Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Accumulation from the last month

I cut this out of a newspaper, I don’t remember what paper but it was an AP article that appeared months ago. It reads:
Mexico has become the most attractive place in North America to build new automobile factories a shift that has siphoned jobs from the US and Canada that helped keep car and truck prices in check for consumers. ….. Low labor costs and fewer tariffs are the swing factors. A worker in Mexico costs car companies $8 an hour, including wages and benefits. That compares with $58 in the US for GM and $38 at Volkswagen’s factory in Tennessee. German auto workers cost about $52 an hour.
Keep car prices in check? At 8 dollars an hour you think cars made in Mexico would be really cheap. Someone is making a big buck.

Ted Cruz held an event in Indiana where the movie Hoosiers was filmed. It is an appropriate location considering Cruz is a long shot.

Speaking of basketball legendary college basketball coach Bobby Knight who is synonymous with greatness and winning endorsed Trump, which is appropriate for Trump. If you are the real deal you need the real thing not a gym where a Hollywood movie was filmed.

Grand Jury indicts Johnny Manziel on assault charges. He couldn't hit his receivers but he sure can hit his girlfriend.

The constant raise in minimum wage is bad news. I walked out of a few restaurants recently. At Quaker Steak the price for a burger or chicken sandwich was close to $10 so all I ordered was a beer. We are seeing the systematic destruction of the dollar exactly what the globalist have been wanting for some time.

Would you want a face like that for your VP? That is the comment I left on someone’s Facebook in response to Cruz choosing Fiorina and this is the back and forth that ensued: What a sexist thing to say and terribly catty. You should be ashamed of yourself. Do you judge all people that way? Me OHH stop, take it for face value ummm I mean as humor. You did not mean it that way and it was unnecessary Me OH silly me, I guess all comedians aren't needed. Let’s put her (Fiorina) face on a coin. I guarantee it will be tails up all the time. Whoops there I go again.

I cannot believe what has happened in America where a simple joke or ribbing is now considered sexist, unbelievable. And yet these same name calling liberals think it’s OK to demean and down anyone who doesn’t believe as they do.

How you like dem apples? Cleveland council voted to charge a permit to hang Cleveland Indian banners on public poles because they deem Chief Wahoo as racist. If it was so racist why charge a permit instead of an all-out ban? MONEY is the reason. These conniving elected criminals actually exploit races by deciding what is racist then they sell permits to you for something you should be able to do or say freely.
This has nothing to do with compassion but another reason to grab more money for their purpose and to control your life.

Transgender’s want a path to the restroom of their choice, Ted Cruz still sees a path to be nominated, Hillary is hoping to follow Bill’s path and Trump wants to build a wall to block the illegals path.

All this talk that Trump can’t beat Hillary is hooey. I am in the data base of a survey company that calls me from time to time. This latest call had to do with politics. They asked a host of questions and each question I qualified until the last one. The last question was who do you support Hillary or Trump? I of course said Trump. The lady responded OH I am so sorry, we are looking for Hillary supporters but we’re having a hard time finding them. Thanks for your time.

Where is the global warming or cooling?

Next up - liberal women are shallow, corruption Cleveland style and more.

Carey Masci

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Pete Lillo said...

Right on brother Conservative, you didn't comment on the new
$20 Bill. This is a Liberal conspiracy to get rid of cash.