Thursday, March 09, 2017

A Day Without Women

It has been a while since I posted anything in my political blog. I have many topics I like to write about, but the energy or lack of stemming from the absurd thinking of so many Americans makes me say to myself why, is it worth wasting my time trying to inform and educate? Who knows?

So instead of finishing the multiple topics I started I will write about the day without women protest that happened.
Yes I am a day late, as always but here it is my two cents anyway on the absurd gathering of a bunch of mean spirited cackling hens that don’t know whether they are women or men. It’s just sad that instead of giving us one day without them they didn’t make it a year or longer as I am not exactly sure what is it they want.
Where in the Constitution or any of our founding documents that state it is OK for abortions? How is this a right? Or what about them demanding personal hygiene products, why should I have to pay for them through my taxes? What do they want?

I will continue on with a quote. We quote famous people all the time but why don’t we quote friends or acquaintances around us? So I like to quote something my good friend Cynthia said:

“I love being a woman, I embrace it, I know God made males and females differently.”

It is just good to know that there are women out there who don’t wish or try to pee standing up. Really, what is wrong with a woman being a woman? The way the feminist Nazi’s talk and act they actually degrade being a woman. They are just as much to blame if not more so than men for women not being treated with respect and dignity.
Nothing wrong with a woman being handy, outdoorsy, especially a woman who has been raised on a farm that can do most everything but a real woman can do those things and still know how to act like a lady. I have been around them so I don’t talk in ignorance.

Enough of my thoughts, I started to drift, please read these and tell me if these are fair.

My father complained about this many many times while he worked at a factory. He was set up on a machine next to a woman who ran the same type. Not that it matters but her name was Rosie and no not Rosie the Riveter. This woman was not at all riveting.
Anyway Dad would complain that he had to load his machine and press buttons while the woman next to him only pressed buttons. Why? Because Dad would have to go to her machine and load the steel because she couldn’t. But because of seniority and being a woman she got paid more than he did. Is this fair?

I use to maintain a printing company so I know this story firsthand. Two employees got into it. Both were fired even though one was clearly in the right. The reason why - one was a man and the other was a woman and not just a woman but a lesbian. I asked why didn’t they just fire the woman as she was a known drunk and messed up in the past. The answer was because of lawsuits. The company wanted to avoid court time defending itself against discriminating. Is this fair?

One more for you
I was told that a company which I thought was owned by the husband was actually owned by his wife. The reason given was in Cuyahoga County some jobs have to go to women and not the best company whether male or female owned. Not to lose out on these good paying jobs he had to place the business in his wife’s name. Is this fair?

In conclusion a day without women can be a very good thing but it all depends on what kind of women we are talking about.

Carey On….

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Anonymous said...

Maybe they should buy our toilet paper then we would be even. LOL - Gale P