now minorities as rats out number people.
2 If you're lazy and don't like to work you have an excuse, there is no jobs
And the number one reason why Cleveland isn't the worse place to live is...
Because it still isn't Buffalo

Here's some history brought to you by me.
Did you know General Moses Cleaveland arrived in the Cleveland area on July 22, 1796. He left in October of the same year. He died in 1806 never returning to the land named after him. I think that was a sign of things to come as many people come to Cleveland, leave and never return.

Cleveland does have a lot to see, you just have to get here before everything closes at 2 pm.

With all the scandals and FBI removing boxes of files in Cleveland its very nostalgic, it almost feels like its Washington DC during the Clinton era of the 90's.

Cleveland is trying hard to get the medical mart. Why, just go to any street corner and get any drug you want.

Cleveland may get the Gay Games. Great, aren't our sports teems sissy enough?
But really, thats all Cleveland needs, first a flaming river and now flaming queers, this should really improve our image.
Some of the Gays are excited to come here, they heard the Browns have good tight ends.

Here's some motto's the area should adopt.

Cleveland, the place where dreams die.

High taxes - regulations - inside inspections - Euclid a role model for big government

You like big government, you'll love our city. Euclid

Interfering with business since 1988, we just want our cut. Euclid

Someone who is prominent in Lake County told me this one. And its so true.
"Euclid is like hell, you can't live there but its impossible to leave"

Hey don't pile on and make fun of Cleveland, if you don't live in this area you don't really know what a joke it is.

Gotta Go Go!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Carey's Straight Talk

Wow where do we start. So much is happening - so much to say. Back in May I cleaned a Mr. Hero's, the owner was from Egypt. We got to talking about the economy. He told me when things in America are OK its bad in Egypt, when it gets rough over here things are terrible in Egypt as it is right now.
I've written this many times but as America goes so goes the world. All this clamoring to tinker with America socially and economically to get us in the global market has been the ruin of this nation. Instead of bringing the worlds standards up we have lowered ours so much the reverberation is felt worldwide. Right now, just to mention one more country, England's banks are in turmoil.
We can thank both parties for this. From President Bush Sr. who heralded the NEW WORLD ORDER and NAFTA, President Clinton who under his watch sold the soul of this nation on to President W. Bush who was busy trying to get even more countries on board like Columbia and Korea to add to the free trade list.
And of the three current running for office, Senator McCain signed all the trade agreements, Senator Joe Biden almost all and Senator Obama gave double talk when he said he's not for NAFTA but won't try to repeal it. Can this be why nothing is done about the illegals because soon borders won't matter?
I will never forget that day back in 1993 hearing the news NAFTA was signed. It was like someone just told me I was homeless, well it took a while but it seems this country is heading down the path where the majority could be left homeless.
In last nights debate the question was raised about what both parties have done concerning globalism and how its ruining America. Obama skirted the issue because he is a globalist and McCain I shut it off not to hear his non-answer so can't report what he said. Neither one wanted to tell you the real reason for this mess. I will, FREE TRADE and globalism.
Obama blasted President Bush of the deficit he has run up since he took office. But did Barack come out and mention some of the things W. had to deal with? Things as 911, a war, and natural disasters like Katrina. Or did he mention the biggest reason? President Bush Jr. is the first
president having to deal with China as a most favored nation. If NAFTA was a giant sucking sound that took jobs out of here as Ross Perot said then the Chinese trade agreement is more like a black hole. Both parties at the top won't fess up to this. And I have to throw it right back at Bush Jr. because as I mentioned above, did he try to pull back and stop the bleeding? No he wanted more countries lined up to connect the dots of a global market.
The banking crisis is a whole other story but if you want this country to turn around we need to take major steps right now to return jobs to these shores so people can pay off their loans or just eat. And the steps to do that are, repeal all unfair free trade deals - abolish unions and or enact right to work laws - tell the government hands off with your EPA, cafe standards and regulations - lower taxes - and become energy independent by drilling for oil, using our coal and build new nuclear plants. Until we do those things our standards will never return to where they once were and you might as well get in line for a global melt down and a one world ruler because thats where this is heading.


