Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Reporting live from Arizona - Back in the New York Groove

Well Baby I'm at the scene of tonights big primary - Arizona.

Earlier in the day I contacted Charlie Munoz regional director for Trump here in Arizona asking if any help was needed. He said they have it handled but will be making calls almost to the closing of polls.

I wasn't able to help as the friends I'm with would of had my head for working the polls or making calls while on vacation but my heart was in it.

I did find one polling location earlier in the day and drove through it. WOW was the line long. I mean really long. America will vote if they have a candidate they can believe in,

Anyway.. I drove the polling location with my little camcorder trying to trump-up support for Trump. I said loudly as Ruth n Jimmy tried to hide HEY who is for Trump? Most looked at me as if I was nutso but a few hands went up excitedly with I AM! I said I am from Cleveland Ohio we tried but came up short but you can make a difference vote Trump. It was fun.

So Trump took Arizona big and.... He's Back Back In the New York Groove!

Take that you commie establishment new world order Republicans. Also take that smack in the face to the few Arizonians I spoke with that said Trump is hated because of his stance on immigrants. You need to get in the shade the sun has gotten to you.

No big deal that Utah is going to Cruz. That is Mitt Romney country who is a phony so it stands to reason they would vote for a phony like Cruz.

Meanwhile I am in Arizona but can't help signing I'm back, back in the New York Groove.

Go Trump - build that wall and stop the Muslim advance. That's also music to my ears.


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