Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Tidbits 2

Sour on Bush
I campaigned my tail off to get President W. Bush reelected. I still think he was a wiser choice than Kerry or Gore BUT he has done things that just make me cringe and question his patriotism. President Bush is petitioning hard to get Panama and Columbia on board the free trade train. In fact he said that he wouldn't even consider a bailout for the American auto makers if congress won't approve the free trade agreements. We are in a midst of an economic meltdown because of these unfair trade deals and he wants to give us more!

Free Trade Bad for All
Exploitation of third world countries. If the farm lands are opened up to free trade the corporate farms over here will flee. I have read that some of the canneries pay $7.00 per hour in America and over in Peru they will only have to pay $7 per day. We lose more jobs, we exploit them for cheap labor, the corporations get richer and our food supply is not watched for safety as it is over here.

More Reasons to Shut Down Free Trade
We always hear the lies why free trade is good for third world countries. But in reality its a lose lose situations for all involved. Some Peruvian farmers are worried that if the free trade deal is signed corporate farms will shut them down. If that happens many will turn to the illegal drug trade. And can you blame them if they are faced with either feeding their family or starving.

Who is against free trade?
One person is Senator Duncan Hunter. But of course he got zero support when he ran for president. It just amazes me people complained about our choices for president but when I mention Duncan Hunter they say who? Maybe a test should be given before a person votes of their knowledge of the issues and the candidates. Face it, the media wins elections - the candidates don't.

Media Wins
You may not understand that last sentence of the media wins elections - the candidates don't. Here is an example. During the last week of the election one of the local news channels had a segment on Obama and McCain. For the Obama part they showed a Democratic head quarters in central Ohio. It was buzzing with activity and excitement. They interviewed a couple of younger volunteers who were energized and just talking up a storm of how important it is to get Obama elected. Then the news channel switched reporters for the McCain update and they showed a lonely farm house. Nothing around. Inside was an older gentleman sitting in a chair. His name was Tom Moe who served in Vietnam with McCain. He spoke slower and of McCain's past war experience. Let me analyze that for you. The average person saw Obama's camp as new, youthful, energized, change. What people seen in the McCain story was grandpa, quiet, past events. Most people don't have a
guard on their brain. They immediately equate the stories as equal. WRONG! If the media was fair they would of interviewed Tom Moe for McCain and another elderly person for Obama. Or if they wanted to show Obama's Democratic headquarters why didn't they compare it to a place like Lake GOP's headquarters to show the hectic pace those volunteers were working at. That's fair and unbiased reporting.

Irony of the election
Yeah I know most of this has been written or I have said it in other articles or its been reported on national news but its still worth repeating. Again this highlights how the media wins elections. Hey if advertising doesn't work why do companies spend BILLIONS on it? All of us can hum or sing at least one commercial and its the same with these multimillion dollar campaigns. During the GOP primaries in Florida Christian Conservatives voted Romney. Anti-Bush and establishment went for McCain. I don't have to explain further the absurdity of those first two examples but the point is the free media or the paid media worked, it convinced voters to vote opposite the truth. And in the presidential election people who wanted change voted Obama and yet he picks old Democratic insiders for his VP and posts. People voted for and passed laws against same sex marriage and yet voted for Obama who is for it. This drives me crazy. People need to wake up,
forget the sound bites, the 60 second ads, and do their own research. I hope my repeating this again will start sinking in.


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