Need more proof, watch this clip Rich sent:

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Know the candidates: Barack Obama - man of family values

More fodder for you. This was taken from Life. My research leads me into places no sane person would venture, ahhh but you have to dig to get the straight scoop and in this case straight scoop might not be the right term. If you have family values do you still want to vote Obama?? After reading this you may want to rescind that thought.

Barack Obama in the Illinois Senate:

Barack Obama was known as a liberal who was not afraid to build bridges across party lines during his term in the Illinois State Senate. He gained a 100% rating from Planned Parenthood for his support of family planning and abortion rights legislation.

Barack Obama and Gay Rights in Illinois:

Barack Obama supported gay rights during his Illinois Senate tenure. He sponsored legislation in Illinois that would ban discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

Barack Obama in the United States Senate:

Every two years the Human Rights Campaign, the largest national gay and lesbian organization, issues a scorecard for members of the Senate based on their sponsorship and voting on key issues of importance to gay and lesbian citizens. Barack Obama scored 89 out of 100% in the 2006 scorecard.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell - Gays in the Military:

Barack Obama believes we need to repeal the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy and allow gays and lesbians to serve openly in the military. His campaign literature says, "The key test for military service should be patriotism, a sense of duty, and a willingness to serve."
And anyone who feels its his duty to bend over for his fellow man I applaud that. OK that last sentence was my words, sorry I was feeling a little to patriotic.

Gay & Lesbian Adoption:

Barack Obama believes gays and lesbians should have the same rights to adopt children as heterosexuals.

Ready for some Obama talk that swings both ways?

Barack Obama and Gay Marriage/ Civil Unions:

Although Barack Obama has said that he supports civil unions, he is against gay marriage. In an interview with the Chicago Daily Tribune, Obama said, "I'm a Christian. And so, although I try not to have my religious beliefs dominate or determine my political views on this issue, I do believe that tradition, and my religious beliefs say that marriage is something sanctified between a man and a woman."

Barack Obama did vote against a Federal Marriage Amendment and opposed the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996.

Ummm lets see, Barack doesn't support same sex marriage but voted against a Federal Marriage Amendment and opposed the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996. Would you call that bi-talk since it goes both ways??

He said he would support civil unions between gay and lesbian couples, as well as letting individual states determine if marriage between gay and lesbian couples should be legalized.

And there you have it. Barack Obama, man of faith, morals and family values?? As Harry History once told me "DO THE RESEARCH MAN - JUST DO THE RESEARCH.


Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Still want to vote democrat? from Careys archives 1-08

This was written in January, 2008 but never sent out.

So much is happening its impossible to keep up.
Below is an email that I received today. Read it - change some wording to compensate for the era and you are back in NAZI Germany, trying to pray with out repercusions.
Back in December when I was gathering signatures to place Mike Huckabee on the ballot in Lake County a similiar scenario was playing out. I thought I had a sure fire plan - go to the churches I know. One Pastor, when I mentioned on the phone what I was doing, abruptly said NO and good by. Another church that I attend on occasions and know quite a few in the congregation I decided to go with clip board in hand. After the bible study I was received as if I just pulled out a gun, everyone avoided me and took off. The assistant pastor said we can't do that here. I had to explain in whisper that I was a delegate for Mike Huckabee. These people were so fearful of the government and of the lie of separation of church and state that I couldn't even talk about this in the parking lot. This is going on all across America. The push is from the communist/socialist running as Democrats. Need further proof read this email I received.

