Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Still want to vote democrat? from Careys archives 1-08

This was written in January, 2008 but never sent out.

So much is happening its impossible to keep up.
Below is an email that I received today. Read it - change some wording to compensate for the era and you are back in NAZI Germany, trying to pray with out repercusions.
Back in December when I was gathering signatures to place Mike Huckabee on the ballot in Lake County a similiar scenario was playing out. I thought I had a sure fire plan - go to the churches I know. One Pastor, when I mentioned on the phone what I was doing, abruptly said NO and good by. Another church that I attend on occasions and know quite a few in the congregation I decided to go with clip board in hand. After the bible study I was received as if I just pulled out a gun, everyone avoided me and took off. The assistant pastor said we can't do that here. I had to explain in whisper that I was a delegate for Mike Huckabee. These people were so fearful of the government and of the lie of separation of church and state that I couldn't even talk about this in the parking lot. This is going on all across America. The push is from the communist/socialist running as Democrats. Need further proof read this email I received.

Carey, I know that Glenn plans to write to you, but I also wanted to thank you for your support. Glenn is up for Re-Election and they are making a campaign issue about his prayers, plus many other things. GLenn lost his father in World War II, and his mother died 18 months later. He was raised by family, but never let the fact he was an orphan slow down his ambition. He worked for Nationwide Ins. for 39 years and owned and operated 5 offices. He is a strong man of faith, and when He was voted President of the board, he did what he has always done, started with prayer. For 9 months it wasn't an issue, and as we got closer to the primary, those who oppose Glenn started making it a issue. Several advised Glenn it would be best for him politically if he stopped, he refused!! Our current president is Kris Jordan who is running for state rep. He picked up where Glenn left off and prays before each session. Glenn has received over 700 e-mails
offering prayer and support. This is what gets us through. The latest attack was his web site. (We are not good with computers) so a friend of ours set up the web-site which had a clip supporting our troops. It was a wonderful clip with music in the back ground. He found the clip on U-Tube..(Glenn and I had never been on U-Tube and I didn't know what it was) One of those who are attacking GLenn found that if you clicked several times there was a follow-up by someone who had added a horrible message (again we were not aware it was there) They cut and pasted the 4 letter words to our clip and sent it to the local papers, and to our State Rep. and Congressman Tieberi, stating that Glenn had intentionally put this evil on his site.. Glenn is the most patriotic man I know. He would never, ever do anything unkind to our troops. He goes to see all the local Men and Women off, prays for them and if possible he is there to welcome them home. This
gives you an idea of how evil they are. They make fun of him on u-tube--they laugh at him at candidates nights, but HE IS STANDING STRONG. I am so proud of him. He would gladly lay down his life for his Lord and his country. He is a man of Honor, with a kind and gentle nature. It is so important that you continue to pray for him.
God Bless You
Donna Evans

Still want to vote Democratic??

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