Monday, October 24, 2016

Its not a rally its an EVENT!

I have attended many political rally's before and they were just that - a rally.
Flag waving, patriotic and the candidate usually reading from a script. The W. Bush rally in '04 at Lake Farm Parks in Kirtland was memorable but W. was already president.

The rally held Saturday night in Cleveland for Trump was something else. What an experience, it was an event. Remember Trump is still only the nominee of a political party so to generate this much enthusiasm and energy is no small feat.

I just wish more people would see for themselves this movement that Trump is riding. The IX was filled to capacity. Everyone was well behaved with zero interruptions and no protestors. It was so patriotic it gave one such a sense of American pride.

The sad part of this commentary is this, beyond all the cheers and flag waving are masses of people who worried about the direction of America. The crowd in attendance at the IX seemed more than informed and not just there to witness this Trump spectacle but wanting to change the course America is on or save this nation. Other candidates have been hated but nothing like the disdain towards Hillary and it was very much on display Saturday night.

Yes it was an event but an event with a meaning and purpose. Elect Trump, prison for Hillary and save America was the theme. Lets hope all three come true and by the size of the crowd it may well happen.

Carey Masci

I had the book The Art of the Deal before Trump announced his run. I have so many books to read I donated it with others to charity. When Trump made it official his candidacy and the media started on him about bad deals I was upset that I got rid of his book, I wanted to read it for myself.
This past June I cleared out a garage and in there was a box of books. Inside the box was a first edition of The Art of the Deal. What's better than that? Having Trump sign it.
PS If you can get the book read it, you will feel even better about voting for Trump.

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