Sunday, September 15, 2013

Syria what about the Philippines

So many thoughts about Syria.

1. When W. Bush was talking about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction he was delayed going in. The Dems blocked it. During this delay it was quietly reported the weapons were leaving Iraq and going to Syria. Can we see bigger weapons being used or are the chemicals being used now part of what left Iraq?
2 Afghanistan is not settled, neither is Iraq, Egypt is ablaze, and Syria is falling apart. Is this part of the plan to destabilize that whole region to get things in line for a one world system?

3 My personal feeling is don't get involved, this is a civil war that we don't really know who is to blame or who is the good guy.

4. Our involvement would completely violate the constitution.

5. Confusing conflict with no clear plan. Repubs as well Dems want us to go in and also members from both parties don't. This will only divide America further.

In summary I believe it would be folly to get involved.

Concerning Egypt. The US is giving them billions a year in aid for no reason. I would offer them this, you want our aid you give us the Coptic Christians. After the transfer takes place cut aid. If this fails authorize troops to go to Egypt and rescue the Coptic Christians and bring them here. We need God fearing people regardless of race. 32,000 empty houses in Cuyahoga by last count I have. Even the Detroit area needs a population boost. In Carey's world this makes sense.

Now are you aware of the Philippines? One crisis is the on going friction between China and the Philippines about fishing grounds. China is encroaching on Philippines territory. The Philippines are America's strongest Pacific rim allie. Do we left China bully or crush the Philippines?

Wait thats only one crisis. Are you aware of what is taking place NOW in the Philippines? A Muslim uprising is occuring in the southern section of the Philippines in Zamboanga City. The Muslim kidnappers have enough human shields as they call the kidnapped victims to resist the Philippine army. Word has it, not 100% confirmed but more than likely true that help and funds for the Muslims are coming from the middle east and possibly Russia. America now has planes flying in that region.

Watch this clip and shudder. Are we on the brink of another world war? (Preview)

Carey Masci


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