Thursday, December 04, 2008

Kate's concern - Catholic Hospitals may be in trouble

I was talking to my sister about Obama's birth certificate and whether he is truly an American born citizen. Cynthia who is a nurse also discussed this with a friend and fellow worker. She forwarded to me an email from this friend to her about the birth certificate and FOCA. Never hearing of FOCA before I did some research on it. FOCA stands for Freedom of Choice Act, pro abortion legislation. It seems the liberal - Socialist -Democratic party can't come right out and outlaw your religion but what they can do is nibble on the edges by passing laws that make it hard to hold on to your beliefs or morals and limiting religion. We are on a dangerous precedent here. Limit religion or outlaw beliefs you are not staring at socialism but something far worse, communism. Below is a few links you need to read.



Aren't birth records a matter of public record??? If one could not obtain it from the city/state from which he claims to have born then has anyone asked the Mormans?-they do geaneology searches and they seem to come up with all that stuff. You will apprecitate this- Obama's FOCA came up with a friend and she told me it was a hoax. Laughable. I told her that for every "Catholic" who voted for Obama they may have voted us right out of our jobs. You see FOCA will not exempt Catholic Hospitals from doing abortions or having to pay for them-. There is separation of Church and State in everything else but we will be mandated.
Catholic Hospitals may be forced to close rather than be forced to participate in such atrocities unless they amend FOCA to exempt us.

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