Carey, I know that Glenn plans to write to you, but I also wanted to thank you for your support. Glenn is up for Re-Election and they are making a campaign issue about his prayers, plus many other things. GLenn lost his father in World War II, and his mother died 18 months later. He was raised by family, but never let the fact he was an orphan slow down his ambition. He worked for Nationwide Ins. for 39 years and owned and operated 5 offices. He is a strong man of faith, and when He was voted President of the board, he did what he has always done, started with prayer. For 9 months it wasn't an issue, and as we got closer to the primary, those who oppose Glenn started making it a issue. Several advised Glenn it would be best for him politically if he stopped, he refused!! Our current president is Kris Jordan who is running for state rep. He picked up where Glenn left off and prays before each session. Glenn has received over 700 e-mails
offering prayer and support. This is what gets us through. The latest attack was his web site. (We are not good with computers) so a friend of ours set up the web-site which had a clip supporting our troops. It was a wonderful clip with music in the back ground. He found the clip on U-Tube..(Glenn and I had never been on U-Tube and I didn't know what it was) One of those who are attacking GLenn found that if you clicked several times there was a follow-up by someone who had added a horrible message (again we were not aware it was there) They cut and pasted the 4 letter words to our clip and sent it to the local papers, and to our State Rep. and Congressman Tieberi, stating that Glenn had intentionally put this evil on his site.. Glenn is the most patriotic man I know. He would never, ever do anything unkind to our troops. He goes to see all the local Men and Women off, prays for them and if possible he is there to welcome them home. This
gives you an idea of how evil they are. They make fun of him on u-tube--they laugh at him at candidates nights, but HE IS STANDING STRONG. I am so proud of him. He would gladly lay down his life for his Lord and his country. He is a man of Honor, with a kind and gentle nature. It is so important that you continue to pray for him.
God Bless You
Donna Evans

Still want to vote Democratic??

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Vote Democratic this November?

I started this article months ago and was going to let it just sit but with the elections coming up and all the financial turmoil America is in the timing is right for it to be completed. I hope this will open your eyes and tell everyone you know please do not vote Democratic. Their policies and thinking have America so screwed up and bogged down its going to take a miracle to undo their mess.
In a previous article I wrote titled "Hows the Summer Going" written on July 14th of this year, I briefly mention the problem of road repairs. Here's that line:
"You just never figure all the other things affected by this. Less gas sales, less taxes for road repair."
So what appeared in the AP on July 20th? "Dream of gas tax holiday falters over job losses". What is it about? Its about the Democratic congress proposing to raise the gas tax to offset the lost tax revenue from less fuel being sold to maintain our roads. Senator McCain at least was hoping to eliminate the federal gas tax temporarily help ease the pain at the pump but this shortfall is so great its impossible.
More recently, September 22Th, this problem was addressed yet again, and because of this HUGE shortfall gas tax may have to be raised an addtional 25 to 40 cents per gallon and/or license fees raised $5.75 to $19 on top of fee's raised by the county. Where is the average person suppose to come up with this money? And its all because of our no drill and environmental policies.
If that isn't enough to show the failure of the socialist/democratic party then maybe this will. A bill would require the president to make available oil from the government's Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Why is this a failure of an idea? Just think if we did tap into the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, with all the restrictions on exploring or drilling for new oil the Democrats have placed on us, if there is an extreme emergency we would of already have used up our reserve. Thats what its there for, EMERGENCIES, not for times such as now. Hats off to President Bush for not succumbing to the unwise and undo pressure put on him.
Thats not all, the lunacy continues. On CSPAN the other day I heard a man, usually I give the name of the person when I write but this guy made such a ridiculous statement that I will not even honor his absurdity. He said that the economic stimulus checks were a failure because people continued to drive instead of cutting back and saving oil. WHAT! Everyone I know has cut down on their driving but even if it was used for that purpose did he ever think people still need to get to work and shop. Besides, its our money anyways to spend as we see fit. Furthermore there would be no shortage if these people would allow us to build more refineries, explore and drill. What is wrong with these people? They create this mess and then they tell us drive less.
Are you ready for even more? In the recent energy bill, if this part wasn't left out of it, was: Give tax breaks for new energy efficiency programs, including the use of improved building codes and for companies that promote their employees' use of bicycles for commuting. GREAT! Just what we need. The government overseeing that employees go to work on bicycles. I do know some people take bikes to work but its there choice it shouldn't be the governments or their employer. What would the penalty be if the employee didn't follow the companies policy of riding a bike because of health reasons, would they be fired? And what about people searching for work who couldn't or can't ride a bike, would they less likely be hired? This is all madness. I could see it now in the future if this passed, they would then encourage unicycles to save the environment, one less tire is better!
Finally, the liberal left keeps telling us that lifting the drilling ban would have little if any impact on gasoline prices or produce any oil for years. So lets not do anything about this problem. Tomorrow never comes so why plan for it, using their logic this makes sense. Think how many years have passed sine Y2K or 911. Doesn't it seem like yesterday? If we would of started drilling back then, would we still have this mess? Its hard to say but this I do know, by doing nothing its only going to get worse. Much worse.
Still want to vote Democratic this November? If you do, ride a bike to the polls and show support for their policies.


