Monday, September 12, 2016

Who do I support for president?

I took a long break from posting anything political. This has been sitting in my draft folder since spring. Keeping that in mind...

I have almost from the very beginning of this election supported Trump. But I will not mislead you, I do not want you to think I voted for Trump in the primary. I could not do it. I did not want to register as a Republican and have the R labeled by my name. I do not want to be affiliated with the elephant worshipers those who put the party way before God or country. I did however stand at my polling location with a Trump sign. I've also handed out numerous signs and bumper stickers to whomever I could.

I also need to clarify that just because I support Trump and encourage others to do so I am in no way a blind Trump supporter. So please let’s not give reasons why I shouldn’t. I can see his inconsistencies and wrote about them earlier here on my blog. The question though I keep asking myself and others and I have been asking this from the beginning is - Could God be using this man? Has Trump realized what is happening to this country and worldwide and will truly do the right thing? I like to think and hope so.

  As in any election one should take in to consideration the endorsements a candidate has. Donald Trump has many. His endorsements come from a broad field with very diverse backgrounds and from some of the most conservative Christians and patriots. Do all these individuals and groups believe in him or is it because they have been slighted, disenfranchised, used by the establishment? Is it their way at getting back at the insiders? Is it like the old adage an enemy of my enemy is my friend? Both parties are reeking with globalist insiders with Hillary being the queen. They are the common enemy.

Likewise Trumps detractors are many. The establishment in both parties hate him, the left loathes him, the media for the most part vilifies him. Looking at his wide array of supporters and those aligned against him and from Trumps own words which at times can be helter-skelter he really remains politically speaking an unknown.

So how will Trump govern? Could he be the real deal? Is he saying anything to get elected and once elected will he go to the right which we all hope or will he drift morally left concerning social issues which there are hints of? This country cannot take another left turn, with Hillary it is completely left with Trump there is some hope.

Analyzing all of this and the rest of the candidates running this is not like past elections where one votes for the lesser of two evils as some keep saying. No not at all. This is an election where we have one for sure known evil (Hillary) against a relatively unknown non-politician (Trump),  liberal Gary Johnson who is not a true Libertarian, Jill Stein and the true Constitutionalist Darrell Castle. We must proceed carefully because maybe this election we should go with the unknown rather than a protest vote or someone whom you truly believe in because all votes are needed to derail a complete evil in Hillary. America is teetering on collapse. Hillary will be that candidate to capitalize on what Obama has been ushering in - full blown socialism and then its lights out. Sometimes an unknown path can lead to victory, I pray Trump is on that path or at least derail those on the path to destroy America.

Something else I wrote months back.
I myself am waiting to see who Trump picks for VP along with members of his cabinet. His best choice should be a southern evangelical such as Huckabee who was a governor, or someone the Tea Party could get behind like Trey Gowdy or to throw the whole system out of whack an outsider such as Ben Carson. Anyone of those three would serve his campaign well.

More recent
Trump chose Pence. There are some who are lauding this pick. I myself am not so sure. Something about Pence that makes me hesitant to say it was the wise choice. Was this the establishments pick for VP and Trump went along with it as Reagan had to choose Bush? Could Pence turn out to be another Bush? I don't know but leaving out conspiracy's; Trump did say he would choose someone with experience in government. He has kept his word so in that regards, good move.

And that gets us current
The thing to remember when we get all caught up in this election is Trump is still running as a Republican. The Republican party is a private party and a party for the most part fighting itself. It is a party with no direction and insiders and globalists pulling the strings. Trump has mentioned Richard Haas and Steven Mnuchin from Goldman Sachs is Trumps finance chairman who may possibly be Treasury Secretary if Trump is elected. Crazy.

I inquired about a position campaigning for Trump and I was told that I would have to support the rest of the ticket. I quickly refused that offer. No way will I vote for Portman or others like him. So I quietly have a Trump sign in my yard not doing much of anything else.

That's the world of politics under the two party system. It makes a person crazy trying to follow all of this. Trump in Cincinnati encouraged voters to vote for establishment Portman. Meanwhile there is a move in Ohio from registered Republicans to censor Gov. Kasich for not supporting Trump. But Kasich is not the only Republican who is not supporting Trump. So Trump seems to be going along with supporting candidates that are Republicans but all Republicans are not supporting Trump. In the primaries it seems it doesn't matter what you say against an opponent in the same party. But once the primary is over you have to support the party's nominee unless you are an insider than you can go your own route with no repercussions or so it seems.  Confusing? Yes it is and the beat goes on.

Carey Masci


Jeff m said...

I will vote Trump and hope for the best !

Jeff m said...

I will vote Trump and hope for the best !