Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dece. 1st could see massive chaos of riots in America

Another Democrat and another scandal BUT this is far worse than the Clinton ones. This could undermine America's Constitution. Obama's eligibility to be our president is being challenged in court. The deadline to release his true birth certificate is December 1, 2008. If he does not abide and hand the birth certificate over to the Supreme Court, they will decide to either let his election stand or McCain/Palin win by default. If the election is handed over to McCain, head for the hills, grab your guns, and avoid the major cities, this could get real ugly!
I have tried in ernest to educate people with all the means and avenues I have. And even though I am not an insider, I am one of you, they still don't want to listen. While its obvious Republicans want a true conservative but by not voting for McCain look at the alternative that was elected. Furthermore I tried telling people Obama's father was Kenyan. Isn't that enough of a red flag? Its quite obvious to me. So, its not our elected officials that sell us out, its the citizens of America who elect these undesirables or lack of voting in the primaries to elect admirable candidates who put these criminals in.

May God help us.

This issue concerning Obama has been sent around the net and talked about on radio and TV - this is not a hoax. Jeff M. sent this version to me. I keep telling you people do the research, just do the research.

Press release and motion attached below
(Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania – 09/10/08) - Philip J. Berg, Esquire, the Attorney who filed suit against Barack H. Obama challenging Senator Obama’s eligibility to serve as President of the United States, filed a Motion for Extensive and Expedited Discovery including the Depositions of Barack Obama and Howard Dean, Chairman of the Democratic National Committee [DNC] with a Special Master in the case of Berg vs. Obama, Civil Action No. 08-cv-4083, on 09/09/08. Berg stressed to the Court the urgency of this case as, we the people, are heading to a “Constitutional Crisis” if this case is not resolved forthwith.
Philip J. Berg, Esquire


Ted said...

Two corrections to your posting: 1) With Obama disqualified, it would become McCain/Biden, not McCain/Palin, as POTUS and VPOTUS are selected by the electors separately; 2) technically, Supreme Court Justice Souter is requiring Obama to respond to Berg's request for certiorari to the US Supreme Court on Dec 1, and Souter has not specifically called for Obama to produce the birth certificate at that time, albeit it certainly would behoove Obama to produce it then, since without it, Obama WILL ultimately be disqualified by the Supreme Court -- with the full Court taking the case in the absence of the birth certificate or adequate explanation by Obama.

Carey K. Masci said...

Thank you Ted for the corrections, though I was told it would be a McCain/Palin administration inserted. Maybe you're right, need to research it more I guess. The other thing is it's not a for sure that ultimately Obama would be disqualified, the Court has come up with unconstitutional decisions before. Time will tell, thank you for your comments!

Ted said...

Carey, without the birth certificate (or adequate explanation by Obama for not having it), I don't see any way whatsoever for the US Supreme Court to allow Obama to be POTUS.

I've walked around this issue time and time again, looking at it, and I don't see ANY WAY for Obama to win. The Constitution must and WILL be upheld and enforced by the Supreme Court. The Constitution's language is clear.

Ted said...

And, one more point, which is, IF the Supreme Court were to disqualify Obama only AFTER he already is inaugurated POTUS on January 20, 2009 (as opposed to before the inauguration or before the electors vote), the POTUS selection would then go to the House of Representatives. That is one reason I feel that Hillary is showing she's chummy chummy with Obama on the Secretary of State thing, is to help move the Democratic House of Rep then to select Hillary for POTUS.

Ted said...

Unavoidable scenario: If SCOTUS disqualifies Obama BEFORE 1/20/09 inauguration, McCain is POTUS per remaining electoral college electors; if SCOTUS disqualifies Obama after 1/20/09 inauguration, Hillary likely becomes POTUS per vote of Dem controlled House of Rep. Either way, is clear Obama will NOT be or remain POTUS.

mombrown1 said...

Ted if he is disqualified after Jan 20 then Biden becomes President because he will already have been inaugurated. The VP is always inaugurated first in case something should happen to the president elect. Then a VP would be selected.