Monday, November 24, 2008


I accumulated these over the past few months. Short bits of information you need to know, at least I think you should know.

Where's the shortage?
What did I tell you? So where is this shortage of oil? Has suddenly the world found a glut? C'mon - if there was a real shortage why are we paying lower now? Shortages don't go away. And if our beloved Democratic congress was smart and had our best interest in mind they would IMMEDIATELY remove any and all regulations and restrictions and DRILL! This would break the backs of speculators and OPEC and tell them we don't need your oil. As for the American people... we have seen this before so don't get to complacent and start wasting fuel. Think smart, drive smart and conserve because tomorrow the gas could go back up to 4 bucks, listen to me please.

poop on sign
Everyone knows I was not a big McCain fan BUT look at the alternative. So to combat the Obama's signs everywhere in Euclid I put a McCain/Palin up. It was immediately stolen. I found it down the street in shreds. I patched it and put up it back up in the bushes in my front yard. I also went and got a new sign. But I was so mad and disappointed when the new sign wasn't taken. Why? Because I went to my neighbors yard and rubbed it in dog poop. I thought that will show those socialist wackos what America will smell like when Obama is done. After the election I did have my moment of happiness and revenge as the sign was taken. Wish I could of seen their faces. What stinks - its not me - it is you - hey its my hands.....

The American People have been duped
Once again the well informed voters of America have been duped. How so this time? By Obama and his campaign of change. What change? The people he wants to select for his cabinet and his backers are all old Democratic retreads. Hillary, Biden, Franks.... Is that change?? Same old - same old. Honestly, what change do you think will happen with that bunch of drunks, queers and criminals?

Is the GOP the Grand New Party
Is the GOP dead? As I mentioned above the party that brought us Jesse Jackson - the Kennedy's - the Clinton's is still alive and well - unfortunately. But has the guard changed at the GOP? Stevens from Alaska is done, lets hope we have seen the last of the Bushes, Cheney and McCain (even though McCain did make some amends by giving us Palin). There is still Arlene Specter, Benedict Arnold in Cali. and a few others floating around. BUT if America can weather this moral and financial tsunami about to hit I like the prospect of America's future with Huckabee, Palin, and the thinking of the Ron Paul movement. Its not so bleak. The Republican Party I hope has learned its lesson. We need to wrestle this party back to its roots.

Another Fable of the Democratic Party
The Democratic Party, we are always told, is for the working man. Is it really? What creates jobs? Stopping illegal immigration, lowering taxes, lowering minimum wage, and weakened unions. Instead everything that I just wrote the Dems are for the opposite. How can they turn this economy around with that kind of thinking? In fact if those things were done that I mention, NAFTA and some of the other trade deals would have little affect as jobs would stay home. (DO NOT READ INTO THIS THAT I AM FOR THE TRADE DEALS) In fact we may not even need bailouts.

Another fine Democratic Plan
Through the years I kept repeating over and over and over we need to lower minimum wage to create jobs. But the voting public were duped, yes again, in the 2006 election when the Dems ran on raising the minimum wage, let me reword it, they ran on class warfare, and people flocked and voted them in. It took a while but all it did was bankrupt businesses and raise everything, including the once cheap fast food places which are now almost at sit down restaurant prices. Need more proof of how bad raising minimum wage has been? Here is only one example: John Bausone had been struggling to keep two stores open (Arabica), one at 818 E. 185th St., the other at 26598 Lake Shore Blvd. First, the increase in minimum wage 16 months ago hit the business hard. I also wrote awhile back that another thing it would do is devalue the dollar even further. And what are we seeing now? But you still don't believe me and will still think of the Democratic Party good for
the common man.

I was right I was wrong
A few sentences from an article I wrote in Sept. 26, 2006.
*....Jumping ahead but have to add this, is the time right for an African-American as president? YES, it just won't be coming from the left side.....* At least I was partially right. Now if I can only guess the numbers for the lottery.

Sour on Bush
Ahhh, you had enough for one posting, I will finish this one and include more in part 2.
C' Ya!!

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