Thursday, November 17, 2016

Top 10 Things to Look for Post-election

10. Trump is given a list of all known illegal alien felons and finds Obama’s name on the list

9. A catfight between Michelle Obama and Chelsea over who will run for president in 2020

8. Mike Pence having to explain to Donald Trump why he can’t nuke North Korea, Syria and Mexico

7. Now that the Clintons are no longer in office or running for office Bill finally pays for sex

6. Obama decides to retire to Kenya instead of Chicago

5. Hillary decides to Cryogenically Freeze herself she so can thaw out and run for president in 2060

4. Obama’s presidential library is planned to be built in a mosque

3. All of the protesters suddenly stop protesting when they realize being paid to protest is like having a job

2. Joe Biden being asked what will Obama’s legacy be with Joe asking in return “What is a legacy?”

And the Number One thing to look for post-election is:

President Elect Trump requesting the national anthem being changed to New York New York                                 

Carey On.....

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