Monday, September 29, 2008

Your response to Ter's heartfelt letter

Some of you responded to Ter' and here's those responses. Anyone else care to add your comments feel free to jump on board as I can send part 2.

terry,,pray to the Father, in Jesus name.......................He will guide you.. thx for sharing from your American Heart,,,GOD BLESS AMERICA
Mark and Debbie Indiana

Hi Carey,

Please let Ter know that I can identify with him. I too, born in Feb. 1948,
grew up in a hard working, Democrat and Union loyal family.

Please tell him he is a voice, it may be a small voice, but it is NOT
insignificant. As long as he keeps espousing his opinions, he IS a voice to be heard.

His WWII veteran dad would be proud of him, as is mine.
Vince in Pa

God Bless Those Detroiters! Some of the finest people I know!
Mike & Danielle Gutierrez

Thank you for sharing this.
Connie in NC

Inteteresting letter Carey, I didn't know you have a friend in Detroit, where I use to live. Matt had a job in Detroit and we had to move you know, because they shut down the factory where they cut and shipped steel. I too agree something should be said about bringing the jobs back.
When I was in Detroit area, I talked to a family from India they ended up moving back to India. Kind of funny because they couldn't find a job in the field that they were in, they said they had an easier time back home.
I was really pissed when Levi's left the country. I'm not sure you seen the Levi's commercial about 2 yrs before they had an ad American made, what happened to that? I shop at the dollar store and look for things made in America and in of all places Walmart I get happy when I see something from USA.
And you know it really pisses me off about them helping the banks on wall street. I guess if any big corp screws up you get help? My husbands friend works for one of the corporations. He was told he didn't have a job, but guess what now he does,lol. that's irony for you. Right now he is in Japan doing some business.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A heartfelt letter from my good friend

Hey Gang,
This well written heartfelt letter from my good friend Ter in Detroit is how a lot of us feel. He wrote this in response to my email titled "My article found a home". Please read it, and remember you are not alone in your frustration.
May God help this nation.

Hey Carey,
I'm not much for writing and venting my views because I have been convinced for the past 2 decades that my small voice is just that small and insignificant when our future is in the hands of the rich and powerful.
Today we all just get in line, follow the trend or common direction we are all being led to.
Background on who I am:
Born 11/22/49 the 2nd son (of 5 children) of a hard working decorated WW2 hero and his wife, a strong quiet woman of minimal means. Mom and Dad were only High School educated yet in my heart (and I'm sure to many people) they both graduated with honors from the University of American Life with a Doctorate in hard knocks - successful survival.
I too only graduated from High School in Detroit a basic middle of the road American male of the 60's. I lived through the local racial turmoil of those years, but the way I was raised made me conscious of the terrible times Blacks were experiencing. Then again, surviving the 60's we young American males experienced, having the Viet Nam War hanging over our heads. The "Live Now, for tomorrow you may surely die" mind set was in every moment of our daily thoughts.
I served my country and left that part of life with an Honorable Discharge that sits somewhere in a box or underwear drawer safe from dust and prying eyes. It has had no bearing on my life since. I do not go to meetings of Veterans of that era or battle nor do I talk/share about it in public.
I married in '69 to my high school sweetheart. I worked for Chrysler Corporation - Dodge Truck Division for a few years but moved on when being sequestered deep in a manufacturing plant just didn't tickle my fancy or bring my special mechanical abilities to the forefront very often.
My wife and I produced 5 children who have also grown up into hard working Americans.
We struggled raising our family. We are of the (Baby Boomer) group where, without a College Degree, we both HAD to work. Her part time, me full time. My mom was an at home mom and my dad was the only bread winner. This is the America I wanted to be a part of.
I know how difficult it was for us to raise 5 children. The effort invested in this life by my wife doing double duty never goes unappreciated even today. So many times my daily efforts at work paled to what she accomplished.
I will sit the proud Grandfather of 11 healthy little new Americans by Christmas this year. I border on tears as to what this country will be for them .
We have no real savings put aside for retirement. My bad. 8 years ago my job was eliminated at a steel treating company after 26 years of faithful service that paid the bills, kept the heat on and food on the table. 2000 actually was my 1st real awakening as to where this country was going but I believed the powers to be in Washington would keep me and my family safe and prosperous.
Of course, as I was raised to do, I did bounce back and have a good position with an American air carrier today but newer and before unknown to me quirks in this country have come to light. I am amazed and awe struck at what more crazy things I learn every day.
I was a staunch Democrat until Ronald Reagan came into power. This man turned my head around. I felt safer than ever.
Since he left the Oval Office and many of his innovations and directions have been legislated out of existence, I do believe we have been slowly headed into the abyss of world financial turmoil.
American Jobs are still headed overseas. The American Green Back is not worth the paper it is printed on. The ink is another story.
I haven't heard EITHER candidate address BRINGING BACK these jobs to our soil. Only lame promises of possibly "Shutting The Barn AFTER The Horse Got Away" to stop this great loss. Not the real cure is it?
We are the slaves of Bankers, Big Business and Oil Cartels today.
There are NO lobbyists in Washington for US. I always believed that OUR President is OUR lobbyist. That's why we vote him or her into office.
Stupid, aren't I ?
As of this morning I haven't decided who to vote for, or in reality, waste my vote on. After last nights interview with Ms Palin I almost wish SHE was the lead candidate. Not going to happen is it?
We must all step back and realize we are voting in a person who may spend 50+ Million dollars to get a job that will never pay them even 1/10th of that. You must then realize that they MUST work for the people who gave them that money to win.
Wasn't any of US was it?
Thanks for listening to a Middle American again buddy.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Here is a short letter from my friend Lisa that she sent to her representative and senators that will help you understand this current financial mess. I have her permission to post this. The more I read about the bailout the more I agree with Lisa. One line really stands out in her letter: "these measures cannot be done at the expense of community banks". Its always the little guy or independent business that gets hurt.

