Thursday, January 17, 2013

a few chuckles and one quote

I heard that America is actually 88 TRILLION in debt, 88 TRILLION! Now it makes sense why they want to mint a trillion dollar coin. It will be used in vending machines.

Fiat and Chrysler may make the fabled Jeep in China. With the expected move a name change will also take place. Jeep will soon be called Cheep.

China wants to make their own Mt. Rushmore honoring 5 Americans. Nixon for being the first president to go behind the Red Curtain, Bush Sr. who was the ambassador to China under Nixon, Carter who signed the first trade agreement with China, Clinton for giving China most favored nation trading status and Walmart.

Its early but I nominate this as the quote of the year:

To me its not about the money, its about finishing what I tried to start when I first got elected in 1980. Cleveland Councilman Ken Johnson.

The story is this..... Ken Johnson briefly resigned as councilman so he could qualify for retirement then was quickly reappointed by his cronies. Is it any wonder why Cleveland and America as a whole is in trouble? Besides that read the words of Ken once more. What he tried to start in 1980! So Ken is still trying to finish what he tried to start 32 years later? You can't finish what you never started.

Maybe with all this double-dip going on they should open a ice cream parlor inside of city hall, they already have all the nuts they need to sprinkle on top.

Added note: Johnson makes $74,000 per year as councilman plus his retirement.

Carey Masci

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