Friday, January 11, 2013

some sports humor for you

Not many heard about this but NY City had trouble with the ball drop so the Times Square Committee next year will hire the Cleveland Browns who've never had problems dropping the ball.

Browns fans should be a little worried about their new coach Chudzinski. Immediately after signing Chudzinski said he felt his days with Cleveland were numbered so he will accept early retirement.

They asked Chudzinski what position will he fill first? He replied a good shrink.

I did find one statistic the Browns led in. The Browns actually had a higher winning percentage then Congresses approval rating.

Many Clevelander's are joining a class action law suit against the NFL for wanting to go to an 18 game season. The reason sited is cruel and unusual punishment, 16 games is bad enough.

Here's a tough question for you. What's shorter a Browns win streak or Hillary's memory?

RG3 was struck with bad luck and was heard crying after his injury, this can't be, I play for the Redskins not the Browns.

Biden is very serious about gun control. He said he will go after anyone who uses a firearm even the 33 teams in the NFL who use the shotgun.

Carey Masci

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