A letter to State Rep. Philip S. English and Senator's Bob Casey and Arlin Spector

I am a community banker who is irate about the recent developments on Wall Street and the recent bailouts that our government has undertaken. The great, great majority of banks in this country never made one subprime loan, and ninety-eight percent are well-capitalized. We are working every day to serve our communities and provide loans to consumers and small businesses. Banks have paid tens of billions of premiums to fund the FDIC insurance fund, and we know we are going to have significantly increased premiums for years to come. We accept that, and we don’t ask for or need a bailout.
Bear Stearns, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and AIG are not banks. Yet we hear constant talk about “bank problems” and “bank bailouts.” Now Congress is going to vote on legislation to consider a fund with billions of dollars in it to buy distressed assets and some want to add amendments that will hurt my bank – such as changes in the bankruptcy laws and new regulatory burdens. Such changes will only damage community banks like mine that have been an asset to your district.
My bank is trying to serve its community and make loans, but it cannot do that when policy-makers are adopting policies that may make it hard to lend, and increase regulatory costs. While a stable financial system is essential, these measures cannot be done at the expense of community banks like mine. I implore you to please consider the impact of these proposals and to oppose any effort to include bankruptcy provisions or to impose additional regulatory burdens or costs on community banks.

Lisa Zamierowski
Assistant VP & Assistant Secretary
Marquette Savings Bank

Want to know what is happening, look back to the 1990's

Are you watching the news? Don't think for second this financial mess is all because of bad loans given out by unscrupulous bankers, its way more than that. Our dollar is falling. Our country is quickly heading into third world status and it may possibly be already to late to reverse this inevitable outcome. Our country is broke! We have exported jobs and merchandise out of this country at a furious pace while our current President was busy trying to get on board even more countries like Peru, Colombia and Panama to trade with. Haven't we had enough of free trade deals that sends our dollars and jobs out of here?
Oh and some of you beat the drum of where is our Great American Savior of the middle class Bill Clinton when we need him? Remember folks, he did more damage than any other president. It was under his watch the Chinese Trade Agreement was signed. It was under his administration that Long Beach Naval Base was sold to the Chinese to unleash a barrage of cheap goods that has taken away our jobs. And then there was NAFTA heralded by Bush Sr. and put on fast track and signed by Clinton, the Defender of the American worker, yeah right.
The free trade agreements are some of the reasons why our country is in a mess. Do you think Obama/Biden two Liberal Socialists with globalist views, expanded government and higher taxes is the answer? C'mon don't make me laugh. McCain, nope. Sarah Palin? I hope that she is as conservative as they say. Maybe her conservative thinking can hold sway over McCain and direct his path back to protecting American workers and jobs.
May God help us.
Look at these links. Especially the first one. Make sure you pay attention to the words of ROBERT SCOTT.

