Monday, November 03, 2008

a little late.... '08 campaign slogans

Hey Gang,
Here is some much needed new campaign slogans for the coming election. Some are funny, some could be bumper stickers, some are a reach and some you may want to reach for my neck but what the heck, you should of read the ones I deleted.

Mc and the Hot Chick
One has been put through the fire, the other is as hot as fire

McCain - he took a licking but keeps on ticking

I'm John McCain. My running mate is hot, a member of the NRA. My wife is gorgeous and heir to one of the largest beer distributors. My life is good and I want to do the same for you. I'm John McCain and I approve of this message.

Straight Talk, what else would you expect, this is still the Republican Party.

Barack Husein Obama, John Who's Sane McCain, the choice is simple.

To be tried by fire you need to go through trials, community service and 3 years a senator is not enough. McCain - more than enough experience.

Whether its W or Anheuser, there still will be Busch in the White House.

A man saying put down your guns or a woman saying grab your guns. Who will you vote for?

You don't have to spend your money, I will do it for you. I am Barrack Obama and I approve of this message.

CAUTION: I am one of those religious cling on's Obama warned you about.

McCain a Moderate - Palin a Conservative
Obama a Socialist Liberal - Biden a Socialist Liberal
Which two are closer to America's founding beliefs?


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