Thursday, December 07, 2017

Today’s celebrities and politicians sing yesterday’s hits

The song collection you’ve been waiting for!

Matt Lauer sings “Touch me in the morning”

Rep. Joe Barton does “Let it all hang out”

Sen. Al Franken wows you with “Loving, Touching, Squeezing'

Charlie Rose streaks through “The Streak”

They’re all here! Garrison Keillor - Rep. John Conyers – Andy Dick – Harvey Weinstein and more!

Steven Seagal “See Me Feel Me”

Kevin Spacey lets loose with “I Know What Boys Like”

I just love this toe tapping album it takes me back to when I was Commander and Chief of the Oral Office.
Bill Clinton

Included in this collection are the bonus songs by Hillary Clinton "Breaking Down" and President Trump croons “Swamp Music”

Carey On...

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Another bill bites the dust to the tune of Another One Bites the Dust - Another Carey Parody

With Trump's recent action of trying to unravel Obama-care and decertifying' Irans nuclear deal I thought it was time for another Carey Parody.

Another Bill Bites the Dust to the tune of Another One Bites the Dust

Trump walks boldly down the street
With illegals laying low
Ain't no sound but the sound of his feet
Repeals are ready to go

Are Dems ready, are Libs ready for fits
The liberals on the edge of their seat
Out of the nighttime the tweets do rip
Replying to media creeps

Another bill bites the dust
Another bill bites the dust
And another one gone, and another one gone
Another bill bites the dust

Hey, Trump’s gonna cut that too
Another bill bites the dust

How do you think they’re going to get along
Without their perks they’re gone
Obama took me for everything that I had
And taxed me out of my home

Are libs worried, are they horrified
How long can they stand Trump’s heat

Out of the nighttime the tweets do rip
Replying to media creeps

Another bill bites the dust
Another bill bites the dust
Another bill bites the dust
Another bill bites the dust

There are plenty of ways you can hurt a Dem
‘N make em literally mad
Dump Obamacare and sending illegals home

Is Trumps ready, yes Trumps ready for them
He’s standing on his own two feet
Out of the nighttime the tweets do rip
Replying to media creeps

Another bill bites the dust


Thursday, August 24, 2017

Why stand with Colin, what about Tim

I get away for a few days for a vacation, take a break from news, when I return I hear about the protest for Colin Kaepernick.

So here is a question for my black friends, specifically CHRISTIAN black friends who have been vocal in their support of Colin.

Tim Tebow took a knee to pray and he was blackballed
Colin Kaepernick takes a knee to protest against America

Career stats for Colin were not stellar,
Tim's were average with a hint of a possible good to great career, he was only in the league a few years so its hard to judge.

So why is it you support Colin and not Tim?
Is it because of color only? If you are a Christian shouldn't you stand with your brother in Christ or should you stand with color only?

This may remind you of how exciting Tebow was:


Saturday, May 06, 2017

Obama-care repeal and replace

So is everyone pleased now that Obama-care has been repealed and replaced or on the way of being?
I am not certain as I have not read the details as of yet. However I am just as concerned as when Obama took over health care as I am now. Watching President Trump and the rest of Ryan’s gang gloat makes me uneasy.

The truth is this; the Federal government has NO business toying with your healthcare.
If they did really care they would amp up enforcement of all illegals and ship them out ASAP.
The illegals put an enormous strain on our hospitals mostly by using the emergency room.
And if you want to use a tax to fund healthcare the way to do that is remove all tax from cigarettes and alcohol that pay for billionaire stadiums and instead levy a 20% tax on those products which erode health.
Start with those 2 issues and then kick it back to the states. Even then I don't want my state involved in my healthcare.

This is why I am disappointed with Trump that he just didn’t defund Obama-care and let it die. But I didn’t expect it, hoped for it but never expected it to happen. He never campaigned on getting rid of Obama-care. So Trump is on course of doing what he said he would do, repeal and replace.