Early today (11/15/99), President Clinton announced the finalization of trade agreements between the United States and China that will make it possible for China to join the World Trade Organization.

Under the terms of the agreement, China will remove its existing trade barriers and be granted permanent normal trade relations (NTR) status by the U.S., thus allowing Beijing favored access to U.S. markets.

Charles R. Smith
Wednesday, Oct. 1, 2003
Newly declassified documents show that President Bill Clinton personally approved the transfer to China of advanced space technology that can be used for nuclear combat.
The documents show that in 1996 Clinton approved the export of radiation hardened chip sets to China. The specialized chips are necessary for fighting a nuclear war.

Said Obama, "One million jobs have been lost because of NAFTA, including nearly 50,000 jobs here in Ohio. And yet, 10 years after NAFTA passed, Sen. Clinton said it was good for America. Well, I don't think NAFTA has been good for America -- and I never have."
And then Obama said:
"I don't think its realistic for us to repeal NAFTA," he said during a town hall meeting on the economy.

Clinton during the signing of NAFTA
.......In a fundamental sense, this debate about NAFTA is a
debate about whether we will embrace these changes and create the jobs
of tomorrow, or try to resist these changes, hoping we can preserve
the economic structures of yesterday.
(And what was wrong with preserving the economic structure of American jobs and our way of life? Fair trade not free trade!)
We have to tell American workers who
will be dislocated because of this agreement or because of things that
will happen regardless of this agreement, that we are going to have a
reemployment program for training in America, and we intend to do
President Clinton

Do the research people, do the research!!!

May God help this country!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My article has found a home

My article titled "Everyone has been asking Carey's opinion, here it is" has found a home. Sure I posted it on my blogs but I was hoping to post it on one of the GOP sites. But after my last article was removed from there I didn't think it was in my best interest to try adding another.
The last few months I have been facing censorship with my articles, if thats the right word for it. Its coming from all sides, the GOP, news papers and even
Sure I understand that I took an oath to uphold the Republican platform, which I have no problem with what so ever because I believe in it. But when the party drifts from their core principles then I feel we need to, as I have, speak up. Placing that article calling Mitt Romney a moral failure is not opinion, its fact. Its no secret read his positions as governor of Massachusetts. Same with what I wrote about McCain. This isn't my opinion, these are facts.
The other censorship to come against me was with I need to be careful here because I do not want to be barred from it as it is an excellent site to get recognized, plenty of my articles have been grabbed from it and placed elsewhere. But my article titled "How can McCain win this election?" was not placed in the politics category but in the pure opinion section. I know what you are thinking that some of the article may be just that - my opinion, but aren't most? Furthermore I browsed the politics blogs on Ezinearticles and I found commentaries on Obama that not only were badly written but filled with opinion and they were left alone under the politics heading. To make matters worse paragraphs were left off the article. (At the bottom I placed the paragraphs that were not printed).
Then there is the local news paper the News Herald who refused to post my letter to the editor for a very lame ridiculous reason. I will include that response in its entirety in another email shortly and you decide if their reason is worthy.
Freedom of speech in America? Only if it agrees with who owns what newspaper, magazine, or blog and if it goes along with the homosexual, socialist, globalist agenda is there freedom.


This is a letter I received.

Hello and good evening,

I just read and enjoyed your article on Sarah Palin which I found on .

We are going to release a self-published mini-book on Sarah Palin with a collection of articles with different views on her. These will be articles written by many different writers with a wide range of views on her.

I would like to ask for you authorization to include you article in this collection.
In exchange I would include the part about you and your website links.

Could you please let me know if you agree.
Thank you in advance for letting me know as soon as possible.

Best regards,
Monika K.

