Monday, September 29, 2008

Your response to Ter's heartfelt letter

Some of you responded to Ter' and here's those responses. Anyone else care to add your comments feel free to jump on board as I can send part 2.

terry,,pray to the Father, in Jesus name.......................He will guide you.. thx for sharing from your American Heart,,,GOD BLESS AMERICA
Mark and Debbie Indiana

Hi Carey,

Please let Ter know that I can identify with him. I too, born in Feb. 1948,
grew up in a hard working, Democrat and Union loyal family.

Please tell him he is a voice, it may be a small voice, but it is NOT
insignificant. As long as he keeps espousing his opinions, he IS a voice to be heard.

His WWII veteran dad would be proud of him, as is mine.
Vince in Pa

God Bless Those Detroiters! Some of the finest people I know!
Mike & Danielle Gutierrez

Thank you for sharing this.
Connie in NC

Inteteresting letter Carey, I didn't know you have a friend in Detroit, where I use to live. Matt had a job in Detroit and we had to move you know, because they shut down the factory where they cut and shipped steel. I too agree something should be said about bringing the jobs back.
When I was in Detroit area, I talked to a family from India they ended up moving back to India. Kind of funny because they couldn't find a job in the field that they were in, they said they had an easier time back home.
I was really pissed when Levi's left the country. I'm not sure you seen the Levi's commercial about 2 yrs before they had an ad American made, what happened to that? I shop at the dollar store and look for things made in America and in of all places Walmart I get happy when I see something from USA.
And you know it really pisses me off about them helping the banks on wall street. I guess if any big corp screws up you get help? My husbands friend works for one of the corporations. He was told he didn't have a job, but guess what now he does,lol. that's irony for you. Right now he is in Japan doing some business.

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