Friday, January 04, 2013

Sandy Hook, Kasich, and a Happy Deviant New Year

I took a short break around the holidays but do not think I pirated these subjects off the net because I am late in posting this. My close friends can attest to these as things I have either said to them in conversations or in short emails I sent out in early to mid December.

Guns or No Guns
Sometimes names can be prophetic. Such as in Sandy Hook. We had a hurricane blow through named Sandy before the school shooting and our government was looking for that hook to come after our Constitutional right of bearing arms.

Both sides, Dems and Repubs are so off with their assessment what to do about these mass shootings. Everyone is talking about the symptoms but no one is addressing the cause. This is usually what happens with any issue or problem, the band-aid approach is used, cover it up and hope it heals.

The Left believe in getting rid of guns. What will this solve? Nothing other than leaving law abiding citizens more vulnerable and America as a whole in a weakened state to defend itself from outside invaders if there is an attack.

The Right want to arm teachers, janitors, everyone and have armed guards at entrances. I have been to a third world country do we want to become like them with every mall and building having checkpoints with armed guards?

I am all for individual freedom of whom ever wants to carry a gun let them do so. But to arm teachers? I don't think so. Some people do not want to carry a gun or are not responsible enough to handle a situation like what happened in Sandy Hook.

The real culprit for this breakdown in our society are rulings that occurred in the early 70's. Until we protect life, reclassify certain behavior as mental illness and revamp our judicial system and prisons this will continue. And if I may let me throw one more in there, drugs. Drug laws should be stiffened 10 times more then what they are now. These are the causes they need to be addressed not the symptoms.

My crystal ball right now is cloudy for whom I see running in 2016 but the GOP could be left wandering for years as they had their chance and squandered it by putting all their money and hopes on Mitt.

I just can't see the GOP pushing another Bush (Jeb) on us and if they learned anything they won't woo Chris Christy either who is another east coast liberal. Santorum won't make another run, would be very surprised if he did.

But I believe one man to keep an eye on is Governor Kasich of Ohio. If Kasich makes a move he would garner a lot of support. He is establishment enough but also he could get Tea Party and Christian Right support because of the remarkable job he is doing as governor.

On the Democratic side is Hillary. I told someone before Hillary's recent bout of who knows what that the only thing that could stop her is father time, is she up to it physically? She is a Clinton so she could be faking. Four years is enough time for her to rebound and for the public to forget her mystery illness. People are still enamored with the Clinton's thinking Slick was responsible for the prosperous '90's. Yeah right!

If Hillary's illness is legit and she has to retire for good well then the GOP got a late Christmas present as they will have an excellent chance in 2016.

Kasich's Folly
Even though I said to keep and eye on Gov. John Kasich his decision to grant clemency to murderer Ronald Post can have a damaging effect to his campaign if he does decide to run. There are already some rumblings going on that they would not support Kasich because of this. Remember Kasich would represent the Republican Party and most true Republicans support the death penalty for heinous crimes such as murder and even violent rape. It was a bad move on the Governors part.

Third Party Candidates may see an increase in interest and garner more support. Organizations like "Free & Equal" who hosted two excellent debates are helping spread the word of the legitimacy of these candidates. Could 2016 be the year where finally a third party candidate breaks through the hold the two parties have on America?

Former Republican Governor turned Libertarian Gary Johnson did an excellent job at the "Free & Equal" debate. I supported Johnson last fall because I believe he had the best chance of over turning Obama Care and restoring this nation fiscally. Johnson was the best protest vote out there but he has a long way to go to win my support completely as he is to soft on or against issues that matter most to me. Drugs, abortion and the furthering of the gay agenda, which it is an agenda. Will he make another run? My hunches say – yes. So Johnson supporters get ready.

Up Up and Away

Whats in your wallet? Well just hand it over for your favorite fast food burger. Minimum wages in many states saw an increase with Washington state being the highest at $9.19 per hour, yes $9.19 per hour. And then you wonder why employment for young people is way down. What small business or any business for that matter can afford to pay entry level positions that much? The only winner is our government. The higher the wages go, the more income tax they bring in. 

New Year 2013
What the heck did I witness?
Was my family thee only one who was appalled at the degenerate display put on by 3, 5 and 8 on New Years eve? We switched back and forth trying to find something half way decent. I won't even mention names and give these people recognition. Channel 8 had women parading around in lingerie. Channel 3 had some group singing Imagine what I call the communist manifesto song and I believe also they had hosting a drunken playboy model. Chanel 5 had a transvestite showing off. Then they had a woman singer and behind her a huge golden back drop with the UN symbol. If all that's not bad enough the huge ball on Times Square had on top of it TOSHIBA. It was more like the eve of destruction not new years.

I am currently reading a book called "Story of a Secret State" written in 1944. One way Hitler destabilized and brought down morale in Poland was through the promotion of pornography and other deviant behavior. The communist in America are having a field day, aren't they? Same tactics.

Happy New Year!
Carey Masci

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