Below was written when the first proposed replacement health care plan failed.
Now that a new plan has passed the House is what I wrote still relevant? I think so but you decide.

Consistently throughout the campaign Trump gave two answers for most everything. The ones on the right only heard those things on the right, the ones on the left never bothered to listen to what Trump said leaning towards the left.

For instance, if you think back Trump consistently bashed Romney while on the campaign trail. But Trump’s bashing was never that I am aware of about Romney’s policy, it was about his failed and miserable campaign that he ran.

So does Trump really feel the replacement for Obama-care was the best plan? Probably, after all he did endorse Romney the real architect of Obama-care, because the replacement is more tweaking rather than what it is called, a replacement.

Either way it appears our federal government is entrenched in our healthcare. A tax never goes away and neither does a federal program no matter how temporary it is supposed to be.

Carey Masci

Something else to think about.
Another reason for our mess with health insurance is - JOBS!, good jobs, jobs with benefits that are getting harder to find.
You can thank the overly strong tactics of Unions that overpriced jobs and also the globalist agenda of NAFTA and other horrible trade deals that put Americans at a disadvantage.
On top of that compounding the problem is the countless number of people who have decided to be self employed because they couldn't find work. Many of these people cannot afford insurance.
What a mess we created in America. Sad.

Monday, April 24, 2017

World Events and Prophesy in the Making 1

OK I have been absent from my political blog a bit too long. This should have been posted weeks ago.

I guess with this, President Trump gave the go ahead to bomb Syria. Some are saying this is the start of WWIII, maybe, others are disappointed with Trump for this action, I‘m not. I told everyone from the very beginning I was not a blind Trump supporter and I’m still not. I was 100% against evil Hillary, I loved the thought of a non-politician being president and maybe there was a good chance that Trump surrounding himself with the right people could end up on the right side of things spiritually and legislatively. That’s why I voted Trump.

So not in the least bit has President Trump’s current actions regarding Syria have surprised me. President Trump said repeatedly during his campaign he was going after ISIS, so again no surprise. But the big question is do we really know what is going on in Syria? Does President Trump really feel he is doing the right thing or is he being manipulated by the new world order to further undermine and destabilize the Middle East to cause a major war? Is this why the media keeps on thrusting Russia at us to start that war?

It has quieted down somewhat because of all the current events but it infuriates me all this ridiculous talk of Russia interfering in our election. I believe it is just an evil ploy by the establishment to get Americans irritated with Putin. From what I understand Putin has thumbed his nose at the new world order. He wants no part of it. However he does want to stay relevant globally and to be recognized as such. So this is what I am concerned with.

The establishment new world order crowd will keep prodding and kicking the Bear with the Bear finally having enough to retaliate against America in some way. Could we be seeing this in Syria as the real reason for the air strikes to get America and Russia to go at it? Did President Trump fall right into this trap? Think about this possible scenario.

Even though the US is spread out fighting many battles Russia still cannot stand up to America’s might. So what could Russia possibly do? Form a coalition with Arab countries. And how do you accomplish this? Tell the Arab countries join us in fighting the US and we will march into Israel with you. Plausible? Maybe. And wouldn't this be a biblical prophesy? Keep an eye on this as it could unfold as I said.

To be continued....

Just an added thought. Remember when Sarah Palin said she could see Russia from Alaska. and  how the media laughed at her. Well what has been seen near Alaska recently?

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Samsung Blues another Carey Parody

Hey Gang,
So your Smart TV is smarter than you think. It is now out in the open that Samsung has been watching you while you were watching it. Well with that revelation I bring you "Samsung Blues" sung to the tune of "Song Sung Blue".

