Monday, March 21, 2011


Inflation? We don't have no stinkin' inflation!

If I see one more Spinmeister on TV telling us there is no inflation and it's in check I am going to inflate someones lip. What planet do these people live on?

The most obvious is the cost of gas, has it gone up? Of course. One of the reasons is because the dollar isn't buying as much. Isn't that inflation?

Or what about coffee that has gone up 100% since last year? Not only will my car be harder to start but so will I. Is that inflation?

And today I get my car insurance renewal bill. It looked higher than last years. So I checked and sure enough it went up $50. This I will be calling and having a fit about. I am driving way less and have all their discounts and all my insurance plans are with them, why the increase? Is that inflation?

I went into an icecream shop driving through Canal Fulton the other day. A small shake, why its only $4.00. But remember, there is no inflation. I kept saying that as I left with out buying the shake.

Then there is the phone bill. What? Effective Jan. 7th your bill reflects an increase of $2.60 in your Monthly Service charge, no clue why they capitalized monthly and service. So I called and eliminated my call waiting to counter this increase. Call waiting is $8.50 per month so they actually lost $5.90.

Finally one more out of the many examples I can give, back in October I went to the Philippines and it cost about $1,150. Now its over $2,000 for the roundtrip airfare.

But remember folks, the SPINMEISTERS TELL YOU THERE IS NO INFLATION. So I will believe them even though I am paying more for everything, at least I feel better.

Carey Masci

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