Friday, November 21, 2008

I wrote this in 2006, pretty prophetic

Hey Gang,
Going through my archives for help in an article I am writing and came across this.

With the budget being busted, the national debt soaring, the war in Iraq, gas prices rising, GM and Ford on the ropes and other serious issues people ask me how can you be a Republican. Someone told me that I should think about switching parties. So how can I adequately promote this party (Republican) and candidates? How do I answer their criticism?

Here is my answer....
Whether those reasons I listed are the Republicans fault or not people still complain that it has happened under the Bush administration. Instead of arguing otherwise I tell them plain and simple because
of moral and ethic reasons I have to vote Republican. This is still the only party that stands for true American principles and values.
One of the biggest reason for sustained GOP victories is because of the Conservative/Christian right. It is a powerful voting group that is very
firm in their beliefs.
The last few years liberal and moderate Republicans have been grabbing more time in the spotlight. This type of Republican will alienate the base of the party. Whether its McCain stumping with Kerry or Kennedy, people like Giuliani or the Log Cabin Republicans (which is a farce) it will disenfranchise the Conservative Right.
The only way to guarantee that this doesn't happen is to elect true Conservative Republicans. This primary I hope the higher ups in the party don't interfere as they did in 2004 in the Pennsylvania race between Pat Toomey and Arlen Specter or locally here
in XXXX - XXXXX. (had to X that out)
If they do interfere and more liberal and moderates get elected you will see a falling away of this base and the passion the conservative right showed to get Pres. W. Bush elected won't be there or they will vote
democrat in protest.
***** I may be jumping ahead but this does go along with
this topic - I know quite a few Christians and Vietnam vets who won't vote for a McCain ticket in '08. Trust me on this!*******
As for this primary I will be voting for Ken Blackwell for Governor and Tim Grendel for Ohio Attorney General which I believe to be in the true Conservative mold.
Hope you will do the same and support the true conservatives on the ballot this primary.

Carey Masci
Now do you know why McCain lost, I wrote this in 2006! Anyone out there??? Hello!!

Carey Masci

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