Samsung Blues
Samsung blues
Everybody owns one
Samsung blues
So unlike the old ones

Me and you are subject to the snoops now and then
But when they tape the snoops and voice commands
You’ve been spied on again
Been spied on again

Samsung blues
Sneaking like a criminal
Samsung blues
Peeping as through a window

See ever’ything, even hear you sing, quiet whispers or noise
And before you know, it was recording you
You simply had no choice

Me and you are subject to the snoops now and then
But when they tape the snoops and voice commands
You been spied on again

Samsung blues
Sneaking like a criminal
Samsung blues
Peeping as through a window

See ever’ything, even hear you sing quiet whispers or noise
And before you know, it was recording you
You simply had no choice

Samsung blues
Samsung blues

Thursday, March 09, 2017

A Day Without Women

It has been a while since I posted anything in my political blog. I have many topics I like to write about, but the energy or lack of stemming from the absurd thinking of so many Americans makes me say to myself why, is it worth wasting my time trying to inform and educate? Who knows?

So instead of finishing the multiple topics I started I will write about the day without women protest that happened.
Yes I am a day late, as always but here it is my two cents anyway on the absurd gathering of a bunch of mean spirited cackling hens that don’t know whether they are women or men. It’s just sad that instead of giving us one day without them they didn’t make it a year or longer as I am not exactly sure what is it they want.
Where in the Constitution or any of our founding documents that state it is OK for abortions? How is this a right? Or what about them demanding personal hygiene products, why should I have to pay for them through my taxes? What do they want?

I will continue on with a quote. We quote famous people all the time but why don’t we quote friends or acquaintances around us? So I like to quote something my good friend Cynthia said:

“I love being a woman, I embrace it, I know God made males and females differently.”

It is just good to know that there are women out there who don’t wish or try to pee standing up. Really, what is wrong with a woman being a woman? The way the feminist Nazi’s talk and act they actually degrade being a woman. They are just as much to blame if not more so than men for women not being treated with respect and dignity.
Nothing wrong with a woman being handy, outdoorsy, especially a woman who has been raised on a farm that can do most everything but a real woman can do those things and still know how to act like a lady. I have been around them so I don’t talk in ignorance.

Enough of my thoughts, I started to drift, please read these and tell me if these are fair.

My father complained about this many many times while he worked at a factory. He was set up on a machine next to a woman who ran the same type. Not that it matters but her name was Rosie and no not Rosie the Riveter. This woman was not at all riveting.
Anyway Dad would complain that he had to load his machine and press buttons while the woman next to him only pressed buttons. Why? Because Dad would have to go to her machine and load the steel because she couldn’t. But because of seniority and being a woman she got paid more than he did. Is this fair?

I use to maintain a printing company so I know this story firsthand. Two employees got into it. Both were fired even though one was clearly in the right. The reason why - one was a man and the other was a woman and not just a woman but a lesbian. I asked why didn’t they just fire the woman as she was a known drunk and messed up in the past. The answer was because of lawsuits. The company wanted to avoid court time defending itself against discriminating. Is this fair?

One more for you
I was told that a company which I thought was owned by the husband was actually owned by his wife. The reason given was in Cuyahoga County some jobs have to go to women and not the best company whether male or female owned. Not to lose out on these good paying jobs he had to place the business in his wife’s name. Is this fair?

In conclusion a day without women can be a very good thing but it all depends on what kind of women we are talking about.

Carey On….

Friday, February 10, 2017

more on the Philippines.

36,000 are now being evacuated. Wide spread damage. The Philippine army is doing what they can but the Muslims have enough human shields that keep the army from doing an all out attack.

The Moro National Liberation Front is behind this. In 2010 when I was in the Philippines I stayed at the resort of Dakkak while they had a gathering there. In 2012 at Astoria a party center, the day before we had it there was a Muslim wedding being peformed and the Philippine army had the place surrounded because they weren't sure if they were up to no good, the day after during our event it was quiet and peaceful.

Gun control, this is a perfect example of why guns should never be illegal to own or carry. In the Philippines it is unlawful to own a gun. Many live in fear because of kidnappers and that fear has recently become even more of a reality. The people there are told to stay indoors because of the Muslim uprisings.. The Muslim radicals are well armed but ordinary citizens aren't. How can they protect or defend themselves?

