Friday, October 17, 2008

Carey's Straight Talk

Wow where do we start. So much is happening - so much to say. Back in May I cleaned a Mr. Hero's, the owner was from Egypt. We got to talking about the economy. He told me when things in America are OK its bad in Egypt, when it gets rough over here things are terrible in Egypt as it is right now.
I've written this many times but as America goes so goes the world. All this clamoring to tinker with America socially and economically to get us in the global market has been the ruin of this nation. Instead of bringing the worlds standards up we have lowered ours so much the reverberation is felt worldwide. Right now, just to mention one more country, England's banks are in turmoil.
We can thank both parties for this. From President Bush Sr. who heralded the NEW WORLD ORDER and NAFTA, President Clinton who under his watch sold the soul of this nation on to President W. Bush who was busy trying to get even more countries on board like Columbia and Korea to add to the free trade list.
And of the three current running for office, Senator McCain signed all the trade agreements, Senator Joe Biden almost all and Senator Obama gave double talk when he said he's not for NAFTA but won't try to repeal it. Can this be why nothing is done about the illegals because soon borders won't matter?
I will never forget that day back in 1993 hearing the news NAFTA was signed. It was like someone just told me I was homeless, well it took a while but it seems this country is heading down the path where the majority could be left homeless.
In last nights debate the question was raised about what both parties have done concerning globalism and how its ruining America. Obama skirted the issue because he is a globalist and McCain I shut it off not to hear his non-answer so can't report what he said. Neither one wanted to tell you the real reason for this mess. I will, FREE TRADE and globalism.
Obama blasted President Bush of the deficit he has run up since he took office. But did Barack come out and mention some of the things W. had to deal with? Things as 911, a war, and natural disasters like Katrina. Or did he mention the biggest reason? President Bush Jr. is the first
president having to deal with China as a most favored nation. If NAFTA was a giant sucking sound that took jobs out of here as Ross Perot said then the Chinese trade agreement is more like a black hole. Both parties at the top won't fess up to this. And I have to throw it right back at Bush Jr. because as I mentioned above, did he try to pull back and stop the bleeding? No he wanted more countries lined up to connect the dots of a global market.
The banking crisis is a whole other story but if you want this country to turn around we need to take major steps right now to return jobs to these shores so people can pay off their loans or just eat. And the steps to do that are, repeal all unfair free trade deals - abolish unions and or enact right to work laws - tell the government hands off with your EPA, cafe standards and regulations - lower taxes - and become energy independent by drilling for oil, using our coal and build new nuclear plants. Until we do those things our standards will never return to where they once were and you might as well get in line for a global melt down and a one world ruler because thats where this is heading.


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