Friday, December 05, 2008

Dov's concerns for the times we are living in

From my good friend Dov.

I have been glued to the internet these last days watching for updates on the terrorist attacks that killed 100's of people over a three day period. I can't believe this world we live in when people just start going around killing random people in the name of some fanatic ideology that has no place in this world. I am not against Muslims but I am against fundamentalist ones that have no regard for human life. I can't comprehend how people could just go in to hotels and train stations and a Jewish synagogue and just go around firing on innocent people it is horrible. A rabbi and his wife just trying teach people about Judaism and don't want to harm anybody, they just want to help people, but they get gunned down not because anything else but because they are Jews and their poor son has to watch the whole horrific incident. Luckily a maid that was hiding grabbed the son and took him out of the building. I also cant comprehend being in a train station
and terrorists just
start gunning down people.

I decided to make an effort every day to pray for the victims familys and the world. I do not reconize the world we live in today, something is definately happening in the background hopefully these are the events before the coming of the Messiah because I dont know how much more of this I can take.
I attached some pics

Dov I completely understand your frustration. I also look around and ask myself how have things become so unraveled? Whether its history, reproduction, or just plain old common sense, the things I was taught in school are almost not valid with todays thinking, and I am not going back that far in time. This evil backlash against good people is mind boggling. Christianity and Judaism from what I know are religions of love and acceptance and yet we bare the blunt and they want to do away with us and not the fanatics, the unnaturals, and corrupt. Just know Dov you are not alone in your feelings.

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