Those trapped or who are left in the city sleep dressed in case they have to flee. They also have one person stay awake to keep a vigil in case there is an attack. The question arises often in me, how will they defend themselves when they have NO guns but the enemy has?

Muslims advance slowly but steady. I sent an article out back in 2012 calling shame on the Philippines for brokering a deal with the Muslims giving them some land and calling it peace. The Muslims know NO peace. When world leaders make an agreement they celebrate peace and relax thinking the problem is solved. But when Muslims accept a cease in conflict its a time to reassess, rearm and immediately make plans for future advances. When will the world say enough to this Muslim scourge that keeps making them look like fools?

Most of the Filipino people have very little to begin with and now what little they have is being taken away by evil YES evil Muslims. I have made friends with many while over there, Ruth obviously has friends and family. They are some of the nicest people you will ever meet and have great respect for the US. I am deeply disturbed knowing that they are not eating tonight, sleeping in fear and what little they have is either up in flames or they have no access to it. I can't even send them money to help out while they can't work because the banks are closed, stores are closed, no food - nothing, Red Cross is now trying to get food and supplies in. Wake up America. This may be coming to a town near you.

More tomorrow.
Carey Masci

Friday, January 20, 2017

A look back at the past 8 years....

A few sentences from an article I wrote in Sept. 26, 2006. *....Jumping ahead but have to add this, is the time right for an African-American as president? YES, it just won't be coming from the left side.....*
At least I was partially right.

Obama has been such a disappointment, no make that a travesty, that in 8 years I never had the chance to sit back and enjoy history. I waited for this moment. In 2006 I wrote an article stating the time was right for a black as president and then we got Obama. Race relations have deteriorated, homosexuality and the promotion of transsexualism was at the forefront of all his policy's, Islam ravaged nations while Christians were beheaded and killed, statements like we are no longer a Christian nation, bowing to heads of foreign government, alienating some of our strongest allies like the Philippines and Israel, going against the moral conduct of the bible, the take over from Obama Scare with health insurance rates sky rocketing up, mandate after mandates, coal mines shuttered, the appointing of czars,wars and more wars and this is just some of the outlandish things he has done. After 8 years I cannot think of one positive to write about. Please someone tell me one thing that Obama has done that I can feel proud of?

This is a collection of some of the things I wrote about during the last 8 years while the great impostor was residing in the White House. Thank God it's over!
September 22, 2008
The free trade agreements are some of the reasons why our country is in a mess. Do you think Obama/Biden two Liberal Socialists with globalist views, expanded government and higher taxes is the answer? C'mon don't make me laugh.

Flashback to 2008
Though many of these things did not come true Obama did move them forward. And if Hillary would have won, all of these would have come to pass.

A Top 10

You don't have to spend your money, I will do it for you. I am Barrack Obama and I approve of this message.

CAUTION: I am one of those religious cling on's Obama warned you about.

McCain a Moderate - Palin a Conservative Obama a Socialist Liberal - Biden a Socialist Liberal Which two are closer to America's founding beliefs?

Not a bit of understanding of the change Obama can and may bring. I tried telling people Obama's father was Kenyan. Isn't that enough of a red flag?

Bill Clinton was labeled and called himself America's first black president. Now during a recent trip to Asia President Obama called himself "America's first Pacific President." You figure it out. I just want an American as my president.

President Obama is on a spending frenzy with no end in sight. He is making President Bush Jr. look like a tightwad and he hasn't even had a full year in office yet.

Chicago didnt get the olympics. I guess President Obama didn't make a strong enough pitch that drive by shootings, dodge the bullet and hide the money envelop qualifies the city.

Congress came up with a way to save electricity at the White House. They are shutting off President Obama's TelePrompTer. The President was speechless.