Not included:
"Senator McCain to win. It is
moderate Democrats and Republicans who will decide
this election. That is who I am selling McCain to.
Main stream Democrats need to realize that the
Democratic party has been hi jacked by Socialists.
Its time for them to cross over and support the only
choice, John McCain, because what is the option?
A one-term US Senator with little experience named
Barack Husein
Obama, a far leaning liberal socialist.
But, it all starts with Senator McCain standing up
and being truthful by saying I am a moderate with many
years experience that can and will bring both sides
together and unite this country. If McCain chooses
the right message and people listen, they will vote
for him. Even the Conservative Right might have their
enthusiasm stirred up because, again, the alternative
is an extreme liberal socialist that has said and
promises more taxes and more government for all. "

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Everyone has been asking Carey's opinion, here it is

Everyone has been asking since it was revealed that Sarah Palin was McCains choice for VP what I think. Heres my thoughts on it.
I know I am violating President Reagans rule of never speaking ill of a fellow Republican and especially during the convention I should be careful not to take the momentum gained by the GOP but I am tired of seeing my country undergo a systematic destruction of values and way of life that has made America great. And thats how I feel, its my country, as you should take what's happening here in your homeland as personal also. My opinion is this, Senator McCain as well as the GOP is having a hard time finding itself. First Senator McCain snubs the Values Voters debate held in September '07. Then more recently he tried to distance himself from Pastor John Hagee and Pastor Rod Parsley. Are those Conservative principles? Don't think for a second I'm giving Barrack Hussein Obama a free pass, he didn't attend the Value Voters debate either. But he did attend a conference more in line with the Democratic platform. That forum was for the Gays - Lesbian - Bi's and Transgenders. All of you remember this right? Obama catered to his base but McCain forgot what makes the GOP the GOP, the true Conservative. Likewise the Republican party seems to be disjointed. This is a party that is applauding the choice of Sarah Palin as VP, has on stage former candidates Governor Huckabee and Represantative Ron Paul alongside of Governor Romney who supported the homosexual agenda and cross dressing Mayor Giuliani. It doesn't add up, does it?
So, either Senator McCain chose Governor Palin strictly as a political maneuver to trump Obama, he realized that he can't win without a Conservative base or he is what I have been saying he should run as, a moderate that can bring both sides together. How else can you explain having former Democratic presidential hopeful Al Gores running mate Senator Joe Lieberman stumping for you and then choosing a vice president as conservative as Sarah Palin? That shows signs of being able to reach across the aisle for unity.
In the end it really all comes down to Governor Sarah Palin. She has the weight of not only possibly being the first woman vice president but also carries the hopes of the conservative cause. Palin has a chance to set the standard for future women candidates and put the Republican agenda back on course. If she fails, it will be a set back for the Conservative Right but even a bigger set back for women.
Knowing nothing about Governor Palin until just recently I don't have much to go on other than judging her from her speech last night at the Republican Convention. I found her to be forceful when needed, humorous in other spots, her delivery was of a person with confidence, her voice was calm and reassuring unlike Hillary's that can make you wince, in all she hit a home run, no make that a grand slam and in doing so she made Senator McCain look brilliant.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

"Carey's Top 10 Ways to Make the Democratic Convention More Exciting"

"Try to squeeze Al Gore into the same suit he wore at the 2000 convention." -- One of David Letterman's "Top 10 Ways to Make the Democratic Convention More Fun."
Lisa from Erie sent that to me and immediately I got inspired. Never hearing or reading David Lettermans Top 10 about the Democratic Convention I thought I would write my own list.

So here is "Carey's Top 10 Ways to Make the Democratic Convention More Exciting"

10.Have Obama's Mother on stage to show the world he's part white

9. Let Queer Nation show up to face paint and shave chest hair.

8. Take up a collection to save cows

7. Have everyone address Obama as Hussein

6. Have EGore announce due to global warming we will now cut off the air conditioning

5. Serve nothing but vegetables and beans to show support for animal rights and then put out of order on all bath room doors.

4. Have Ruddy Giuliani show up dressed as a woman

3. Let Dennis Kucinich talk about passing a bill making it mandatory to love your neighbor

2. Revive Jerry Garcia and Timothy Leary and pass out drugs.