Saturday, December 13, 2008

Your Response to Dov's Concern

Hey Gang,
Last week I sent out an email titled Dov's Concern. I received some feedback and as always forwarding it on.
Also, I pondered Dov's letter and the thoughts I added to it and need to correct something because I feel that I missed Dov's point. But first read your replies which vary but all make sense.

I will never understand why people think we live in a warm & fuzzy world. It is a constant battle of good against evil.
There are a lot of bad people out there, for many different reasons, none of which makes much sense, but that is the way it is & always will be until judgment day.
Bad people have been here since we were put on earth to prove our love to God.
I for one will not go down without a fight, like Michael the Arc Angle, with a weapon in hand, only mine will be a firearm. I have another one on order right now, & have also sign up as a Patron Member with the NRA. With all the jerks in Washington D.C., the 2nd Amendment is in harms way once again.
If it does fall, the 1st will be next & I'll be in jail for writing this.
NH has the right saying, "Live Free or Die".

Carey & Dov,

There has never been a shortage of evil on this earth.
But that's why the good are here, and I truly believe that good will win
over evil every time.
There are more good than bad in this world, to keep in check the cruel, evil and abusive..... and always will be.
At least that's what I believe, and take comfort in.

carey, i understand dov's concerns also .... we are living in a time now where anything can happen ... i had a dream last night that all christians were being hunted down and killed and myself and others were hiding out ... it was sooooooo real that i felt like it had really happened ... my dreams usually mean something as u very well know, its like i see a forerunner of up-coming events ...


Now this is the paragraph from Dov's letter that made me ponder and think:

I decided to make an effort every day to pray for the victims familys and the world. I do not reconize the world we live in today, something is definately happening in the background, hopefully these are the events before the coming of the Messiah because I dont know how much more of this I can take.

So, the point I missed in Dov's letter when I added my further thoughts of doom & gloom, though justified, is he is doing something about what is going on. Dov has decided to pray for those in trying circumstances. Instead of just complaining and doing nothing like so many of us do he took it upon himself to act. After I reread his words I was ashamed that I did not highlight that paragraph.
There are others on my list who are actively involved but I want to focus on just one more in particular. Her name is Dawn Slike. She has taken upon herself and made it almost a personal battle, the fight to protect the unborn. She is adamant about her beliefs and cause. You can read her story on this link:

In conclusion, some may not understand my rants and political emails trying to inform friends and acquaintances, in fact it alienates a lot of people but as with Dov and Dawn who have their way of being active and not sitting idly by, that is my way. So I ask you... what are you doing to change things? And that was Dov's point.


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