Notice the date December 29, 2010
In case you haven't figured it out yet here is my prediction for the presidential election in 2012. It will be Mitt Romney as the GOP nominee against Obama and Obama wins big. Keep an eye on Hillary, she is jockeying for position.

The Obama administration promised change and we are getting it. By the time he is done so much damage will have occurred that it will take years if ever to put this nation back to where it once was a Godly nation that was feared, respected and envied by the world. We are now no better than any other nation, maybe worse. The allowance of sodomites to serve openly is a travesty as far as I am concerned. It is one thing to allow homosexuals a job, everyone needs to earn a living and everyone is entitled to certain unalienable rights but when actions cross moral boundaries and the laws of nature that's where those rights end, the public should not be forced to accept that kind of behavior, especially when representing a nation.

Mitts head was bent in sorrow, green backs fell like rain,
I really am a conservative but my governing is a stain
And I'll never win the White House that Johnson is a pain
Obama wasn't worried though he knew he would still reign
But if only I could throw that Joe beneath a speeding train

David Copperfield no longer has the title of best magician. That honor now goes to Obama. I agree, anyone who can make 14 trillion dollars disappear has my vote.

Newt said you can't mount a gun rack on a Chevy Volt and Obama said but you can mount a stun gun.

Obama recently was singing the blues in the East Room of the White House. It’s the first time he has connected with the voting public who have been singing the blues since he got elected.

Obama is the alternative president. He is for alternative fuels, alternative lifestyles, alternative foods. I just wish he would find an alternative country to go live.

I finally succumbed and signed up for Obamacare. But a strange thing happened; I was redirected to a witch doctor in Brazil.

VP Biden had to explain to President Obama that Black Friday is not an extension of Black History month.

More on Obamacare Obama made the announcement that the US has entered an agreement with eBay to start listing healthcare. Obama said listing healthcare services on eBay is the American way, it is fair for everyone and it is transparent. For instance if you should need brain surgery you can bid on it. If you lose the bid, then it is obvious brain surgery to you was not that important. But if you do have the highest bid and you pay on time, the doctor performing it will leave you good feedback which is great if you should ever need let’s say kidney transplant. They will trust you and you will be treated. Likewise if you received brain surgery you can then leave feedback on the doctor. If it worked out you can say so, if you should die then you can leave feedback saying do not trust this doctor, I died. This is the American way, fair for all and very transparent and let’s not forget, eBay is easier to use then my Obamacare website

Obama is following Hitler's playbook. Brilliant, the man is no dummy. Want to take down a nation, mess with its morals and religion

I am the Tea Party – All others stand at the harbor and watch.
Carey Masci

One more from 2011
Obama is doing such a horrible job, he has made such a mess of this economy that he has set a group of people back years! All the hard work they have accomplished to get where they are today has been undone. Very sad. Oh I am not talking about black people, I am talking about community organizers.

But all is not lost. Before Obama took office I gave you my top 10 list of good things to come out of him being elected. Now I give you an updated top 10 of more good things that have either already happened or will happen if Obama is elected to two terms.
Here it is. Top Ten Reasons Why Two Terms of Obama Ain't That Bad:
10. Obama makes the Bush Jr. years look like the good ole days
9. Michelle Obama lobbies for cash for chunkers where you receive $5000 for turning in a fat person
8. The high prices of gas makes everyone save money cause they cant afford to leave their house
7. Mitt Romney won't be our president
6. Fat kids no longer exist since Happy Meals have been banned
5. Expensive free health care is available for all
4. Prime Minister of Israel Natenyahu agrees to go back to the borders of 67 if Obama goes back to where he was living in 67 - Indonesia
3. Obama gives us new definitions to words like illegals which now means undocumented workers and homeless people are now called outdoors-men.
2. Donuts now have their ingredients listed
And the Number One Reason Why Two Terms of Obama Ain't That Bad is.....
1. Obama promises by the end of his second term that everyone will have two czars in every garage.

Now doesn't that make you feel better?