Friday, March 25, 2011


Rachel Maddow. If you want to understand the Liberal sides view you need to watch this woman. She is something else.

Rachel did raise an interesting question on her show Tuesday. She was complaining about how the Republicans got elected to fix the economy but instead they are wasting our time with pro-life legislation. What does this have to do with the economy?

Trying to stay on topic here but quickly, saying that statement the Republicans were elected to fix the economy is Rachel now admitting Obama is a disaster? And coming right back at Rachel wasn't the election of Obama having to do with hope & change, well what does homosexual's in the military or same sex marriage have to do with anything?

OK back on topic. Rachel said that many states are adopting policies of anti abortion legislation and one state even included in a clinics brochure to women that they would be killing a tiny baby. She thought that was so amusing.

So I will raise the question Rachel has, WHAT DOES ABORTION HAVE TO DO WITH THE ECONOMY? Really what does it have to do with the economy?

But instead of asking one of my pro-life friends I will quote from an article that I found in a newspaper while on Korean Air heading back home from the Philippines back in October. Unfortunately I don't remember the papers name as I jotted this info down on a napkin and forgot to write it.

It states:
South Korea plans to spend 70.2 BILLION in the next 5 years to boost its low birth rate. Large sums will be used to get people to have babies and deal with welfare issues caused by an aging population and also to maintain national growth.

While we are killing our young, South Korea is encouraging babies so eventually they can take care of the elderly instead of the government and also to maintain national growth. I think that's an economic issue. Does this make sense to you Rachel?

Carey Masci

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