Monday, April 24, 2017

World Events and Prophesy in the Making 1

OK I have been absent from my political blog a bit too long. This should have been posted weeks ago.

I guess with this, President Trump gave the go ahead to bomb Syria. Some are saying this is the start of WWIII, maybe, others are disappointed with Trump for this action, I‘m not. I told everyone from the very beginning I was not a blind Trump supporter and I’m still not. I was 100% against evil Hillary, I loved the thought of a non-politician being president and maybe there was a good chance that Trump surrounding himself with the right people could end up on the right side of things spiritually and legislatively. That’s why I voted Trump.

So not in the least bit has President Trump’s current actions regarding Syria have surprised me. President Trump said repeatedly during his campaign he was going after ISIS, so again no surprise. But the big question is do we really know what is going on in Syria? Does President Trump really feel he is doing the right thing or is he being manipulated by the new world order to further undermine and destabilize the Middle East to cause a major war? Is this why the media keeps on thrusting Russia at us to start that war?

It has quieted down somewhat because of all the current events but it infuriates me all this ridiculous talk of Russia interfering in our election. I believe it is just an evil ploy by the establishment to get Americans irritated with Putin. From what I understand Putin has thumbed his nose at the new world order. He wants no part of it. However he does want to stay relevant globally and to be recognized as such. So this is what I am concerned with.

The establishment new world order crowd will keep prodding and kicking the Bear with the Bear finally having enough to retaliate against America in some way. Could we be seeing this in Syria as the real reason for the air strikes to get America and Russia to go at it? Did President Trump fall right into this trap? Think about this possible scenario.

Even though the US is spread out fighting many battles Russia still cannot stand up to America’s might. So what could Russia possibly do? Form a coalition with Arab countries. And how do you accomplish this? Tell the Arab countries join us in fighting the US and we will march into Israel with you. Plausible? Maybe. And wouldn't this be a biblical prophesy? Keep an eye on this as it could unfold as I said.

To be continued....

Just an added thought. Remember when Sarah Palin said she could see Russia from Alaska. and  how the media laughed at her. Well what has been seen near Alaska recently?

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Anonymous said...

I believe Trump,while maybe sincere, is doing just what the world banking cartel wants. Syria has no central bank, Nor Korea or Iran. Remember Iraq & Libya? Neither did they. -Gale