Thursday, October 02, 2008

Vote Democratic this November?

I started this article months ago and was going to let it just sit but with the elections coming up and all the financial turmoil America is in the timing is right for it to be completed. I hope this will open your eyes and tell everyone you know please do not vote Democratic. Their policies and thinking have America so screwed up and bogged down its going to take a miracle to undo their mess.
In a previous article I wrote titled "Hows the Summer Going" written on July 14th of this year, I briefly mention the problem of road repairs. Here's that line:
"You just never figure all the other things affected by this. Less gas sales, less taxes for road repair."
So what appeared in the AP on July 20th? "Dream of gas tax holiday falters over job losses". What is it about? Its about the Democratic congress proposing to raise the gas tax to offset the lost tax revenue from less fuel being sold to maintain our roads. Senator McCain at least was hoping to eliminate the federal gas tax temporarily help ease the pain at the pump but this shortfall is so great its impossible.
More recently, September 22Th, this problem was addressed yet again, and because of this HUGE shortfall gas tax may have to be raised an addtional 25 to 40 cents per gallon and/or license fees raised $5.75 to $19 on top of fee's raised by the county. Where is the average person suppose to come up with this money? And its all because of our no drill and environmental policies.
If that isn't enough to show the failure of the socialist/democratic party then maybe this will. A bill would require the president to make available oil from the government's Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Why is this a failure of an idea? Just think if we did tap into the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, with all the restrictions on exploring or drilling for new oil the Democrats have placed on us, if there is an extreme emergency we would of already have used up our reserve. Thats what its there for, EMERGENCIES, not for times such as now. Hats off to President Bush for not succumbing to the unwise and undo pressure put on him.
Thats not all, the lunacy continues. On CSPAN the other day I heard a man, usually I give the name of the person when I write but this guy made such a ridiculous statement that I will not even honor his absurdity. He said that the economic stimulus checks were a failure because people continued to drive instead of cutting back and saving oil. WHAT! Everyone I know has cut down on their driving but even if it was used for that purpose did he ever think people still need to get to work and shop. Besides, its our money anyways to spend as we see fit. Furthermore there would be no shortage if these people would allow us to build more refineries, explore and drill. What is wrong with these people? They create this mess and then they tell us drive less.
Are you ready for even more? In the recent energy bill, if this part wasn't left out of it, was: Give tax breaks for new energy efficiency programs, including the use of improved building codes and for companies that promote their employees' use of bicycles for commuting. GREAT! Just what we need. The government overseeing that employees go to work on bicycles. I do know some people take bikes to work but its there choice it shouldn't be the governments or their employer. What would the penalty be if the employee didn't follow the companies policy of riding a bike because of health reasons, would they be fired? And what about people searching for work who couldn't or can't ride a bike, would they less likely be hired? This is all madness. I could see it now in the future if this passed, they would then encourage unicycles to save the environment, one less tire is better!
Finally, the liberal left keeps telling us that lifting the drilling ban would have little if any impact on gasoline prices or produce any oil for years. So lets not do anything about this problem. Tomorrow never comes so why plan for it, using their logic this makes sense. Think how many years have passed sine Y2K or 911. Doesn't it seem like yesterday? If we would of started drilling back then, would we still have this mess? Its hard to say but this I do know, by doing nothing its only going to get worse. Much worse.
Still want to vote Democratic this November? If you do, ride a bike to the polls and show support for their policies.


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